Lawyer and Entrepreneur Geoffrey Cone

The media in New Zealand has been reporting about the foreign trust, and they have made it look like something gorgeous with wealthy people, multipart financial dealings as well exotic lands.


New Zealand cannot be described as a tax haven. According to the list maintained by the OECD, New Zealand does not appear, has never been on the list and it is not likely to appear soon. The nation does not possess the characteristics of a tax haven country which includes a state which has nominal tax or even does not impose taxation on their citizens, there is transparency, and that the law inhibits the exchange of information with other governments. New Zealand does not have the features and also does not host a highly privatized banking system.


The gold standard of transparency is the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is the supporter of the global exchange of data that helps in the governing of domestic tax regulations. Although New Zealand is not a tax haven, it was among the first countries to be listed on the white list of OECD. The country was listed on OECD because of implementing the international tax standard agreement. In one hand New Zealand has shown an active tax transparency leadership on how they are handling the foreign trust as well as the requirements placed on trustees that go towards the support of other government.


In 2006 new rules were enacted in New Zealand by Mike Cullen, the rules stated that all New Zealand residents trustees of the foreign trust are required by IRD to submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form (IR607) and keep other financial records New Zealand tax purpose. All the documents must be preserved in New Zealand and must be in English.


Geoffrey Cone is a graduate of University of Otago New Zealand where he graduated with LLB honors as well as post graduate Diploma in tax and trust law. After his graduation Cone begun his career in Auckland New Zealand. He did not stop there but he later moved to Christchurch and served as the Chairman of Partners in a recognized law firm. In his practice as a tax lawyer Geoffrey was involved in commercial litigation as well as tax and trust advisory services and also appeared in courts as a counsel. After practicing as a litigator for two years he established his own firm in 1999. Cone Marshall Limited is the only New Zealand firm that practices international trust and tax planning as well as the provision of trustee and trust management services to other companies in New Zealand.


A Plumber From Handy Fixed My Stopped Up Sink

I had not one stopped up sink but two, one was the kitchen sink, and the other sink was in the bathroom. I didn’t mind the bathroom so much, but the biggest problem was the kitchen sink because nothing would go down, and Thanksgiving Day was coming up. I had consulted with many plumbers in town only to get rejected because they said they were too busy before the holidays. I’m so thankful that Handy is the one that I could get to do the services I needed, and I only had to make an appointment a day in advance.

When I went to the website to sign up for the plumbing services, I indicated that it was a stopped up sink that was the problem, but I also had to let them know that there was a garbage disposal hooked up to the sink as well. The plumber couldn’t have been more polite, and he came out exactly when he was supposed to get there. He started looking at the sink and did several things before determining that he needed to take off the garbage disposal unit. After the unit was taken off, the sink was still stopped up.

The plumber used an electric snake to go deep into the drain because the clog was just not going anywhere. The kinds of things that he brought out of that drain scare me to this day, but the drain got clean. It turns out that a lot of grease and oil had gone down the drain as well as some other gunk, so it had finally stopped up the sink to where the garbage disposal unit couldn’t even work properly. Not only did the Handy employee snake my drain and get it flowing freely again, he also reattached the garbage disposal unit.

He didn’t just leave after he knew the drain was flowing freely, he made sure to turn on the water to test the garbage disposal unit to make sure everything was connected properly again. I love the professionalism that the plumber showed, and I now look at Handy a different way because I only considered them a cleaning company before, not a plumbing company. Handy has proven that they have every kind of service for the home and are more about their customer satisfaction than anything else. A plumber from the Handy company saved my Thanksgiving by fixing my stopped up sink.


Protecting your retirement benefits with Midas Legacy

Everyone hopes that after the many years of hard work, they will retire, and hopefully, having invested properly, enjoy the fruits of their hard earned money. The Midas Legacy was established to make sure that people who wanted to safeguard their retirement get the right vehicle to save and invest with. The company is located in Winter Garden Florida and focuses on entrepreneurs and other people that want to make improvements on their money managing skills. In addition to helping create an investment portfolio that will last a lifetime, the company helps their clientele focuses on their health, wealth and happiness.
If you are an entrepreneur, contacting Midas will get you the business ideas that are needed to improve the chances of success at investing. They have experts and specialists that spend most of their time studying the market and trying to see the investments that can be beneficial. The advice they will offer will help you avoid the pitfalls that lead to business failure.

