China Needs Brazil To Stimulate Their Economy According To BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães

According to a Gallup survey, the most upbeat people in the world are Latinos. The people of Brazil fall are in that category, but they are being tested by a two-year-old recession that is expected to last for another two years. BMG Bank President and mining entrepreneur, Ricardo Guimarães thinks the recession won’t last that long because Brazil’s main trading partner, China, is going to get the country’s exports moving again.

Mr. Guimarães says the fortunes of both China and Brazil are linked to commodities. Oil is not the only commodity that fuels the Brazilian economy, according to Guimarães. Iron, coffee, soybeans and other products are key products that will help China’s new economic strategy. The new Chinese economy is rooted in consumer purchases and products.

China’s president was recently interviewed by, and he said the Chinese economy will grow by at least 6.5 percent in 2016, and that will help China increase the amount of goods they import from Brazil. China accounts for half of all the commodities that Brazil sends around the world. For more than a decade, China has been buying Brazilian commodities in large quantities. The Chinese spent $83 billion on Brazilian goods in 2013 compared to $2 billion in 2000. also interviewed Ricardo Guimarães, and he said China’s growth rate may not reach 6.5 percent, but it could be around 6.2 percent and that growth should be enough to increase their buying power. If China has another meltdown, Guimarães thinks India will be Brazil’s next big trading partner. Increasing exports to India will definitely help end the recession faster than expected.

When the popular bank president is not being interviewed about the Brazilian economy, he is being interviewed about his soccer sponsorships. BMG Bank sponsors eight Series A Soccer Clubs, and the bank spends millions of dollars doing it. But those sponsorships have made the bank a very profitable family owned bank. According to, BMG Bank is the leader in personal and payroll loans in Brazil. BMG Bank is not in the top ten when it comes to assets, but the bank is number one in popularity thanks to soccer sponsorships.

Being the president of the most influential bank in the football market in Brazil has it advantages, according to a recent post by Ricardo was awarded the Diploma of Merit from the city of Belo Horizonte for his contributions to soccer, tennis and volleyball. Guimarães was born in Belo Horizonte. Ricardo told the interviewer that city’s award is one of his greatest honors, and he would do everything in his power to continue to help his hometown grow economically. Ricardo Guimarães, the well-known banker and sports aficionado is also a great humanitarian.

The Stock Market Is Reacting To World Issues But Some Investors Believe 2016 Will Be A Good Year For Stocks

The agreement between the United States and Iran may not be a good one for the stock market, according to some investors. Iran is increasing their oil production now that sanctions are lifted, and that move is one of the reasons crude prices are trading at $28 a barrel. That may be good news for American consumers, but investors don’t like it. Many investors are pulling out of the market because of Iran’s decision, China’s stock sell-off and some of the issues that are developing in Europe.

But in spite of world issues, many stock market analysts say the stock market will produce better returns than the returns realized in 2015. One reason for the optimism is several industries are expanding and making money in spite of world conditions. Healthcare stocks and information stocks continue to give some investors a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Investors like the President of Highland Capital Management is one of those investors. Jim Dondero is one of the co-founders of Highland Capital Management. Dondero has been investing a lot of money in stocks for more than 22 years, and he believes 2016 will be good to Highland Capital investment partners because of their stock investments. Jim Dondero is also an expert in alternative credit solutions, so Highland Capital has one of the most profitable hedge funds in the industry.

Dondero and his partners believe in the 2016 stock market. The world is always going to produce some glitches in stock prices, but Jim Dondero says those glitches are temporary. But other investors are not convinced. published an article that brought up that fact. Many investors are putting their money in other vehicles this year, and thinks that decision may be premature and so does Dondero. Highland Capital invested several million in the market in December of 2015. They believe patience will endure in 2016, and thinks so too. Check out Jim’s Twitter below!!

But some investors think China will throw a monkey wrench in stock prices in 2016 plus the Italian bank situation could create another sell-off. Dondero and say anything is possible, but that is the nature of the market. If investors want a sure thing, they should put their money in bonds or other investment vehicles. The stock market is for those that are willing to wait, and reap the rewards that patience brings. Patience is a virtue and also a profit generator in the stock market.

Handy Boasts Success While Major Competitor Shuts Down

Homejoy Inc., the home repairs and home cleaning startup company, has recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and announced on their blog that the company would be closing their doors. Despite raising $38 million in start up funding from major names like First Round Capita, Google Ventures, and Redpoint Ventures, as well as having David Hasselhoff as their commercial spokesperson, the company has been unable to remain in business.

