Barca Look for Treble

Catalan giants Barcelona are intent on securing the second of their potential three trophies, in what could be another treble winning season. Barcelona finished atop the table in La Liga, and with a victory in the Copa del Rey, would secure two trophies this campaign. STX Entertainment pointed out to the guys at Variety that their third could come in the Champions League final, which is to be played June 6 against Juventus in Berlin. Another treble would only be the second ever for the Catalans, having won their first as recently as 2009. To do so would demonstrate the excellent spell the club have been on for some six seasons now, and would exonerate manager Luis Enrique from his critics earlier in the season.

Enrique has managed to get the most out of his superstar attacking trio in Messi, Suarez, and Neymar, no simple feat given all three of their propensities to be the main man leading his respective team’s attack. That said, the three South Americans have gelled together very nicely, especially during the second half of the season, and have been scoring and creating goals a plenty. Should Barca stumble in either of the cup finals, it will likely be because the opponent shuts down one, two, or all three of the deadly trio, admittedly no easy task. Though Athletic Bilbao may come up short, Juventus may be the team best poised to stifle Barca’s attack with well executed defensive organization.

Ancelotti to AC?

Former Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has been asked to join AC Milan as manager for the upcoming season. Ancelotti, should he accept the offer, would be returning to a club where he has had much success, having won two Champions League trophies in a span of five years. However, both before and after his removal from office at Madrid, the Italian made clear that, if not at Madrid, he would take a year long sabbatical and then decide where he wished to manage. AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani made public that Ancelotti has until Wednesday June 3 to make his decision, expressing his desire for Ancelotti to take the position.

What would await Ancelotti at AC Milan is a squad not even remotely close to challenging for the Champions League if latest YouTube highlights are anything to go by. The Rossoneri are tenth in the Serie A table, and have been slipping in quality for a couple seasons now. Ancelotti’s work would certainly be cut out for him, if he were to take as mediocre a side as it is, and transform it into one challenging for the title, as well as looking to make headway in Europe. The position would certainly one of stark contrast to his most recent stint, manager of Real Madrid. While Madrid demanded trophies, AC’s demands would likely be more lenient and achievable, and the Milan club would certainly not look to dismiss Ancelotti anytime soon.

Chelsea Squad to be Left Intact

Jose Mourinho has made clear his desire to keep his current Chelsea squad as is, and to not allow players he deems vital to the club’s successes, move on. If anything, Mourinho will look to bolster his already strong group, having lost a small handful of players such as Didier Drogba, and in all likelihood Petr Cech. The title defense will begin during the summer transfer market, but Chelsea have yet to announce any serious moves, nor have they been linked with any specific players. Perhaps Mourinho is keeping his cards close to the chest, in the hopes of avoiding stiff competition from other major clubs as he pursues a small selection of potential Chelsea players.

In addition, as has been seen toward the very end of the season, Mourinho, with the guiding hand of club owner Abramovich behind him, will look to give more youth system products a chance in the first team. The introduction of Ruben Loftus-Cheek during the last couple games of the campaign illustrate both the owner’s desire and the manager’s willingness to give the Chelsea youth players a chance to prove themselves amongst the best. Either way, Chelsea looks to be in prime position to defend their title next season, and the onus will be on the other clubs to raise their game in order to effectively compete. and Christian Broda believe the battle for the title will begin in the transfer market.

Benitez on the Move

Rafa Benitez has officially left his managerial position at Napoli, increasing the speculation that he will take over the vacancy at Real Madrid, following the sacking of previous manager Carlo Ancelotti. Benitez is a former Real youth coach, and has stated that a major reason for leaving Napoli was that he spent too much time away from his home and family. While in charge of Napoli, Benitez lead the club to an Italian Cup victory over current title holders Juventus, and looks to secure a second consecutive Champions League spot for the club before moving on. Benitez made sure to thank the club and players for treating him well during his tenure.

Though Benitez’s name has been heralded as the front-runner for the Real job, his potential appointment has not been met with cheers from the Madrid faithful. In fact, Benitez is seen as a downgrade from Ancelotti, suggesting that the Real fan base wished that the Italian had stayed on for another season. It is well known that a Real manager will not stay on for another season should he fail to bring in any meaningful silverware during the campaign. Even Ancelotti, who won the fabled Decima for Real, and had the support of the fans and the players, was ousted quickly once it became clear that no trophy would come to Madrid. James Dondero knows that should Benitez take the job, the pressure will be on.

