If You Are Not Pregnant The Zika Virus Is A Pretty Mild Illness According Brazilian Medical Expert Dr. Sergio Cortes

What was considered a mild bug in Africa during the 1950s, is now considered a fast spreading villain that may have the potential to cause diseases like microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome in babies. The African strain of the virus was never connected to those illnesses because there was no research done to verify the connection, according to Brazil’s top medical doctor Sergio Cortes.
Dr. Cortes recently posted an article on his official website that listed most of the information that has been discovered about the Zika virus, but as he said more information is coming into his office every day. What was considered a mild illness 60 years ago is now a raging epidemic that could threaten normal childbirths. Dr. Cortes also said clinical trials are underway at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the United States, and Brazilian researchers are hard at work mapping the genetic data of the virus.
People in South, Central, and North America are screaming for a vaccine to stop the spread of the Zika virus, but Dr. Cortes thinks a vaccine might not be available for the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere. The researchers are testing different vaccines in animals. Human volunteers have not been studied yet. The plan is to inject the test vaccine into the volunteers and then inject a low dose of the Zika virus in those people and see what happens. It is a slow process that has a lot of moving parts, according to Dr. Cortes.
On his LinkedIn page, Dr. Cortes said a study on a vaccine for dengue which is carried by the same mosquito and manifests similar symptoms shows promise. The human volunteers in that study seemed to be protected from infection. The next step is larger dengue trials. That means a Zika virus vaccine could be developed faster than the norm, which is usually years not months. The fact that researchers in several countries are working on a vaccine helps.
But as Cortes mentions in several posts on his Facebook page, the Zika virus seems to play a role in microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and that means all the data concerning the virus must be checked and rechecked. Some researchers are looking into the possibility that the Zika virus, dengue, and the chikungunya virus are creating a mutated version of Zika. That may be the reason that pregnant women are at risk. But, at this point in time, there is no way to tell when and how the mutated version actually moves from the mother to the fetus. Some pregnant women with the Zika virus deliver normal babies, so there is a lot of unanswered questions.
Dr. Cortes frequently tweets about the progress of finding a vaccine.

What George Soros is Predicting for 2016

If you have heard that market conditions are expected to worsen in 2016 or that there may even be a crash similar to that of 2008 in the coming year, you are not alone. There is much to be concerned about, considering everything from decreasing oil prices to China’s economic woes and other stories continue to make headlines. Even the great George Soros has predicted in TheStreet.com that the economy will be crashing in the near future. In fact, he said he sees enough similarities to believe that the crash may even be worse than in 2016.

The Good News
However, Soros is not one to take predictions on fool.com lightly. In fact, his main prediction for 2016 is that you simply cannot predict the markets. Specifically, he has stated in The Fool, “The financial markets generally are unpredictable. So that one has to have different scenarios. … The idea that you can actually predict what’s going to happen contradicts my way of looking at the market.” Essentially he is saying that his prediction is not a guaranteed fact, and it is simply an educated guess about what may happen.

Why People Listen to George Soros
Soros is just one of countless people who have offered their two cents about market conditions for the upcoming year, so you may wonder why you should listen to what he has to see. Soros is more than just a typical investment adviser or funds manager, however. He also has a number of incredible personal and career accomplishments. For example, in his career, he returned a 30 percent year over year return for his investor clients. In his personal life, he generated a $1 billion profit off of a single trade in one day. Because of these and other accomplishments, some people compare him closely to the great Warren Buffet.

While George Soros has been very clear that you cannot accurately predict what the market will do, it is clear from his many accomplishments that he has a finger on the pulse of the market. Certainly, Soros is not the only investment expert who is making such a claim. Therefore, many savvy individuals who are trying to decide how to set up their portfolio for the next few months may consider preparing for a crash. It is best to be prepared for the worst than to be caught unprepared for a crash.