Homejoy offered $25 per hour home cleaning in five different countries as well as carpet cleaning services and home repairs. Sadly, due to unresolved challenges in the home services space the company could not remain in business. One of the founders openly blamed the companies troubles on the numerous worker classification lawsuits filed against them. The lawsuits threatened to reclassify their contractors as employees which would have raised their labor costs by 20%-40%.
While Homejoy was unable to make their startup company a full fledged success, another home repair company is celebrating many wins in the industry. Handy Technologies Inc., a similar startup company that provides furniture assembly, home repairs, and cleaning services was able to raise $50 million in funding at the end of the fiscal year from major companies like Fidelity Management and Highland Capital Partners. This brings their overall total in funding to over $110 million.
Handy has grown to offer all their services in over 20 cities located in North America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Their simple app gives customers the ability to easily and quickly book the services they need from vetted professionals and an electronic payment option. Handy does all the background work for the customer, and is able to provide trusted professionals around the customers schedule. The services is also a win for their contractors who have the ability to work jobs that fit their time frame and can work as little or as much as they like.
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Keith Mann Offers Support to the NYPD amid Protests and Violence Aimed at the Police

The New York Police Department received support during the wake of protests and violence from Keith Mann, the founder of New York based firm, Dynamic Search Partners. Keith Mann together with his wife, Keely Mann, did this by sending lunch to boost the morale of the 54th Street precinct. His personal connection with the NYPD stems from Keely Mann’s uncle, a detective at Staten Island.

According to Keith Mann, the actions against the police were uncalled for and did not serve the purpose of peaceful protests because they had turned to attacks. Therefore, as a sign of support to the police officers, he sent lunch in early January to the 54th Street precinct. Keith Mann also repeated the act on 9th February knowing that sometimes single actions go unnoticed.

Keith Mann noted that the officers deserve to be appreciated for their work instead of being attacked in their line of duty to ensure that people are safe. According to him, police officers have families and there are just like the rest of the people behind the uniforms. Keith Mann also added that the officers respond according to their training in scenarios that civilian often do not encounter. He pointed out that he would not want his or any family to be hurt because of the reckless action against the police. For Keith Mann, the increasing violence had been a course of concern. Rather than hindering the efforts of the police, the citizens should offer help.

In light of the happenings, Keith Mann alongside other citizens have made efforts to support the officers. Over 150 people attended a support rally for the NYPD in January with similar rallies being held across the United States. The rallies went on despite the rising violence towards the people that defend the police. Keith Mann notes that showing support through simple actions can go a long way in making a difference to the police officers.

Keith Mann
Keith Mann has more than 15 years experience in the executive search industry. He started his career as the manager in charge of the alternative investment division at Dynamic Associates. He went on to become the vice president after rising through the ranks. In 2001, Keith co-founded Dynamic Search Partners, a firm that offers executive search services as well alternative staffing for hedge funds.

Over the years, Dynamic Search Partners has aided in filling over 2,000 client mandates thus expanding its operations in the process. In 2009, Keith Mann established Dynamic Search Partners as a top firm committed specifically to alternative investment firm’s executive search. Presently, Dynamic Search Partners fill more than 200 client mandates per year working with firms in the United States, Asia, and Europe in the alternative investment industry. This information was originally reported on PR Newswire.

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What George Soros is Predicting for 2016

If you have heard that market conditions are expected to worsen in 2016 or that there may even be a crash similar to that of 2008 in the coming year, you are not alone. There is much to be concerned about, considering everything from decreasing oil prices to China’s economic woes and other stories continue to make headlines. Even the great George Soros has predicted in that the economy will be crashing in the near future. In fact, he said he sees enough similarities to believe that the crash may even be worse than in 2016.

The Good News
However, Soros is not one to take predictions on lightly. In fact, his main prediction for 2016 is that you simply cannot predict the markets. Specifically, he has stated in The Fool, “The financial markets generally are unpredictable. So that one has to have different scenarios. … The idea that you can actually predict what’s going to happen contradicts my way of looking at the market.” Essentially he is saying that his prediction is not a guaranteed fact, and it is simply an educated guess about what may happen.

Why People Listen to George Soros
Soros is just one of countless people who have offered their two cents about market conditions for the upcoming year, so you may wonder why you should listen to what he has to see. Soros is more than just a typical investment adviser or funds manager, however. He also has a number of incredible personal and career accomplishments. For example, in his career, he returned a 30 percent year over year return for his investor clients. In his personal life, he generated a $1 billion profit off of a single trade in one day. Because of these and other accomplishments, some people compare him closely to the great Warren Buffet.

