Talk To Your Loved Ones Over A Secure Network That You Can Trust With Securus

Are you tired of inmate calls that don’t live up to their advertised service agreement? Are you one of the thousands of customers that have had to complain about dropped calls? Securus Technologies is proud to announce that they are offering their customers inmate calling features as one of the largest providers in the industry. However, they want their customers to know that they’re still responsible for regulating inmate calling and have recently caught a few inaccuracies in the Global Tel-Link network and have required them to make corrections. As an extension of their services Global Tel-Link is now offering their customers free inmate calling for a limited time in Louisiana.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Chatting


Vimeo has partnered with Securus to bring their customers a high definition video that gives them complete control over their interaction with their loved ones. You can get one touch features that controls the volume and zoom in and out of the picture to adjust how you see your loved ones. Best of all, family members can now visit their loved ones from the video chat feature if their on the inmates visiting list.


Advanced Pay


Pay for many features in advance and reduce the need of commuting to an inmate facility. You won’t have to worry about locating an authorized agent in a rural area which can be hard to find. You can pay for advance calling credits and talk without operator assistance.


Telephone Debit Options


Telephone debit allows you to pay for many features over the phone with a valid checking or credit card. You can visit their official website or get a complimentary call from your loved one and register for an account at that time. You can become a part of the fastest growing network by joining Securus Technologies today.


How Andy Wirth is Changing the Destiny of Lake Tahoe Communities

For most of the visitors who travel to the famed Squaw Valley Resort in Tahoe, Andy Wirth is a friendly individual who likes to share his life stories and welcome guests to the area. However, those who have developed a friendship with the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, they know that Andy is not your typical CEO. In fact, he is a household name in the Valley because he has devoted his life to improve the local community.

Recently, Andy Wirth made headlines as he was able to halt efforts from a private group that wanted to incorporate the iconic Squaw Valley Resort. By spending a lot of his own capital, he was able to convince the legislatures that any such effort to incorporate the town will be a death-sentence for local businesses. Similarly, Andy Wirth is actively involved in spreading his influence in the neighboring Lake Tahoe communities because he believes that his efforts to develop Squaw Valley should not be restricted only to the town. In fact, every one around Lake Tahoe and Reno area should benefit form the benefits that resource sharing can bring.

In an effort to develop the area, he has also recently undertaken a massive construction project, which will connect the two world class resorts, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow through a Gondola ride. In the near future, Andy has further plans to develop an extensive roadwork that will reduce the traffic congestion in the area. Perhaps, his dedication to the community is one of the primary reasons, Andy Wirth is selected as the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. The air service serves as the most important link for the Tahoe Lake communities and Reno area to connect with the outside world.

As thousands of visitors continue to enjoy one of the world’s most pristine ski environments, Andy Wirth seems a perfect choice for the post as he has been instrumental in developing various airports and air services from Ski resorts of Colorado to Quebec. In fact, he recently played a central role in bringing Jet Blue services to the area from JFK. Hopefully, his appointment will provide extremely beneficial for future developments in the area.

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm: Vanilla Bean

We often think of it as an ingredient in gourmet ice cream or a cake, but did you know that all natural vanilla has a host of healthy skin benefits? This article will discuss the powerful ways vanilla can soothe, heal and restore the skin. This makes it an awesome ingredient in one of the many Evolution of Smooth Organic Sphere Lip Balms.

There are countless benefits of vanilla bean extract. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe the skin from irritation and redness. This is especially helpful for the lips since they are more prone to dryness and becoming chapped from harsh weather conditions.

Vanilla is also antibacterial. In the event that the lips are cracked and raw, vanilla can restore the skin and reduce the chances of infection as it speeds up wound healing. This all natural compound also contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the lips by generating collagen production. They are especially rich in B-vitamins which can help improve the texture and tone of the skin.

It can also soothe burned skin and accelerate healing.

The benefits of vanilla make it an excellent ingredient for a lip balm product. Lip skin is especially sensative and it is important to nourish and protect it from harsh condition.

