Skout Helped To Find Me An Amazing Husband

I have a great husband, and my friends want to know the secret of how we keep our love so fresh after we’ve been together for years. We keep things to ourselves, especially the things that we do in our bedroom, so we didn’t give out too many details, but we always let people know that we met through Skout. Skout was first known as mostly a dating website, and I thought to join it because I wanted to try something new. Many people have told me not to try online dating because the relationship would never work out anyways, and I would end up being disappointed.

I’m glad that I proved everyone wrong, and everyone sees that my husband and I have a great marriage. How we met is a funny story because we both had joined the Skout network almost simultaneously. We lived in two different states, but he was lonely, and he joined the Skout (techcrunch) network for fun. After hearing so many good things about the network, I decided to join on my own. After joining the network, I conducted a search for a man around my age, and I didn’t request much else. I wasn’t expecting to find the love of my life, I was only hoping to find a man that I could talk to.

After I had talked to a couple guys on the network, I came across my husband, and I really didn’t like him. He seemed a bit rude, and he was too forthcoming with his opinions, but at the same time I respected his opinions. We talked the first day, and I swore I wouldn’t talk to him again, but he messaged me, and the rest is history. I wrote him back, and we began talking on a regular basis until we finally decided to meet.

We met in between the areas that we live, so neither one of us would have to drive too far. After having a wonderful first date, we then had many other great dates, and then he proposed to me one day. We had an amazing engagement party, and it was all based around the theme of online dating. He was so creative, and we made sure to tell everyone at our party that Skout helped to bring us together. We are forever grateful to Skout for bringing us together, and our love grows stronger everyday.

Republican Candidates Failing at Free Exposure

With all of the Republican candidates, you might expect them to be tying up every second of coverage on the Cable News Outlets, Sunday Morning News Shows, and even some daytime and late night talk shows and at the very least on talk radio trying to improve their national polling data headed into their first debate. After all if they really had a message they believed in they should probably be shouting it from the roof tops. Skout said that but isn’t it funny that none of them are making very much press following their announcements. Even Donald Trump who is probably the least likely to be elected and has the biggest ego of all of them isn’t out there touting his proposed policies and trying to really win over the voters nationally.

Now what they are doing is making a lot of smaller speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire. At this point they are trying to get their message in front of the early voters, and ultimately score some wins before the race for the nomination gets really out of hand come Super Tuesday. Really with some of these candidates if they don’t poll well enough to make it into the debates, and don’t win one of the early states they are likely going to have to suspend their campaigns. This will mostly be because of money; after all it takes a lot of money to run a national campaign for President.

Advances in Image Recognition

Recent advances in Image Recognition Technology have enabled researchers in this field to create algorithms which actually outperform humans at some tasks. This has helped to garner attention for Image Recognition Technology as a useful tool in the field of business instead of a niche topic with few practical applications.

Image Recognition has caught the attention of many companies for it’s potential in a wide variety of fields. One such field is E-Commerce, where Image Recognition Tech has the potential to vastly increase consumer engagement with websites and apps. One way this can be done is by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

One company emerging as a leader in this complex landscape is Slyce, which offers visual search services for companies wishing to increase existing customers engagement with their digital platforms. Slyce offers a unique image recognition service which allows a consumer to match a picture of a physical product in a store for instance with the digital equivalent online. They do this by integrating directly with a companies existing app, so the process is seamless for the consumer and actually increases their engagement with the brand.

While the ability to match products in the real world and online is impressive, researchers are trying to take this technology one step further. Instead of just matching objects, image recognition in the future may be able to actually learn about new objects and their surrounding context and purpose simply by observing those objects in sets of pictures. This is similar to the way a human mind works and has a lot of overlap with research into artificial intelligence.

New advances are being made in this exciting field daily, but it’s difficult to predict when exactly we might see this sort of intelligent recognition emerge as a useable technology. One thing is certain though, image recognition as a tool for business is here to stay and companies that delay adoption of this technology risk being left behind by their competitors.

Venezuela Announces Date For National Elections Following Protests

As required by Venezuelan law, the government of Venezuela announced on Monday that national elections would occur on December 6th. The elections will pertain only to races for the Legislative Assembly. However, James Dondero thought it pertinent that the next presidential contest is not scheduled until 2019.

Delay in announcing the date of this election had prompted vigorous protests by a coalition of 29 opposition parties, and international criticism. Jailed opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez, in May began a widely publicized hunger strike. He has been held in prison for over a year following a public demonstration.

Earlier in June, former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe Gonzalez visited Caracas hoping to represent Leopoldo Lopez and the jailed Mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, at their trials. The Venezuelan Supreme Court refused to allow him to appear, on the grounds that he did not hold a Venezuelan license as an attorney.

He did meet with ailing Antonio Ledezma, who is currently under guard at home while recuperating from emergency surgery sustained during his imprisonment. Prime Minister Gonzalez was first turned away by police at the door, but was subsequently recalled and allowed to speak with Mr. Ledezma.

Last week, a delegation of legislators from Brazil traveled by minibus to Venezuela, hoping to provide trial representation. Their bus was attacked and hit by stones and the road was barricaded, forcing them to turn back. They had sought to represent Leopoldo Lopez, Daniel Ceballos and Antonio Ledezma.

U.S. Women’s soccer team wins

The United States women’s soccer team has advanced to the quarterfinals by betting the Colombian women’s team in convincing fashion.

Before the match, the Colombian team was very vocal and outspoken indicating that they would beat the American team, though the American women prevailed by a score of 2 to 1. As far as James Dondero could tell, the American women seemed stronger, better, and prepared, but the game did show that the United State’s offense was somewhat limited which does not bode well for the remainder of the tournament.