Success comes with experience, the president of BMG Mr. Richardo Guimaries experience spans over a decade since joining the bank in 2004. He has implemented investment policies that have changed the face of the bank in credit industry. By targeting the low income earners with payroll loans that charge lowest interest rates in the sector, Guimaries leadership has led the bank to the top in the industry. The Guimaries family has operated the banking business for over a century now. His grandfather founded the land credit bank in 1934. Guimaries is the son of Flavio Pentagma also a successful businessman from Minas Gerais.
Investments of Mr. Guimaries cut across the agriculture to cannery sectors. The business administration graduate is also fan and sponsor of football and other sports. Under his leadership, the bank has maintained the main sponsor of the Brazilian soccer. Guimaries and BMG maintain the top sponsors of football and other sports in clubs and players. The BMG leader disclosed plan to reduce the investment of BMG bank to around 70% to the credit sector to venture in other potential industries.
The leadership of Mr. Richardo Guimaries has invented an innovative strategy to lead in the consignment credit. The industry in Brazil has a lot of untapped potential and BMG has placed consultants’ throu8ght the country. The offers the lowest credit rates for low default rate clients. The goal set by Mr. Guimaries has already bore fruits as the leading bank in the industry with over 60% of the credit market dominated by the bank.
Another significant input in the banks revenue is sports. Majority of the big clubs in Brazil have a connection with BMG. The bank relationship with the clubs is open and flexible form a partnership with clubs meeting the set requirements and standards. Guimaries is also a personal football fan who has chaired big clubs in the sector. He still leaves a huge reputation behind even after leaving the clubs leadership more than a decade ago.
For the future of BMG, Guimaries is not only investing in football but other modern sports. He is also in the front line to diversify the banks investment portfolio in consignment credit, asset finance and other sectors. The benefits of these investments go a long way in enabling the bank coupe with emerging competition with the market.

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Source:  Agencia Estado

Kevin Seawright’s Career and Personal Life

Kevin Seawright is the CFO of Newark CEDC. He is a career finance person and has made his life’s work out of bettering communities and uplifting them from a financial aspect, his vital stats on Crunchbase show he’s been doing just that. He has worked with communities throughout the east and has done to while being able to provide them with opportunities they may not have had otherwise. The communities that Seawright has helped are near and dear to his heart. He thinks of them as something that he helped to make possible and holds onto them with a familial type of feeling. The communities are filled with people whose lives he has touched through the work that he has done to improve the community and what is involved.

The information contained in World Class Mag is less about what he has done with his career and more about what he enjoys as a person. He, like many other financial experts, got his beginnings in the finance world at a very young age. He was introduced to finances at age 12 by his parents who consistently pushed him to be the best and do the best for the communities that he was a part of. He has worked with many different agencies including government-run agencies as well as private ones that put a focus more on the community aspect and less on the financial aspect. He has enjoyed the community work most.

Seawright got his start working for a community agency in Philadelphia, LinkedIn lists the exact position. He worked with the community, increased the opportunities for members of the community and finished his work. He then moved to a governmental position in Baltimore, MD where he managed to do even more work with the financial aspect of communities. He worked with the people in this area to ensure that they were going to have what they needed when it came to the development of the community and the increase of the infrastructure. He then moved on to the part of his career that he is currently focused on. The Neward CEDC is the latest opportunity for him to increase the exponential value of the communities and the members in them.

Along with helping people, Kevin Seawright has hobbies. He enjoys sports and has favorite teams. He does not get to relax as much as he would like due to an inconsistent schedule, but he tries to enjoy the simpler things in life when he can. He also has a 12 year old daughter who he enjoys spending time with. He is working to raise her with the same eye toward financial literacy that he had growing up. While he does not know her plans, he hopes that she will continue the financial legacy that he has created as she gets older.

The Literary Excellence Of Jaime Garcia Dias

At a young age, Jaime Garcia Dias has become one of the most famous and internationally acclaimed writers that Brazil has produced. His career has included such milestone achievements as the novels Fell From Heaven, Tiny, Two Ways, Canal, and Tiny. Since his birth in the major Brazilian metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, Dias has struggled upward to obtain the title of his nation’s greatest and most relevant writer, and it must be said that he has succeeded admirably in his ongoing quest.

From Junior Faculty Member To President In A Few Short Years

After a distinguished schooling, Jaime Garcia Dias enlisted at Brazil’s prestigious Carioca Literature Academy as a teacher. Within a few short years, he had become Vice President. Not many years afterward, Dias became the President of the entire Academy. This amazing career trajectory can be attributed to a number of factors.

Changing The Way That Writers View Their Adopted Craft

For one, Jaime Garcia Dias changed the entire way that students who enrolled at the long established Academy chose to think about their prospective careers, especially those that were preparing to embark on the career of journalism. Dias exhorted his students to write objectively, and yet poetically, on major national and international events. He challenged them to think in terms of a major world view, rather than a simple and parochial perspective.

Reaching The Pinnacle Of The Brazilian Literary Scene

Jaime Garcia Dias has released nearly two dozen novels, and has reached the pinnacle of the Brazilian literary scene in less than two decades. In 2001, Dias was honored with the prestigious White Crane award, which solidified his status as one of the South American nation’s most acclaimed and best selling novelists. Since that time, he has won many more awards and commendations, not only from his native country but from other major nations as well.