The EOS lip balm has taken this ingredient and infused it with this amazing skin ingredient. Listed as “Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract”, this potent extract will provide maximum benefits. It is combined with other all natural moisturizers like olive and coconut oils that provide vitamins and omega fatty acids. It also contains vitamin E that can restore the moisture in the skin. See for product liusting.

Using EOS lip balms after repeated use will enhance the health of the lips. They are all natural and organic. To learn more, check out the company’s Linked In page.


IAP Worldwide Services announces acquisition of new companies

The Florida-based defense contractor IAP Worldwide Services recently announced that it has added a new aviation and logistic services to their business network. The company made this possible through the acquisition of a network solutions and tactical communication network known as DRS Technologies and TCNS. The two companies have set the company to a forward growth and are to improve the company’s addressable market.

IAP stated that the newly acquired business are meant to be integrated in the its national security program department and a newly established aviation and engineering department. IAP Worldwide Services disclosed this information after the purchase which was made fat an undisclosed sum. The aviation based firm is located in Oklahoma City whereas the Tactical Communications Business is located in Maryland at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

The Logistics and Aircraft business unit on mainly deals with mission support services, aircraft repair management and logistics. TCNS on the other hand provides communication support and technology support to various federal government agencies such as the US Defense. These units have been doing quite well regarding profitability and productivity. IAP WOrldwide Services posted on the Facebook wall that they will be able to integrate abilities and talents of the two units to create a long term growth strategy.

Instead of operating the two units as completely separate entities, IAP Worldwide Services wants to merge both companies and integrate it to their services. Doug Kitani, Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide services knows that while the integration may not be easy, it is going to be smooth for each entity. The company has lots of experience in the field and will ensure that no client is affected during its transition.

IAP Worldwide acquisition of the two companies shows that it is customer focused towards lean operations and innovations. The two particular areas it acquired take some time to develop, the company thus decided to get up to speed with the process through acquisition of firms that will offer products and services. The acquisition also means that IAP is going to remain relevant in the market by offering comprehensive logistics and aviation services.

IAP has always strived to put innovation in their work, they have responded to intricate challenges of commercial customers and to the government. IAP has managed to build and maintain camps that protect and house troops and employees at different parts of the world. The company has managed to keep customer operations running efficiently through provision of trucking, transportation, purchasing and warehousing services.

FullCycle Energy and Sam Tabar on a Mision to Change How Industry is Fueled


In nearly every industry these days there is a push going on to get away from using expensive, pollution-causing fuels, while moving toward more environmentally friendly, lower cost alternatives. Sam Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle Energy Fund. Mr. Tabar, along with the rest of the executive team is dedicated to financing projects that help to drastically change the way that the world fuels its businesses.


About Sam Tabar


Sam Tabar seems to be a natural fit for a leadership role at FullCycle Energy. He has spent many years in charge of budgetary strategies for large financial firms. One high profile role that he filled was that of the Head of Capital Strategy at Merrill Lynch. While in this role, Mr. Tabar provided fund management personnel with introductions to investors. He was also a consultant for front and back office operation team operations. Before working at Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar was the Co-Head of Marketing with Sparx Group. He managed this company’s worldwide marketing efforts.


Mr. Tabar is a multifaceted business person. In addition to his financial experience, Tabar worked as an attorney with some high profile law firms. His educational background is impressive; with a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School and Bachelor of Arts from Oxford. He has past experience with venture capital projects. Sam Tabar was one of the first investors to jump on board with SheThinx. This company has revolutionized the feminine hygiene industry in recent years.  They also inspired Sam to do his own proactive charitable work for Africa, much of which on his GoFundMe page.


Today’s business leaders often have to wear more than a few hats to stay on top. Mr. Tabar, with his years of experience in multiple industries, and impressive educational background, is a prime example of the versatility, experience and determination it takes to be a truly visionary leader in today’s competitive marketplace. With Tabar overseeing operations for FullCycle Energy, this company looks poised for even greater levels of success in the very near future.   Find him for yourself on Twitter.