A Plumber From Handy Fixed My Stopped Up Sink

I had not one stopped up sink but two, one was the kitchen sink, and the other sink was in the bathroom. I didn’t mind the bathroom so much, but the biggest problem was the kitchen sink because nothing would go down, and Thanksgiving Day was coming up. I had consulted with many plumbers in town only to get rejected because they said they were too busy before the holidays. I’m so thankful that Handy is the one that I could get to do the services I needed, and I only had to make an appointment a day in advance.

When I went to the Handy.com website to sign up for the plumbing services, I indicated that it was a stopped up sink that was the problem, but I also had to let them know that there was a garbage disposal hooked up to the sink as well. The plumber couldn’t have been more polite, and he came out exactly when he was supposed to get there. He started looking at the sink and did several things before determining that he needed to take off the garbage disposal unit. After the unit was taken off, the sink was still stopped up.

The plumber used an electric snake to go deep into the drain because the clog was just not going anywhere. The kinds of things that he brought out of that drain scare me to this day, but the drain got clean. It turns out that a lot of grease and oil had gone down the drain as well as some other gunk, so it had finally stopped up the sink to where the garbage disposal unit couldn’t even work properly. Not only did the Handy employee snake my drain and get it flowing freely again, he also reattached the garbage disposal unit.

He didn’t just leave after he knew the drain was flowing freely, he made sure to turn on the water to test the garbage disposal unit to make sure everything was connected properly again. I love the professionalism that the plumber showed, and I now look at Handy a different way because I only considered them a cleaning company before, not a plumbing company. Handy has proven that they have every kind of service for the home and are more about their customer satisfaction than anything else. A plumber from the Handy company saved my Thanksgiving by fixing my stopped up sink.

Reference: https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york

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