Brad Reifler The Pride of the Common Man

Future With Money
At one time or another we has humans have seen to need to keep anything in our life’s in order.So is so we can feel like we actually mean something instead of being useless.Some people take this need to sports or property management but other take their drive to money.Now I am not talking about stock brokers.No those guys trade money what I am going to be talking about is Financial expert.These proud men and women teach you the skills to keep your money in order from the small guy running the video store to the major players that decide if some area of the country is going to go from riches to rags and vice versa.

The Guy
Wikipedia shows pretty unequivocally one of these fine men that have help all forms of the business world balance their check books is no other then Brad Reifler. After spending his time in the 70s learning the tools needed to make his name in the world of finance brad would spent the the time from then even to now working around the clock perfecting his skills with all brand of companies.His first major rial of his work would be in the year of 1982 when brad would begin to work for Reifler Trading Corporation.That is right his own company not even 5 years after leaving the safety of his college he would already begin to make the major steps needed to be written in legend.The drive for this starting project was so brad could show that he as the new kid on the block could keep the code of conduct pure an advance its methods to provide service that can not be beat.

Major Work
After spending his time building up his reputation brad knew he had to take the next step with the major players if he was going to be in the books.To do so he would take his skill an money to find Pali Capital.For 13 years brad would take his time to work this company to his liking making gains well over 200 million dollars.With the success of this operation brad would finally be able to travel as he pleased through out the industry acting as advisers to all of the major players.One of these would be his own long term projects such as the founding of forefront Capital.

Wrap Up
For over 30 yeas brad has taken the time to learn the nature of the ever growing world of business.From starting off as the guy just out of college to one the most made men in the world brad has always made time for the class of people that gave him his start.The working class giving them new light to save.

Citadel LLC – Tips For Dealing With Your Finance

If you are reading this snippet of information, you are probably concerned about money management. If so, you are in good company with Citadel LLC a global financial institution founded by Ken Griffin. Half of the people in the US say they are worried about managing their assets with more of them saying their money concerns caused them stress on a daily basis. Many said they were obsessed about it most or all of the time. Some people have very good reason to worry. They struggle with unrealistic debt, maxing out their credit cards and facing repossession of their belongings. Others have had missed on payments either with their mortgage or monthly bills. If you are one of those folks and feel like money matter is a rocket science, you should consult with Citadel professionals. You will find plenty of information and advice from them to get you back on your feet.

You don’t have to forego that once in a while latte to gain financial freedom, for Citadel LLC is focused on the big picture of your financial situation. Most people get little education about the right way of managing money and assets. They rely on family and friends to tell them what is good and what is bad. Many veer between wise choice and mistakes. The typical advice from Citadel professionals, meanwhile, focuses almost entirely on how you are going to payoff debt and how those advice are actually going to benefit your overall financial life. In reality, money management advice from them can be enormously beneficial, allowing you to make wise choices on a daily basis, get education and build financial portfolio. Instead of sucking your emergency savings dry or spending money on lottery, you will focus on long-term wealth. But you need to know how to do it and Citadel experts will show you how. Their investment strategies are designed to help you recognize what is toxic to your financial health and what will actually help you get ahead in the game. You will learn smart ways to save, deal with your debt including where to invest and what to avoid. You will discover how to manage your money and assets efficiently, and improve your credit score so that you are able to borrow if needed. In short, you will be able to devise a sensible and practical plan to achieve your financial goals and truly deal with your financial situation.

Money isn’t the root of all evil, but if you are not managing it the right way, it will make you feel it is. If you are struggling to prepare tax, cover your bills on time and find everything related to finance a hassle, Citadel LLC is your best bet. With them no more bills that are out of control, no more fretting about the interest paid to credit cards and not more worries that your finance will set you back health-wise. So, make that leap of faith and get professional help for your money problems.

Forget What You Think You Know About US Money Reserve.

If you heard someone say the words US Money Reserve, you might have an image come to mind right away. You might think you know all there is to know about US Money Reserve, but, you should forget whatever it is that you think you know and enter into your thinking with a new idea that can make your collecting so much better. It was once said that if you improve your thoughts, you can do anything. So, forget what you know and let’s take a look at some important information about US Money Reserve.