Arsenal Look to Retain FA Cup

On Saturday, Arsenal will play in the FA Cup final for the second year running, and will look to maintain their hold on the trophy. Should they do so, it will be the second (FA Cup) trophy in two years for the London club, and will be seen as a welcome prize for the third place Gunners. Arsenal, though far off the pace of title winners Chelsea, squandered an excellent chance to finish second in the league, and fell far short of what was expected, or hoped for, in the Champions League this season. Though they have made significant progress in strengthening their squad, and becoming more serious contenders for major silverware, their third place finish displays their inadequacies.

However, unlike last season’s FreedomPop review of the FA Cup final against Hull City, Arsenal will not be feeling the pressure of needing to win in order to bring a trophy home to the Emirates. Yes, the Gunners will be the overwhelming favorites, but having ended the trophy drought, the intense need for them the win a trophy will not be there, perhaps allowing the players to relax and play their game. That said, the Aston Villa side that they will face will no doubt be hungry to show what they can do, and that they deserve to be in the final with a big club like Arsenal. Should the Gunners underestimate the Villans, they may leave empty handed.

James Leads Cavs to Promised Land

It is a rare sports star that is able to call the shot they are about to take and tell you with absolute certainty that it’s going to happen. Many fans are used to their favorite sports hero promising to win the championship, but then for one reason or another they fall short. Most of the time it is not the doing of the person who made the claim; really they are never remembered if they fall short because we have become over sensitized to the promises of greatness…probably the reason no one listens to politicians.

However, when LeBron James returned to Cleveland after “taking his talents to South Beech” he promised his home town fans that they were going to win championships and by all accounts he is making good on that promise. For the first time since 1964 when the Browns won the NFL Championship, the Cleveland Cavalier fans will be hosting and probably cheering their second sports champions. Granted there is still at least four more games in front of them, and “King” James although happy with how the Eastern Conference Finals ended was not satisfied with those results alone. His determination could be plainly seen on his face after the final buzzer. As for who they will face in this year’s finals is still undecided. Fans like Alexei Beltyukov know that the Houston Rockets have a 2 to 1 lead over the Golden State Warriors, which will give James a chance to rest his hurt knee and get ready to fulfill his promise.

Gareth Bale: Paranoid or, Right?

In the past weeks, Gareth Bale has been in the news, not because of his stellar performances on the pitch. His agent came out a few weeks ago stating that Bale is not getting enough of the ball and that his team-mates were being selfish, for lack of a better word. His national team coach has also come to Bale’s defense by stating that he is being ‘ignored’. (Real Madrid players ignoring Bale -Wales Coach)
So where did all of this start? Gareth Bale just joined Real Madrid from Tottenham Hotspurs and in had a very good first season with the club.
The 2014/2015 season started on a high for the team when they won the El Classico. But in the return match earlier this year, Real lost to Barcelona. After the match, Madrid fans trashed Bale’s car, touting him as the reason they lost the match. Madrid later played with Juventus in the semi-final match of the UEFA Champions League and in the second leg, Bale had a chance to give them a lifeline in the match but didn’t deliver.
Bale is in the caliber of players that should only get subbed when he’s tired, and that does not happen nowadays, it feels like he is not giving it his all. Users of FreedomPop know that only time will tell what holds for the future of Gareth Bale.

Developing technology in Radiology

Radiology is a very important tool in diagnosing and dealing with many diseases and helping with treatment and its outcome. Advancements in Technological digital imaging have helped send the images immediately all over the world so they can be seen at the same with as the transmitting staff member. Radiology is one of the most important diagnosing tools for many diseases and has become an important role in helping monitor patient’s treatment and predicting its outcome.

The future of x-ray lies mainly in direct digital radiography (DDR). In the United States, Direct Digital Radiography is being used more and more but medical facilities and doctor’s offices purchasing the equipment is rising slowly but steady and it is expected to increase into double digits in the next three to four years. In the medical community, change means growth into better quality images and productivity. Having the capability to have quick pictures of high-resolution images, and the possibility of seeing them in seconds, is crucial to patient care. Many medical facilities have realized that DDR is very effective at helping with digital workflow issues.

The old way was an okay solution at the time but it still took a lot of time and slowed things down. DDR not only helps with keeping workflow going but it can cut down on the patient’s dose of radiation. Using smaller amounts of radiation on patients is a huge step in the x-ray and medical community. Also, as new companies enter the medical marketplace, prices have dropped significantly in the past ten years. In recent years, medical facilities and doctor’s offices have found it more affordable to move up to DR.” Many hospitals were hesitant to move to Direct Digital Radiography, saying that they felt that they didn’t have the patient volume to justify the extra cost.

