North Korean Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

People all over the world have many of the same goals. All people want to live in a society where they are free to worship as they wish, free to be express their thoughts to other people and free to travel. People also want and need to live in society where their basic needs are being met. Someone will need to be able to have access to food, clothing and shelter at all times. People who live in societies where such basics are not provided may suffer hardship and pain and fail to thrive. Such societies are often governed poorly by a handful of people known to be greedy and inept and ruling. Fortunately, today we have a means of confronting them and helping the people living there to have what they need in life.

This is spoken of human rights on, human rights activists such as Yeonmi Park are concerned with the world of international affairs. Via the process of human rights activism, people find they can change the world for the better and literally make nations across the world more responsive to the needs of their own people in the process. Human rights activists such as Park focus attention on the world in a way that is designed to express the right of all people to have their needs met by their own governments.

Working in this field can be highly rewarding. Human rights activists often find they are able to create real change in many societies around the world. Park is a native of North Korea where she grew up with her family. It was there that they lived in a place where they were not allowed to voice any criticism of the government. She and her family often faced severe caloric deprivation and the prospect of having to eat less than desirable substances of all kinds in order to simply survive without a problem. The net result is that she and her family realized they need to leave North Korea and go to another part of the world where they would fare better. She and her family fled North Korea, taking a dangerous journey in order to escape the tyranny imposed on family by the government of their home nation.

Since that time, she and her family have devoted their time to bringing to the world’s attention the fact that this part of the world is governed by a cruel group of nationalists and communists who do not do anything to make the lives of the people living in North Korea better. Her work has focused on telling her story and attempting to draw attention to this highly secretive part of the world where information is often hidden from the public and it is hard to learn what is going on here even after a visit. Many people around the world are unaware of the abuses of the North Korean government as well as what life is life for North Koreans forced to live under their rule.

House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services are basically service providers that deal with the cleaning of a house, room, as well as complete furnishings, where they are cleaned thoroughly and completely. The house cleaning services will ensure to help you with the whole house cleaning services. Depending on the house cleaning services that you get from Handy, they will charge you according to the areas that you need cleaning or the layout of your house/ building. Some of the information that they may seek to find are such as; the type of flooring that your house has, the number of rooms and the condition of your house before giving you their rates.

How it Works

Most professional house-cleaning services will first need to get the most important details about your house, room, apartment, or office building before telling you on their charges and embarking on the cleaning process. This helps in letting you know the attention that they will focus on the cleaning, as well as what they will be charging you for. In this way, you can also be sure that you pay only for the services rendered. Once you give the details, such as the number of rooms your building apartment or house has, they are able to provide their cleaning rates and schedule their first cleaning.

The first cleaning service is mainly scheduled at the time that is most convenient to you with the number of members that they are sure is most suitable for the cleaning of that particular house or apartment. This helps in enabling them to provide the cleaning attention that your house, room or apartment deserves. This first cleaning may be charged hourly as it is when the team is in the house longer, and they provide the highest level of cleanliness than ever before.

Handy Home Cleaning Services

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Handy cleaning services are currently in 25 cities in the world and they also offer services in London. They also have a mobile application platform which users can be able to have access to them from anywhere within the comfort of their home, and they also boast of having over 200, 000 applications for cleaners and handymen. Using this mobile application, they have been able to serve very many clients effortlessly and at the same time providing them with very efficient services. Their hourly wage for most professional cleaners is between $15-$22, a fair hourly wage which also gives one the ability to pick their own hours to work.

Genres Explored by Brazilian Authors

Brazil has generated a huge number of great authors over the years. Some people have dabbled in a variety of genres of writing while others have established their niche in a single genre. Jaime Garcia Diaz, for instance, who recently won the ABC Award for Fiction has been known to combine elements of fiction with his own stories. Paulo Coelho, another Brazilian author, also writes fiction mixed with spirituality and magic. Poetry has also been explored by Brazilian authors during their time.

Here are a few genres where Brazilian authors have made their mark –

Children’s Books – For writing children’s books, authors have to find the child in them and, at the same time, understand what they needed the most when they were kids themselves. Even children’s books have various sub genres these days. Brazilian authors have written conventional children’s books as well as those that are truly fun and educational for children. Some names that stand out in children’s writing include Ann Maria Machado, Francisco Marins, Malba Tahan, Maria Machado, Socorro Acioli and Daniel Munduruku.

Short Story Writing – Short story writers have recently taken the world by a storm because the stories start and finish in quick time and the climax is often quite rewarding. Brazilian authors have gained quite a reputation in short story writing. The biggest names in this genre include Anibel Machado, Sonia Coutinho, Regina Rheda, Osman Lins, Murilo Rubio, and Dalton Trevisan.