If you have been listening to the news and other sources, everyone is saying that we should invest our money into gold and silver. There are many ways to do this and many of the top advisors don’t make suggestions about how to get involved. They tell everyone to take action, but, they don’t tell people which action to take. With US Money Reserve, you can become a self starter with ease. They sell gold and silver coins and deliver them direct to your home or office. They are easy to do business with and they offer some of the most amazing gold and silver coins available.

Over the years many coin collectors and gold and silver buyers have bought coins from US Money Reserve with ease. You simply order the coins you want and have them shipped to the address you want them shipped to. It is important to keep in mind you are not buying a certificate that states you own gold or silver. You are buying a real gold or silver coin or set of coins that you can show to people and handle. You will be able to feel the weight of the coin, feel the surface and enjoy the ideas behind the hobby of coin collection.

It’s no secret that collecting gold and silver and investing in these metals is a good idea. The secret part was that until now, not many people knew how to become involved. By using US Money Reserve you now have the opportunity to become involved with investing in gold and silver coins. The feeling of getting these coins in the mail, delivered right to your door is simply amazing and very exciting. With the holidays coming up and countless birthdays and special events, these gold and silver coins make great gifts too. Who wouldn’t want a set of gold coins? Take action and order today.

Mr. James Dondero, Legendary American Investor

Mr. Jim Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, an investment firm who specializes in collateralized loan obligations. Founded alongside Mr. Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management currently manages a hefty portfolio worth $21 billion, one of the biggest portfolios of an investment firm in the United States of America.

James Dondero attended college at Virginia University from 1980 to 1984 and graduated with a double major degree in Commerce on Since graduating, Mr. Dondero has achieved the titles of Certified Managerial Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst which have to be earned by taking difficult tests that many people fail multiple times before earning — that is, if they even decide to try to go after the CMA or CFA, not both.

After graduating with honors from the University of Virginia, Mr. James Dondero landed a job with the large credit card and loan company American Express as a corporate bond analyst. After two years, James was promoted to the rank of portfolio manager. Mr. Dondero had the responsibility of handling one billion worth of fixed funding, which was one of the largest designations for one loan manager at American Express.

In 1989, Mr. Dondero landed a great job at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the CIO. There, Mr. James Dondero was responsible for twice as much money as when working for American Express, with $2 billion of assets in his portfolio. In 1993, Mr. Dondero knew that he had plenty of great experience in the industries he was familiar in and decided to start his own investing company in Highland Capital Management alongside Mr. Mark Okada.

Founding Highland Capital Management was undoubtedly the best decision of his long, successful career. It has grown to be one of the biggest investing firms in the contiguous United States, if not one of the largest in the world. Highland Capital Management is currently based out of Dallas, Texas, which is where it has always been located. The firm employs more than 50 employees just at its Dallas branch, which is a small amount for a $21 billion of assets portfolio.

Mr. James Dondero is also on the board of chairmen for a plethora of other companies that he does not work for, such as Highland Financial Partners, NexBank Capital, NexBank SSB, and Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding. Mr. Dondero is also the director of a few other companies, such as the American Banknote Corporation, Safety-Kleen, and MGM Holdings. It is amazing that somebody can find this much time to do this much in one’s career, on top of managing the huge investment firm that is Highland Capital Management.

Much more information about the legendary Mr. James Dondero can be found online. Anybody can find more about the moves he made in his career to get where he is today, in hopes that readers can follow after him. Many business experts agree that Mr. James Dondero is undoubtedly one of the best financial investors of his time.

“In Order to Live” by Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park‘s new book, “In Order to Live,” tells about her family’s escape from North Korea. Now living in New York and studying English, Yeonmi was only 13 when the family’s saga began. In the book she describes North Korea’s decline when Moscow ended its special rates to the totalitarian North Korean government. Starvation and disease ran rampant as North Korea bordered on collapse. Under Kim Jonq-il dictatorship food was scarce, and her family was forced to eat insects and flowers to stay alive. Many died, and Yeonmi tells of how seeing dead bodies in heaps was common place. The Park family struggled, and authority figures encouraged her to inform on suspicious conversations.