Scion Of A Distinguished Literary Pedigree

It should be noted that the major talents of Jaime Garcia Dias did not simply spring from nowhere. In fact, young Jaime is the scion of a distinguished literary and artistic pedigree. His father, Arnaldo Dias, was a very famous novelist and journalist in his own right. Meanwhile, his mother was an extremely well accomplished and internationally regarded practitioner of architecture.

The Literary Legacy Of Jaime Garcia Dias

In the end, the literary legacy of Jaime Garcia Dias will undoubtedly revolve around the revolutionary change that he managed to effect in his pupils and contemporaries. A whole new school of objectively realistic, yet poetically infused, journalism and novel writing has grown up at his urging. This is a change that will soon see Brazilian literature take its rightful place among the literature of the world.

Impersonators – What Makes Them Entertaining?

When watching an impersonator in person, there are specific things they do that make them so entertaining. There are also specific things that set them apart and really cause a specific set of performers do extremely well whenever they are on stage. In this article, you’ll find out what makes these people so entertaining. Nobody knows the power of being an impersonator than Sergio Cortes. Being considered the best Michael Jackson impersonator, he has discovered how to reel audiences in and bring to life this legendary musician. As the King Of Pop, Sergio works hard at creating memorable performances that incorporate special effects and strong music that brings so much excitement to the stage.

Impersonators – What Makes Them Entertaining?

– Amazing Mimicry

The best part is seeing somebody who is a complete nobody act, sing, dance, and look like a famous celebrity. It takes a real natural gift to look like a certain celebrity. Their ability to mimic a certain celebrity is beyond exciting to get to see them all in person and bringing these characters to life. There are countless people who watch these impersonators just to witness their amazing performances where they act just like their chosen celebrity.

– Affordable Tickets

The best part is also getting to save so much money when you watch these impersonators. The costs to watch these shows are super cheap compared to watching somebody else. You’ll find that it can be a bit expensive to watch a real life celebrity or musician, so this option is much better and more affordable.

Sergio Cortes is an exceptionally experienced performer. As a Michael Jackson imitator, he has worked hard on crafting the best clothes, wearing the right makeup, and also really providing people with a real life MJ experience. He is one of the best in the business because of how he has performed over the years. He has found that his approach to music and his overall excitement on stage is extremely fun to witness on stage.

What sets him apart from the world of impersonators is that he takes on the role in his real life. He practically lives as Michael Jackson. He inhabits the movements and attributes of Michael o be able to give people a real life experience of being with MJ. Just seeing him and watching him on stage will show his love for Michael. He performs just like Michael Jackson.

North Korean Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

People all over the world have many of the same goals. All people want to live in a society where they are free to worship as they wish, free to be express their thoughts to other people and free to travel. People also want and need to live in society where their basic needs are being met. Someone will need to be able to have access to food, clothing and shelter at all times. People who live in societies where such basics are not provided may suffer hardship and pain and fail to thrive. Such societies are often governed poorly by a handful of people known to be greedy and inept and ruling. Fortunately, today we have a means of confronting them and helping the people living there to have what they need in life.

This is spoken of human rights on youtube.com, human rights activists such as Yeonmi Park are concerned with the world of international affairs. Via the process of human rights activism, people find they can change the world for the better and literally make nations across the world more responsive to the needs of their own people in the process. Human rights activists such as Park focus attention on the world in a way that is designed to express the right of all people to have their needs met by their own governments.

Working in this field can be highly rewarding. Human rights activists often find they are able to create real change in many societies around the world. Park is a native of North Korea where she grew up with her family. It was there that they lived in a place where they were not allowed to voice any criticism of the government. She and her family often faced severe caloric deprivation and the prospect of having to eat less than desirable substances of all kinds in order to simply survive without a problem. The net result is that she and her family realized they need to leave North Korea and go to another part of the world where they would fare better. She and her family fled North Korea, taking a dangerous journey in order to escape the tyranny imposed on family by the government of their home nation.

Since that time, she and her family have devoted their time to bringing to the world’s attention the fact that this part of the world is governed by a cruel group of nationalists and communists who do not do anything to make the lives of the people living in North Korea better. Her work has focused on telling her story and attempting to draw attention to this highly secretive part of the world where information is often hidden from the public and it is hard to learn what is going on here even after a visit. Many people around the world are unaware of the abuses of the North Korean government as well as what life is life for North Koreans forced to live under their rule.