Fiction Writing – When it comes to fiction writing, Brazilian authors have outdone themselves with a succession of great works. Many Brazilian authors who write in this genre have made a name for themselves on a global scale. They have also dabbled in magical realism and fantasy. Jaime Garcia Diaz is one of the biggest and recent names in fiction writing. 5 of his books have gone on to win top awards. His latest book has just come out and critics have gone gaga over his stories and writing style. Other fiction authors include Paulo Coelho, Hilda Hilst, Jorge Amado, Clarice Lispector, Bernardo Carvalho and Lima Barreto. suggests that n order to become a popular Brazilian author, it is extremely important to be hardworking. The field of writing is a competitive one and nothing can replace regular practice. Gaining new experiences is also important to ensure that an author never falls short of writing ideas. Jaime Garcia Dias got most of his inspiration from his father. He started reading classics and was introduced to great literature at an early age. This helped to shape his thoughts and ideas on writing as he grew older.

The best tip that great writers give to young authors is to dedicate their heart and soul to writing and be organized when they are planning a novel.

Case of Hardwork, Passion and Determination from the modern business woman

There’s virtually every piece of information out there that’s needed to succeed but a few people will ever notice that. In fact, some will label the advice too generic, pandering or just advice. However, when a person chooses to follow them without doubting, success with inevitably follow. This business zeal can be seen from the modern businesswoman. She is hardworking and resilient. They have now improved their game and can compete with men in the same fields. This can be seen from various notable business women around the world.
Such is the case of one of the top American business ladies and executive consultants, Susan Mcgalla of PHX.With a wealth of experience in the world of sales and marketing, Susan Mcgalla is the founder and proud owner of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. P3 Executive Consulting primarily deals in professional consultation services. This firm is located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and is barely five years old but with a great management, its growth rate is significantly high.
Throughout her life, you could easily tell that Susan Mcgalla was simply destined for her present career. Having grown up among two older boys and a football coach father, she had to constantly develop like a man. In fact, her traits of being confident and hardworking were nurtured from her tender age. She also learnt among other virtues, how to cope with the opposite gender, values that have greatly helped her throughout her life.
Her first job was at the Joseph Horne Company where she first had her stints in Marketing, and managerial positions. It was immediately after receiving her BA from Mount Union College and she spent ten years with them. She left in 1994 for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., where she started as women’s clothing divisional merchandise buyer.
Her hardwork and confidence once again paid off as she rose through the ranks to become the firm’s president despite the many men. It’s not the competition for top posts, rather cultural change created from a successful corporate excellence that aided her to the topmost seat. Susan Mcgalla’s reign as the president of American Eagle oversaw massive successes. She was at the helm when they launched aerie and 77kids brands albeit she later left the company in 2009.
Following her exit in January 2009, her proven track record and experience amassed throughout the years were just enough to earn her another post. She was soon working for retail and financial investment industries, where she was a private consultant. She joined HFF Inc. as a board member and was subsequently appointed as Wet Seal’s Executive Officer. She later left in 2011 for her present firm, P3 Executive Consulting.
Besides heading P3 Executive Consulting firm, she’s the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at the Pittsburg Steelers. She’s married to Stephen Mcgalla and often offers advice and consultation services, what she typically delights doing. She’s just that perfect example that hardwork, sheer determination, and passion eventually pay off.

Executive VP Kevin Seawright Recognized by Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Community Economic Development Corporation in Newark, Kevin Seawright was recognized by the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame for completing the Executive Leadership program, the second course of which examines the structure of a board as well as how to effectively run a board. Seawright completed the second stage of the program with a Certificate of Achievement that’s awarded to those who excel in the course. As he looks ahead to the last stage of the program, he still maintains his positions in the company while keeping up his various social and community contributions.

Seawright commented that he’d always known how important it is to serve his community and be an active participator in the public education system and local government. He’s now working to involve himself more with groups that are working build up communities.

Kevin Seawright is an accounting and project management professional. He’s previously worked in the fields of local government, education, and real estate development in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Seawright has been involved in various civic activities in his community and has been a member of two associations for public administrators as well as the National Association of Black Accountants. You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Ads in Brazil and Marketing Strategies

Brazil has some of the most innovative and creative advertisement worldwide. Many of their ads gets worldwide attention of their usage of prints ads and commercial. Some Brazilian ads have won prizes at the Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival and have also won prizes at other international competitions. Many Brazilians ads are entertaining, and they are not afraid to push the button. The people of Brazil have great love for advertisement.Many of the advertisement would be shown at popular events such as sporting events, especially soccer. They also use a great deal of advertisements during soap operas show, which are extremely popular in Brazil.

Advertisement in Brazil is such a big deal that the models and the producer of the advertisement would received a celebrity status. Many of the gossip magazines would report daily things about the top producer of an advertiser’s life. One of those top advertisers is Claudio Loureiro.