There is the shared belief that the company has. They believe that without discipline, one cannot experience any true success in any area of their lives. They therefore strive to help the people who come to them to make discipline part of their day to day life, decisions and practices and see the impact it will have on their overall happiness. This however does not mean that they will confine you to conservative ways of thinking. On the contrary, Midas encourages everyone they interact with to think outside the box. They believe that for an idea to sell and for lives to be transformed, the mind must create something new.

The people at Midas will help you take an abstract idea and make tangible goals out of it. They will guide you in breaking down those goals into a mission, vision and steps that you can take every day to make sure that the dream you have becomes a reality. They will play the role of an accountability partner if you are the kind of person who needs one to be motivated to move in the right direction.
Everyone that thinks about investing goes for stocks as their first vehicle. Midas helps you see what other investment alternatives there are in the market, especially those unlikely to be swayed by market instability. The company does everything possible to make sure that the moment you have put your resources in their hands, you will not regret the choice ever.

Evolution of Smooth: The Natural Way To Care For Your Lips

When it comes to lip care treatments, lip balms are the go to products for getting the job done. Brands like Blistex and Chapstick have been around for nearly a century, but this is the 21st Century and it’s time for a new regime. Over the years Blistex and Chapstick has brought very much in as for as innovation. Burt’s Bees’s is currently the leader in an over-saturated market, but these brands aren’t too distinct in nature. That’s where Evolution of Smooth comes into the picture and it’s changing the lip balm landscape.

EOS lip balm is setting new trends in the oral care industry and it’s not the latest fad. These products are here to stay and has massive appeal from it’s unique ingredients to it’s packaging. Many celebrities have been seen using the products which causes a spike in sales of recent years. Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian have all been seen with the distinct pastel-colored orbs in hand. The lip balms are marketed to females because of their vibrant colors, but male users can benefit from the effects as well. Company founders stated that these lip balms are selling at a million per week. People just cant seem to get enough of them and the plentiful flavors adds flare. What other lip brand company carries flavors such as blackberry nectar, coconut milk, blueberry acai, strawberry sorbet, lemon drop, lemon twist, vanilla bean and more?

EOS lip balm has brought a form of entertainment back to lip care unlike other brands. The company is expanding it’s product range on Luckyvitamin in the future hoping to be a major player in other industry sectors. It’s daily routine is simple, but it’s results are long lasting making Evolution of Smooth the future king of lip balm care. For more information, view the company profile on Linked In.


Online Reputation Management Is Essential For Business

Reputation management campaigns are often carried out to boost the visibility of positive reviews or to decrease the rankings of adverse content.

Reputation management has now become a popular topic for most people, particularly business people and organization leaders. While some people are careful to protect their their private information or their family life on the Internet and only share certain information that will benefit them in some way, other internet users do not take precautions and choose an open approach to sharing details about themselves, their career or their education. Also, some business people and entrepreneurs do not take proactive steps to control what people say or post about them.

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It’s tempting to want to attack the source of negative press or hide and not let anybody ask you about it. That’s not an intelligent way to address credibility or reputation matter. Never let the anger ruin your chance to address or handle such situations the proper way. It is important to contact knowledgeable reputation management consultants who have experience in handling these issues and you can feel confident that everything will be under control and back to normal.

A poor review, or defamatory comment, can hurt your chances of getting clients and customers, while a good review can lead to increased sales and more revenue in your firm. It is advisable to take proactive measures to ensure that only positive content about your organization is shown online and that any damaging reviews are pushed down to where potential customers can not view them.

These days, anyone can simply go online and start saying or posting anything about anybody or any company, whether it’s accurate or not. Malicious competitors can take advantage of the ease of use of the Internet and post defamatory remarks about your business or your professional profile. It is advisable to have a reliable way of monitoring and managing your online reputation.

The Search Fixers is a reliable company that provides reputation management to clients. Their digital publishing platform will enable you to promote positive content about your company or your personal profile and suppress adverse reviews. Their innovative online marketing and search engine optimization formats are absolutely fabulous and allows you to have control over what people see when they search for you online or inquire about your product, service or company. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out about the many benefits of hiring the team at The Search Fixers.

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