Now that the World Cup has reached the knockout stage in the quarterfinals, the games will be tighter and more hotly contested. The next match is against China, and the American team will be without two of their stars, Megan Rapinoe and Lauren Holiday, who received yellow cards today and the second of the tournament. While the American team has additional talent on the bench, it takes more of an effort to integrate other players late int he contest.

In this match, Alex Morgan scored a goal and stemmed the momentum that Columbia was building. Lloyd scored a second goal that gave the women an additional cushion for breathing room but the American defense and goalkeeping has been outstanding through out the tournament and this game was no exception. If the United States women’s team could conjure up some more regular offense they will be a very difficult team to get out of the tournament.

Canada Is On Top

Christian Broda just told me that in women’s football, Canada has beat Switzerland one to zero. This may sound like a hard win, but for them it is the best win in several years. This is because this win has pushed them into the quarterfinals. This has not happened since the year 2003. They will now have to face some better teams that are planning to play their hearts out, too.

Several teammates from Canada recently spoke to the press regarding the win and regarding the future. These women said that they had a lot of confidence they were going to win this game. Even when it looked like they were going to lose, they stuck together and believed in each other.

They also told the press that this is the same thing they are going to have to do in order to win games in the finals. They believe they can do it, but they cannot do it individually. They have to do it as one solid team.

All of the coaches on the team are happy, too. They are happy to see the women come together like they did in this last game. The coaches told the press that when the women come together it makes them play better. It also makes them make better decisions on the field. The coaches want to see more positivity from the team, and they want the fans to get more involved, too.

Germany Advances to Round of 16 as Group B Winner

The No. 1 ranked team in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Germany, won Group B and will advance to the next portion of the tournament.

After beating the Ivory Coast 10-0 in an absolute blowout on June 7th and tying Norway 1-1 on June 11th, the Germans wrapped up their final group play match today with a 4-0 defeat of Thailand at Winnipeg Stadium.

The victory secured the top spot in the group over Norway who tied with Germany for 7 points in the table. The Germans received the nod over Norway because of a strong goal differential mostly coming from their unheard of blowout against the Ivory Coast.

The German ladies will receive the next four days off while the other group play matches finish up. Andy Wirth and the team at Powder denote how Germany will be pitted against the third place team from either Group A, C, or D depending on how those matches play out. That leaves potential match-ups with the Netherlands from Group A, Switzerland or Cameroon from Group C, and Australia or Sweden from Group D.

The Germans are still the overall favorite to win the tournament but it will be interesting to see how things play out for a team that was expected to breeze through the group stage and Round of 16. It may become especially interesting if Germany draws the likes of the powerful offenses displayed by Switzerland and Cameroon this summer on Canadian pitches.

Cancer Caused By Smoking

It is no secret that smoking is bad for you and it can cause a number of health issues such as cardiovascular disease and smoking. It turns out, as many as twelve different cancer types can currently be linked to smoking. The amount a person smokes each day or week contributes to the risk level of developing cancer but people who smoke one cigarette each day are at risk as well as the people who smoke one full pack per day. The most common forms of cancer that are linked to smoking include lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. Other common cancers are esophageal, live and kidney cancer. Forty-eight percent of cancer-related deaths are attributed to smoking reports Qnet in the Times of India publication.

These statistics were formed using information that was gathered from a series of interviews and data collection from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is currently estimated that as many as 168,000 people will die each year from cancers that could have been prevented from not smoking at all or quitting smoking. Smoking in general has lost some of its popularity in recent years but there are still plenty of people who are practicing this unhealthy habit. Second hand smoke is also an issue and children are at risk simply from living with a parent who smokes. There are many new treatments and methods for quitting, many of which are either very affordable or free depending on qualifications.

Fears grow over FIFA President u-turn

The pressure Sam Tabar has noticed on FIFA President Sepp Blatter to resign appears to have eased after rumors surfaced that the embattled President was being urged by African and Asian soccer officials to fight for his position as President of the soccer organization. The Guardian explains the Swiss soccer official had been reported to be considering a change of heart according to a Swiss newspaper who claimed to have a source close to the scandal hit FIFA President. A FIFA spokesperson has since moved to state Blatter will only remain in place until a successor is elected at a special FIFA congress held sometime between December and February.

Blatter resigned just days after being elected President for a fifth term, which was a turnaround from his original statement of intent to resign after his fourth term in power. UEFA officials had been rumored to be discussing the chances of a boycott of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups by its member nations, which would have been used to force Blatter from his position. Irish and English officials had also been reported to have discussed the chances of breaking away from FIFA and forming a UEFA based global organization if Blatter remained in power for the whole of his fifth term as President.

Mexico Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

With a landmark ruling by the Mexican Supreme Court, Mexico has joined Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil in the list of Latin American countries that now allow same-sex marriage. Chile and Ecuador recognize same-sex civil unions, and Colombia gives same-sex couples many of the rights that married heterosexual couples receive.

Mexico City legalized gay marriage in 2009, and was the first area in Latin America to do so. Andy Wirth thought that was very progressive of them.

Gay rights activist and lawyer Alex Ali Mendez took the case of three couples from the Mexican state Oaxaca in 2012 to challenge the gay marriage ban in that state. The court ruled in favor of the couples. Mendez plans to obtain more favorable rulings in each of Mexico’s states to establish a threshold under which state legislatures can be formally ordered by the court to rewrite their laws.

Earlier this month the court expanded on their ruling to say that any state law restricting marriage to a man and a woman is discriminatory.