Loureiro always has his eye on what would be the new thing in the world of advertisement. He is always looking for ways of how he can make the next project even more creative. His ideas many seem outrageous, but they always seem to become a success. He is known to go after his objectives. In life, they always say that you take a risk, and that is the motto that Loureiro live by every day of his life. The bigger the risk he takes, the higher the payout. He is extremely passionate about his work and take every step seriously. When he is not coming up with genius idea, he is spending time with his family. He is also the leader of the company Heads Propaganda.

Head Advertising is recognized as one the largest advertisement company in Brazil. To be exact, it is the fourth largest advertising company in all of Brazil. The advertisment agency has been around for 25 years. Loureiro always aims high. He was able to once bring the director Woody Allen to Brazil.The company has a reputation for taking significant advantages, for that that was chosen by the Insitute as one of the best advertising agency to work at in Brazil the year 2011. They have many high players customers. Some of their clients include Petrobras, Volvo, Shop South Federal Savings, LIGHT and SEBRAE and the Apothecary to name a few.In 2014, the company celebrated 25 years as being in the business.

Advertising in Brazil is big business. You get the much deserving recognition when you excel in the advertising world. When trying to create ads in Brazil, the more innovated and creative the ad is, the more respect the ad will receive. Just like how Loureiro had pushed his mind to create new and exciting ideas. The advertising world in Brazil is truly a creative space.

QNet Makes Moves In India On Regulation And Manufacturing

QNet is an intriguing company. The e-commerce entity based out of Hong Kong is expanding its presence in India. More than just boosting its direct selling wares in the nation, QNet’s management has made overtures towards the Indian government about increasing regulation over direct selling and multi-level network marketing businesses. To many, such overtures may seem shocking. Why would a business entity want the added pressure of having to work under a government regulator? The simple explanation is the business wants to see the playing field smoothed out and free of bad press and problems.

To repeat, QNet is a direct selling company. In the Indian media and elsewhere, management of the company has taken many steps to note that direct sales does not involve any down lines or pyramid structure. With direct selling, you sell. The goal is not to pull in new members to the network. Because the MLM industry is plagued with a host of pyramid schemes, a lot of negative sentiment has surrounded the industry. The trouble that direct sales companies such as QNet run into is the public does not know the difference between direct selling and MLM. Even with a strong public relations campaign to spell out the differences, QNet knows there are limits to how many people can be reached and educated. Check out QNet’s page on Facebook.

Also, QNet cannot control the affairs or management of a company in the MLM world. To help curtail the problems associated with MLM businesses, QNet would like to see expanded regulation of the industry performed. This way, if the problematic MLM businesses were brought under control, the direct selling industry would not have to worry as much about its reputation being besmirched. Sadly, direct selling companies do suffer when MLM business commit wrongful acts.

Some may be wondering why QNet is choosing to launch this campaign in India as opposed to Hong Kong. There are a few reasons. For one, QNet is hoping to greatly expand its presence in India. The company is currently developing a line of products and services intended to target the Indian niche. QNet is also taking a very bold step and moving all its manufacturing and production to India. The company hopes to shave around 10% of its costs by relocating all manufacturing to India. One all of this is taken into consideration, QNet’s moves in India all begin to make perfect sense. Here, QNet’s home page discusses their business further.

The Enduring Power of Affordably Glam Cosmetics

How is it that no matter what seems to happen in the general economy, the makeup industry always seems to thrive, through up times and down times as well. It’s likely because no matter how rough things may get, women have a need to enhance their beauty with reliable cosmetics. It’s just a natural urge that’s part of the feminine mystique, this need to heighten and glam up their lips and eyes, no matter the economy, no matter the weather.

All of this is why certain cosmetics have stood the test of time. A reliable lipstick or lipgloss can do a lot to brighten up a so-so outfit, and for a fraction of the cost of a new wardrobe piece. Just as much as a great new lipstick, a new style of eye liner and eye shadow is really worth it’s weight in gold. The cosmetics industry knows this, of course, and they are working hard to present ideas in new and exciting ways in the marketplace.

Some top brands are now marketing edgier new ideas by linking these new looks to major players in the entertainment industry. Covergirl is now introducing a new makeup line that’s geared to the upcoming Star Wars film release. OPI products did a nail color line with Katy Perry, and Lime Crime, the rock and roll upstart line that’s starting to shake things up, makeup-wise, is featuring models in a rocker fantasy story line on its website.