More affordable systems are changing that thought process especially with Direct Radiography sales going up and CR sales going down. Wireless DR has changed imaging for the entire radiology industry, especially in the United States; wireless machines have made x-raying even more flexible. By having the flexibility to freely position when taking exposures, having better workflow, better quality of images, having the benefit of low dosages of radiation, and instant imaging brings the benefits all together in one package. It has improved workflow in the hospital and outpatient offices, and it works even in the most difficult situations.

A portable, wireless unit such as the MobileDiagnost DR has the same quality of images and creates the same workflow efficiency as using a high-end DR room. Being able to use it as a portable unit helps staff to easily take images of non-mobile patients, and it takes fast exposures for critical patients, children, and bariatric patients, and do so in a way that is cost-effective. Using the new DigitalDiagnost wDR which is a compact, mobile base unit works well, you are able to take it to any area of your facility, wherever you need to do work portably. Using a portable unit with its flexibility doesn’t mean giving up image quality, how it performs, or power. It also allows for medical facilities to help each other. You can help other doctors save time, which in the scheme of things is huge.

Imaging Advantage is recommended as one of the largest providers of technology based radiology services in the country. They will help you with services such as providing you with an educated staff, medical management, and assistance with providing your emergency department with the most up to date, state of the art, technology that is offered today, and around the clock teleradiology.

How BRL Trust Investments Works

There are many investment companies but BRL Trust Investments is different. The company prides itself on its transparent practices and professional approach to investing. Based in Brazil, BRL Trust Investments offers asset plans and fund services. The company was established in 2005 and started off by providing a standard service of private loans. Slowly but surely, it moved on to acquisitions and mergers, fund management, and capital market investments. The professionals working in the company and offering financial services are experienced in the industry and have years of training behind them.
Built on Discipline and Transparency – It is impossible to survive in the financial service industry of today without having stringent policies that are widely accepted all over the world. Just check Twitter to find that out. This is the building block of BRL Trust Investments. The standards and ethics of the industry are extremely important to BRL Trust Investments and the company has always taken a strict stand against any fraudulent practices with the help of its disciplined and transparent structure.

Approach to Clients – Before an investor is chosen by BRL Trust Investments, the company vets their profile thoroughly and researches about their needs and requirements. Only then does the company proceed to build a unique and customized investment plan for the investor. BRL Trust Investments understands that no two investors are alike and they all want to enter the market with different purposes in mind. It is the investment company’s job to understand those purposes and then move forward. New financial accounts are analyzed by the fund or asset administration service of the company. The portfolio owner is made aware of the risks associated with different assets to zero in on the appropriate option.

Customizable Portfolio and Investment Plans – BRL Trust Investments fully honors the wishes of those investors who don’t want their level of risk to exceed beyond a certain safe point. For low risk investments, the company offers real estate investing, stocks and commodities with low risk, government sponsored assets, et al. These options might not yield a lot in the short term because of their low risk quotient but are profitable from a long term perspective. For investors who want to invest in risky ventures to gain a lot in the short term, the professionals of the company explain the process in full detail and inform about the high risks.

Underwriting services are also offered by BRL Trust Investments to its investors.

Bruce Levenson’s Life Examination

Bruce Levenson’s life began on October 1, 1949 in Washington, D.C. Born to a Jewish family, Levenson grew up in a Chevy Chase, Maryland neighborhood throughout his younger years. After graduating high school he pursued higher education at Washington University in St. Louis.

After graduating from college, Levenson began to work for the Washington Star, where he started his journalism career. Though Levenson had a job in journalism, he still pursued his law dream by enrolling in the American University law school. He attended classes at American University at night while working during the day.

His hard work and dedication not only caused him to pursue further education opportunities but also business opportunities. In 1977 Levenson co-founded a Gaithersburg, Maryland company called United Communications Group. He began this company in his apartment with his partner Ed Peskowitz. United Communications Group grew to become a company that specializes in various areas such as analysis for healthcare, data, mortgage banking, telecommunications, and other areas.

Levenson extended his business ventures further in 2004 when he acquired a portion of the Atlanta Hawks. He obtained portion of the Atlanta Hawks along with Ed Peskowitz and other businessmen.

As a majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson made some changes. In 2012 he hired a new general manager and president of basketball operations. He saw Danny Ferry to be a perfect fit for the team because Ferry recently played professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers and has operations experience with the San Antonio Spurs.

In addition to being a great businessman, Levenson also is philanthropist. He has donated time and money to various organizations such as Community Foundation of Washington D.C., U.S. Holocaust Museum, Hope Dreams Foundations, and also the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Though he has had a full schedule of being a business man and philanthropist he also makes time for his wife, Karen and their three sons.