While George Soros has been very clear that you cannot accurately predict what the market will do, it is clear from his many accomplishments that he has a finger on the pulse of the market. Certainly, Soros is not the only investment expert who is making such a claim. Therefore, many savvy individuals who are trying to decide how to set up their portfolio for the next few months may consider preparing for a crash. It is best to be prepared for the worst than to be caught unprepared for a crash.

Can Premium Dog Foods Break The Feeding Ruts?

Pet food is a necessary aspect of taking care of your dog or cat. Many are finding that the run of the mill foods on the grocery store shelves are not quite what they desire for their beloved friend. The premium pet food market is focusing on that specific attitude.

Recent developments in the market have seen pet owners desiring more organic and natural foods for their pets. This has led to more grain free options and more options that contain fresh, lean meats. Lamb and salmon have been emerging as the best choices for their great flavors and the ability to remain fresher tasting longer.

Beneful dog foods have known this for many years. Lamb, chicken, pork and salmon have been the primary ingredients in most of their dog food line. Helping dogs to stay healthy, maintain weight and activity levels are just a part of how Beneful on youtube has been improving the way pet owners feed their dogs and cats and helping those pets stay healthier, longer.

This approach seems to be working quite well. Pet owners have aided in boosting sales to make premium pet foods a 10.5 billion dollar industry. It seems that these pet lovers truly do want their pets to eat like they do. These Beneful foods help in attaining this goal.

The premium foods, like Beneful, also aid dog and cats to eat like their predecessors did. More lean meats, fewer grans, and tons of healthy. The use of fewer grains also aids the pets to develop strong, log, lean muscle as well. This helps the dog or cat to get around better, stay mobile longer, and have a healthy digestive system.

These Beneful premium foods are also available for older pets as well. Your dog or cat needs special nutrition as they age, and having foods that offer lamb, beef, and chicken as their primary ingredient will help your pet live a longer, healthier, happier life. 

No need to worry though, the premium dog food makers of Beneful have stated that the production costs are quite a bit heftier for these better foods. They are also sure to pass those costs on to the consumer as well.

The Pistorius Trial Ends in a Not Guilty Verdict

Previously, courtroom trials were confined inside of four walls. Only the individuals such as the judge, lawyers, defendant, and those in attendance would be able to witness the trial. Today, thanks to the media, the internet, and television individuals are able to witness a trial right from their homes. Thanks to technology, people in South Africa and in other parts of the world were able to view the Oscar Pistorius trial.

Many were able to view the trial of Oscar Pistorius. Pistorius was accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. This trial gained much attention because Pistorius was a South African Runner who despite his disability was able to compete in various competitions including the 2012 Summer Olympics and the Paralympic Games. In addition to his fame, his girlfriend was also well known. She was a model. The relationship between the two ended on the morning of February 14, 2013 when Pistorius shot his model girlfriend. Pistorius admits to shooting his girlfriend because he thought that she was an invader. The next day the athlete was arrested and charged with the death of his girlfriend.

The trial was scheduled for March 3, 2014 to March 20, 2014, but due to needed accommodations the trial was extended to May 16, 2014. The trial took place in the High Court in Pretoria with Judge Thokozile Masipa. Pistorius had a list of charges against him that included illegal possession of ammunition and a couple of charges for firing a gun in a public area.

Witnesses were called and evidence was presented by both sides and on August 7th and 8th closing arguments were given. The judge adjourned the trial until September 11th. On September the 12th the unanimous verdict that was reached by the judge and her two assessors was delivered. The verdict for Pistorius was not guilty. The judge stated that some of the evidence presented by the prosecution was substantial and was therefore dismissed.

To some this was a difficult trial to follow and understand. Thanks to Brenda Wardle, a legal analyst for Arise TV, the trial was broken down and explained to all viewers.

Brenda Wardle is qualified to analyze such a high profile case because of her professional background. She has a Bachelor of Laws Degree along with knowledge and training that she received from the British Medical Council in Scotland that allowed her to be qualified in General Nursing & Midwifery.