Lime Crime, which is the brainchild of Russian Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, is a glossy, high-glam makeup line that’s affordably priced to provide lots of excitement and a big bang for the buck. Lime Crime is marketing its boldly colored eye and lip colors to women who have a rock and roll edge to their taste, and who aren’t afraid to make a major beauty statement. The statement seems to be all about the fun of making up and feeling great about looking great, and makeup wise, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

With its kick-ass line of boldly, wildly colored Unicorn Lipsticks and Velvetines Lip Glosses, and its grunge line of eyeshadows, Lime Crime is a company that’s playing for keeps. Lime Crime has solved the riddle of what really works these days in the makeup industry. The answer to the riddle is to give women a glam look they can afford, in a wild range of very wearable colors, that keeps them looking great. And isn’t that really what the cosmetics industry is all about?

Hedge Fund Management: The Risk Manangement Process

A hedge fund is a business structure and investment vehicle that pools capital from many investors and invests in many instruments such as securities. It is different from a mutual fund because regulators do not cap their use of leverage and from an equity fund because most hedge funds invest in relatively liquid assets. A hedge fund is administered by professional management firms that use distinct investment instruments and trading strategies with the specific goal of diminishing market risks to generate risk-adjusted returns. They produce returns relatively uncorrelated with the prevailing market indices. Like all other investment types, hedge funds are not immune to risks and, therefore, should be administered exclusively by professional and highly experienced management firms.

Hedge fund investors should be aware of the investment risks and be willing to accept them due to the potential returns to the risks. The funds’ administrators always need to employ extensive risk management strategies to secure the interest of the investors and the fund. The Financial Times recently reported that huge hedge funds possess some of the most refined and demanding risk management practices in asset management.

Hedge fund managers may have a specific all-inclusive risk management system in place and hold many investment positions for short duration. Funds may also have risk officers whose primary responsibility is to access and manage risks, but have no role to play in trading. Fund managers can employ numerous strategies such as formal portfolio risk models and a variety of measuring techniques to calculate the risk incurred by any hedge fund activities.

Also, hedge fund managers can choose to use different techniques depending on their fund’s structure and investment strategy. Conventional risk measurement methodologies do not count some factors such as normality of return. Hedge funds that use value at risk as a measure of risk in most cases employ more models including “time under water” and draw-down as a compensation to ensure all risks are captured.

Apart from assessing the market-related risks, investors use operational due diligence to evaluate the risk that fraud or error at hedge fund might cause them. Factors that must be put into consideration include management operations at the fund manager, the ability of the fund to develop a company, and whether the investment strategy is sustainable. Experienced hedge fund management firms understand the risks and have demonstrated that it is possible to reduce the risks. Citadel, a diverse financial institution based in Chicago, is an industry-leading alternative asset manager and leading liquidity providers in the United States’ capital market. The global financial institution was founded by Ken Griffin and has demonstrated that hedge fund management is viable.

Kenneth C. Griffin Started investing during his freshman year at Harvard University and during his second year at the same university he started a hedge fund focused on convertible bond arbitrage. He graduated with a degree in Economics from Harvard University in 1989. A year later, Griffin founded Citadel with $4.6 million. The firm has been in existence for over two decades.

Mobile Wireless Services With FreedomPop Are Very Low In Cost

I love going on the Internet, and I like to stream movies once in a while. I’m also one who listens to music, and I even download music from the Internet. My parents were having a hard time, and they had to cut off our Internet service at home. I wanted to help them out, but I’m in college trying to make a passing grade, and I live in a dorm. I know it’s because of the fact that I’m going to school why my parents are broke right now, so I’m making the most of it. I used to go home to my parents house to use their Internet service, but now that it’s cut off, I have to find an alternative.

Since I stay on campus, you would think that I could use Wi-Fi at school, but it’s only available in the library and other places around the school, but they are constantly changing the passcode. I wanted a way to have constant Internet service, but I wasn’t having any luck finding it on campus. I checked online for a way to get low-cost Internet service, but I knew I wasn’t going to get it in my dorm. Even if I was able to have the Internet in my dorm, I know that my roommates would be using it, and she doesn’t seem to want to pay for anything.

I’m so grateful for the fact that I found FreedomPop because they have an unlimited Wi-Fi service that can be accessed through an application. I already have a great smartphone, and I use it as much as I can, but I have a limited Internet plan. If I had gotten an unlimited Internet plan, it would cost me too much to keep the smartphone. After finding out about FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service, I made some inquiries into how it works. I simply have to download the application, pay five dollars for the month, and then I can access any FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot.

FreedomPop’s deal was one of those things that sounded too good to be true, but it is true, and I proved it. The best thing about the FreedomPop hotspots is that it’s available in several places close to my campus, so I don’t have to go too far from home to use the Internet. I’ve been able to stream movies directly to my tablet through the Wi-Fi service, and it’s lightning fast. I really can’t believe that it’s possible to have Internet service for only five dollars a month, which is something I couldn’t get with any other Internet service provider. I have to thank FreedomPop a million times over.