Her father was a civil servant, but was arrested for pedaling illegal trade goods to support his hungry family. The family decided they needed to the escape the oppression to save their daughters, and Mr. Park sent his wife and daughters to China. They engaged a trafficker who smuggled them into China, but their upon arrival repeatedly raped and abused the women. After two years of struggle, and believing Yeonmi’s sister to be lost and dead, Yeonmi and her mother were let go. Mr. Park who was imprisoned for his retail activities was released from his prison camp on a medical discharge, and he joined his family in China. They crossed the Gobi desert, and made their way to Mongolia where they found a flight to South Korea. In South Korea the little family was reunited with Yeonmi’s sister, but Mr. Park fell ill to cancer and passed on.

Young Yeonmi travels the world now in her freedom speaking out for freedom on the Independent and the violation of human rights. She tells the story of her enslavement in hopes to bring relief to North Korea. She has given speeches at the Oslo Freedom Forum, and university and colleges across the world. At the United Nations she addressed the Young World Summit where she met Hillary Clinton, and she is the youngest of the Ubben Lecturers.

With her book, she hopes to bring the plight of North Korean refugees to the world. Yeonmi felt she was forgotten, and she wants to the world to remember her. She wants to make the world aware of the horrors her family endured, and the suffering of North Korean citizens left behind under the thumb of present North Korean regime. Yeonmi is 22 now, but her story began in 2007. She learned to live and thrive in freedoms she never imagined, and she wants to bring the dream of freedom to North Korea. She hopes and prays that in the future, North and South Korea can come to a peaceful accord, so families and friends can be reunited and everyone can live in peace.

WorldEscape: The Best Tool For Finding London Vacation Rentals

I often wonder if there is a thing as a British person being born in an American body. Of course, I am a patriot and love my native land. However, my inner Anglophile blossomed at an early age. Perhaps it was because my parents read to me about the adventures of the woodland creatures of Wind Through the Willows. I also enjoyed the marmalade-loving Paddington Bear and all the little rabbits of Beatrice Potter. My little mind often contemplated what a wonderful place England must be.

When I got older, I read a lot of classic novels set in Great Britain. I dreamed of having lavish tea parties set with tea, scones, crumpets, clotted cream, cucumber sandwiches, and an assortment of dainty petit-fours. I wanted to marry a charming British nobleman live as the Lady of the Manor in a classic hillside mansion. Then, I sometimes thought I would be happy marrying into the working class and having a little stone cottage with a white picket fence and a rambling English garden.

What would it be like to ride on the famous double decker buses around London! I wanted to be able to set my watch to the chimes of Big Ben and walk along the meandering Thames River. How exhilarating in would be to wonder the English country side and have splendid picnics of cold chicken and lemonade! I vowed that when I was an adult, I would save up my money to have a British excursion to do all the things I dreamed.

When I graduated from high school, I got a scholarship to attend our local university as an art history major. Art and literature were some of my greatest passions. I hoped that pursuing my Master of Fine Arts degree would open a lot of doors for me as far as travel in Europe—especially England. In May of this year, my dreams came true and I was able to spend a couple weeks in London.

To find my London vacation rental, I used WorldEscape a premier travel service that specialize in European destinations. It is ran by family and was one of the first travel services to start Internet bookings. They arranged everything for me, including the charming bed and breakfast where I stayed. The friendly and experienced staff of WorldEscape knew the best ways of seeing all the major sites and doing the things I have dreamed of doing in England.

WorldEscape also can make accommodations for clients in luxury hotels, apartments, and budget-friendly youth hostels. They made my stay in London everything that I wanted it to be. Next year, I am going back and may take a jog over to Scotland. World Escapes is definitely the travel service that I would recommend for anyone planning a trip to the UK.