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Brenda Wardle on the Oscar Pistorius Trial

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Success comes with experience, the president of BMG Mr. Richardo Guimaries experience spans over a decade since joining the bank in 2004. He has implemented investment policies that have changed the face of the bank in credit industry. By targeting the low income earners with payroll loans that charge lowest interest rates in the sector, Guimaries leadership has led the bank to the top in the industry. The Guimaries family has operated the banking business for over a century now. His grandfather founded the land credit bank in 1934. Guimaries is the son of Flavio Pentagma also a successful businessman from Minas Gerais.
Investments of Mr. Guimaries cut across the agriculture to cannery sectors. The business administration graduate is also fan and sponsor of football and other sports. Under his leadership, the bank has maintained the main sponsor of the Brazilian soccer. Guimaries and BMG maintain the top sponsors of football and other sports in clubs and players. The BMG leader disclosed plan to reduce the investment of BMG bank to around 70% to the credit sector to venture in other potential industries.
The leadership of Mr. Richardo Guimaries has invented an innovative strategy to lead in the consignment credit. The industry in Brazil has a lot of untapped potential and BMG has placed consultants’ throu8ght the country. The offers the lowest credit rates for low default rate clients. The goal set by Mr. Guimaries has already bore fruits as the leading bank in the industry with over 60% of the credit market dominated by the bank.
Another significant input in the banks revenue is sports. Majority of the big clubs in Brazil have a connection with BMG. The bank relationship with the clubs is open and flexible form a partnership with clubs meeting the set requirements and standards. Guimaries is also a personal football fan who has chaired big clubs in the sector. He still leaves a huge reputation behind even after leaving the clubs leadership more than a decade ago.
For the future of BMG, Guimaries is not only investing in football but other modern sports. He is also in the front line to diversify the banks investment portfolio in consignment credit, asset finance and other sectors. The benefits of these investments go a long way in enabling the bank coupe with emerging competition with the market.

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US Money Reserve – Is it time to say goodbye to the Penny?

Well, is it time to say goodbye to the penny? According to Philip Diehl, The president of U.S. Money Reserve says yes. His one reason is, most people do not care about the penny anymore. Most people toss the penny to the ground when they have them. The other reason is that is costs more to make the penny that the penny is worth. However, the same can be said for the nickel as well. He also said that they can make the nickel more profitable or close to profitable. The penny is lost beyond all hope. In fact, the penny is no longer made of 100% copper. It is made of 97.5 percent zinc.

Philip believes that companies will round down their prices if the penny was eliminated and does not feel may would be affected by this. He also believes that competition in the market place will discipline companies not to increase prices. When questioned during his interview on CNBC Squawk Box about companies such as McDonald’s raising their prices by one penny, he felt that companies would be possible for companies to round down their prices. Why would you irritate a customer over a penny? He feels eliminating the penny does not create a new situation because companies could raise their prices regardless if the penny stays or goes. Philip Diehl says that eliminating the penny would reduce the budget by 105 million dollars, but the interviewer says that seems in the grand scheme of things. When asked who was on the other side of the argument, who was all for keeping the penny. Diehl did not give a direct answer immediately. He simply states that the coin blanks are outsourced and the mint only stamps the coins, bags them, and sends them to Federal Reserve. He did mention the zinc lobby and zinc industry are primarily interested in keeping the penny alive. Additionally the Illinois Congressional Delegation protects it because it is the seat of the American coinage with Abraham Lincoln. So the question remains, is the penny on its way out, not right now.

Susan McGalla Brings Fashion Campaign to Football League

Susan McGalla is a giving Pittsburgh Steelers fans a great new look with a clothing campaign. As the director of strategic planning she has become one of the most crucial pieces of the Pittsburgh Steelers marketing campaign. She has managed to get more fans to show their team spirit with a revamped clothing line that will give more locals pride about their city and team. McGalla is perfect for this because she is a Pittsburgh native. She knows about the city, and she is familiar with the team. Moreover, she has experience in leadership. As someone that has been the CEO of companies like Wet Seal and America Eagle, Susan has thrived in leadership roles. In her current role as the Director with the strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers she is effective in turning this franchise around. The Steelers have won Super Bowl games in the past. They have been champions, but champions are soon forgotten when they are not in the spotlight anymore. What Susan McGalla has done is keep the team relevant even during the times where they don’t go to the playoffs. She has kept the Pittsburgh Steelers on the minds of the fans even when the team is not in the championship seat. She has managed to keep the team relevant by launching a clothing campaign with Pittsburgh Steelers gear. Susan McGalla’s is the perfect person for this job. According to wikipedia, McGalla has worked in corporate leadership for two clothing companies so she knows what people will buy. She knows the branding strategies that work. She also has the trial and error experience to see through the things that may not be beneficial for the franchise. This is what makes her the perfect person for the position that she has acquired. McGalla has become a catalyst for the bringing a sense of pride back to the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She has helped the team gain support from fans, and this will result in a stronger team that will play better. It’s a two way street. The fans support their team, and this encourages the players.