Brazil based Financial Institution bank BMG

The bank BMG is a privately owned financial institution that is based in Brazil. The Pentagna Guimaraes family, who has been in the financial industry since 1930, controls the bank. The family began by establishing Banco de Credito Predial S.A. The commercial bank was later renamed and called Banco de Minas Gerais S.A and it offered its products to individuals as well as institutions. The bank initially focused on wholesale as well as consumer financing. It also provided financing services for both heavy and light vehicles. It performed exemplarily well and managed to be on top of the rest in this market.
In 1998, BMG concentrated on providing payrolls loans. Other banks used BMG as a benchmark for this kind of operation. BMG formed a joint venture in 2012 with Itau Unibanco after signing an association agreement. The joint venture was referred to as Banco Itau BMG Consingado S.A. Marcio Alaor, executive vice president of BMG, was very pleased with the formation of the joint venture as well as other stake holders of the company. In the same year, the two firms signed an agreement to unify their business and concentrate on payroll loan operations. This enabled BMG benefited from this unification of business as it was able to focus on payroll credit cards as part of a strategic plan. It also focused on BMG Empresas which dealt with financing of medium sized and large companies and suppliers of large economic group. It was also able to focus on financing of vehicles. Currently, BMG is a 40% owner of the total and voting capital stock while the remaining 60% is owned by Itau Unibanco.
The bank has accomplished a lot since it’s established under the leadership of Marcio Alaor and others. In the year 2010, the bank BMG recorded profits of R $606 million and had grown by 16% as compared to its previous year. In that same year, BMG recognized its management structure. It volunteered to adopt a high level corporate governance structure. This included having a board of directors, whereby forty percent were independent members. The bank also adopted committees who were involved in making decisions for the bank. They also had a code of ethics to govern their share holders. BMG also took the initiative of adopting independent audit and Anti-money laundering program. These are the efforts that BMG has taken to ensure its efficiency.

Feeding A Dog Beneful Is The Wisest Choice

Most dogs can easily be fed, especially if their food is left out for them. Dogs aren’t typically fed by hand, but their food is put into a bowl, so they can enjoy their food when they’re ready. Most dog owners will take dog food and put it into a bowl for their dog, and then they’ll wait until the dog eats the food before they refill it. Some dog owners will have a contraption that allows them to fill it with food, and then as the dog eats the food, the contraption will gradually refill the bowl with food until the contraption is empty.

As long as a dog is eating dry dog food, then there are many ways to feed the dog, especially if the pet owner is not around all the time. Those who prefer to give their dog wet dog food may have a more difficult time when it comes to feeding them. Those feeding wet dog food to their pets will have to open up a can or bowl of dog food every time the dog is hungry, and it’s likely that they may end up feeding the dog several times a day.

Not only do most dog owners prefer dry dog food, but it’s also an easier way to feed the dog, and many people see more value in dry dog food. Whether a dog gets wet or dry dog food doesn’t matter as long as the food is nutritious. Some dog food creators do not do their best when it comes to creating a good dog food, and this may be dangerous to many dogs. A dog food manufacturer should go out of their way to ensure that they have the best ingredients in their dog food.

Beneful is one of those foods where the manufacturer goes above and beyond what’s required when it comes to manufacturing dog food. Some dogs will have a distinguished taste, and they may not be open to eating a different kind of food, but feeding a dog Beneful from early on will ensure that they love it for life. If a person gets a puppy, and they want to start feeding them dog food, the first choice should be Beneful. If a dog eats Beneful brand foods over the years, then there is no reason to change it to another dog food, especially if the dog is happy with it.

Beneful is also a healthy dog food, and there are different formulas of Beneful available to help any dog that needs nourishment. Whether a dog owner wants to buy wet or dry dog food is up to them, but it’s possible to have the best dog food if a person chooses to buy their dog Beneful. Beneful has snacks too, just in case a dog wants something different than the regular dog food they are always consuming.

The Brilliant Michael Jackson Impersonation by Sergio Cortes

Brilliant impersonators are an amazing thing to behold. The good ones can make you think that you are not watching the real person. While there are many good impersonators out there, very few have the talent and ability necessary to seamlessly become the person they are impersonating. Sergio Cortes is one of the people who has this ability. Over the course of only three years, Cortes has made himself into the hottest Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet. The demand for his services is enormous and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Spain is where Cortes was born in 1971. Although he grew up an admirer of Michael Jackson’s music, he could have never imagined when he was a boy how much a part of his life Jackson would eventually become. Cortes had a normal childhood. However, when he was 16 years old, Michael Jackson released a new album after several years of not being in the spotlight. It was a surprise to Cortes to discover that he now looked almost exactly like Jackson. During the previous four years, Jackson had undergone skin bleaching treatment that made his skin appear much more pale than it had been before. Because of this, Cortes was now a dead ringer for the King of Pop.

Because he now has such a strong resemblance to Jackson, Cortes began to have some fun with it, showing up at birthday parties and various public gatherings. Needless to say, the guests could not believe their eyes. In many cases, they thought the real Michael Jackson was paying them a visit. Impersonating Jackson was something that Cortes did for fun in his spare time. At that point, he had no aspirations of making a career out of being an impersonator. However, all of that was soon to change.

After Jackson died at the age of 50, the market for Michael Jackson impersonators exploded. However,  Sergio Cortes still did not jump on the bandwagon. It was not until Jackson had been dead for three years that Cortes made the move to become a full-time impersonator. He got a lot of publicity after an appearance he made at a tribute performance in 2012. From that point, news of his uncanny resemblance to the King of Pop started to go viral around the world. Cortes has stated that he was surprised how quickly his new career took off. He is now booked for over one year in advance.

Yeonmi Park Heralds the Next Generation of Social Activism

In her newly released book, In Order to Live: a North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, Yeonmi Park gives readers a glimpse inside terror-filled North Korea, under the rule of dictator, Kim Jong il. In an article published originally on the global news website,, Park describes the struggles her family faced under the oppressive dictatorship. Kim Jong il sought complete control of all North Koreans; his main goal was to strip them of human rights. Citizens were ordered to report the wrongdoings of each other; because he wanted to ensure any potential threats to his dominant rule were eliminated.

Also in the original article, there is a published photo of Yeonmi Park at the 2015 Women in the World Summit with Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. Clinton herself, an advocate of the rights of women, is shown standing close to Yeonmi, clearly demonstrating that she’s a supporter of the young, human rights activist. The photo is testament to the fact, that Park has an important story to share. Since leaving North Korea in 2007, at age 13, she has endured many tragedies. The first traumatic event involved servitude to a human trafficker in China. It was shortly after fleeing the violence and deplorable conditions in North Korea that she was forced to witness the rape of her mother. In China, there was no manner of escape for Yeonmi and mother; they weren’t freed until two years later. They eventually became South Korean citizens after a flight from Mongolia.

Prior to this, while still living in North Korea, Yeonmi described walking through the streets with bodies strewn all over and piled up everywhere. Park and her family were forced to endure these harsh conditions daily. Conditions that saw many Koreans simply starved to death, because Kim Jong il refused to provide adequate food and medical supplies. Yeonmi also faced near starvation herself after father was sentenced to hard labor for smuggling metals into China. To avoid dire starvation and death, the family managed to survive by eating flying insects and flowers.

However, in her memoir, Park acknowledges that financial troubles began for North Korea in 1990, when the then Soviet Union separated from Moscow, in doing so eliminated “friendly rates” for North Korean exports.

With North Korea effectively cutoff from the export market, the economy suffered severe strain under Kim Jong il, making financial recovery impossible. With the plummeting economy, many North Koreans faced medical difficulties caused by stress and starvation, and during this time vast numbers died because of malnutrition.

Today, 21 year old Yeonmi Park is a sought after speaker, well-known for her social activism. She resides in New York and travels the world, dedicating herself to exposing the ills that plagued North Korea beginning shortly before her birth in 1993. In 2014, she made a speech at The One World Summit; that has since reached over two million views on YouTube.

To read the article about Yeonmi Park in its entirety, please visit: