American Influencer Jon Urbana Carves Out His Path in Life

You don’t need to spend more than a minute on his Twitter page to discover that Mr. Jon Urbana has many interests in life that he has invested in as well as many accomplishments that he has worked hard for. His areas of interest are many and he continues to pursue other ventures in life that are important to him. Aside from all of his other passions, he has become a certified pilot. Urbana also thrived on Villanova’s lacrosse team and now remains head over a skin care laser business and founded his own charity foundation.

With the different changes and new standards evolving through the FAA, he has been recognized for his education efforts and medical standards to have exceeded the expectations of the Federal Aviation Administration. They certainly recommend that all flight attendees travel with a certified pilot to ensure safety and prevent something terrible happening. With Urbana’s experienced flight standards administered by the FAA, he has achieved high standards for his pilot status.

His youth lacrosse camp that he founded is called Next Level Lacrosse, a camp founded by Jon Urbana. It’s based in Denver, Colorado and he started the camp so that players can learn the fundamentals of the game from professional lacrosse athletes. They are the future of Lacrosse, and if they can help the players while they’re young and find the correct position for them, they can utilize their skills better. He started the camp in 2011 along with his friend Lou Braun.

Aside from his other busy activities and business ventures, he is head of biz dev at Ellipse USA, which is a laser skin care facility that has many offices located throughout the United States. They are a company that focuses on correcting skin care issues such as wrinkles, acne scars or other concerns that the patient may have. They concentrate on patient care and client satisfaction, making them one of the leading skin care facilities in the world.

Jon Urbana is also the founder of a charity campaign that helps cats to remain at the shelter and not be killed. All of the proceeds that he collects are donated to the shelter where the cats live until they are re-homed with foster parents. Urbana has always exhibited care and concern when it comes to animals, and hopes to continue with donations.

Golden Years at The Manse

The Manse on Marsh is a senior living center of exceptional quality, that values it’s residents deeply. Audacious and resolute in nature, it has cultivated a community of emboldened seniors living comfortably on California’s Central Coast in the center of San Luis Obispo. The Manse offers customized assistance catered toward each individual customer, with total and complete freedom. If there are an budgetary issues making it difficult to find a place for a senior in your life, the Manse on Marsh will prioritize providing you with the particular service you need, and will make sure to adjust any amenities one is looking for.

Commercials describe the Manse on Marsh as a hop, skip, and a jump away from a panoply of restaurant choices, shopping options, large book shops, ice cream boutiques, cafes, various churches, antique stores, and art supply businesses. Seniors can enjoy a movie, and go shopping at local markets, if they wish. In that way, the Marsh can make for a one of a kind experience. As far as the food is concerned. The Manse offers those living there both a light Bistro menu, not to mention fine culinary options. They have expert housekeepers on hand, who are dedicated to their work and understand the minutiae involved with taking care of the elderly. Included is bed, bath, and linen service, along with individualized laundry, an emergency alert system, vehicular transportation via chauffeurs. The Manse on Marsh is concerned solely with facilitating the best quality of life living situation for elders who are in need of a place to stay with top of the line care. On site, Seniors have complete access to a complete gym, in addition to a general wellness area. The focus of the Manse is wholeheartedly holistic. The San Luis Obispo based center provides a place that assists the elderly in maintaining independence throughout their golden years, while giving them excellent physical care, as well as education insofar as improving and keeping up their health.

Plymouth Rock Assurance and the Hurricane Evacuation


The insurance market is always moving and evolving. Plymouth Rock Assurance is one of the leading insurance companies in the United States and, ever since founder and CEO James Stone created the company, it has continued to do just this. One way Plymouth Rock Assurance has been attempting to make lives easier not only for its policy holders but also for those who have had to collect on damaged properties due to extensive storms. One of the leading ways Plymouth Rock Assurance has looked to help out its agents and customers is through the assistance of selling policies online.

Sometimes it just is not possible to be present in order to file a claim or to be there to receive compensation or assistance. Hurricane Katrina proved this to be the case. When the major hurricane hit New Orleans, hundreds of thousands of people fled the region. However, this did not protect the properties at all. With property damage being almost 100 percent in some areas of the town, those with insurance could not make their way back to their homes due to extensive flooding. Plus, many of these individuals who left the state ended up thousands of miles away, often in different states and time zones. However, being able to communicate with insurance companies such as Plymouth Rock Assurance proved to be difficult, and talking on the phone didn’t always work as the insurance agents were extremely busy handling the hundreds, if not thousands of claims.

According to the Boston Globe, in order to make life easier for the agents and the customers as well, Plymouth Rock Assurance decide to go about providing online services. This way, customers and policy holders could file their claim online and receive a faster return and answer. This also made it faster for the agents as they could process documentation quicker and could reach out for assistance from agents in other areas of the country tasked with helping the agents in Louisiana out.

All of this has been a step forward and a way to improve how the company communicates with both agents and policy holders who are not present in the region.

GMO Seeds and Crops are Not Welcome Overseas

Sygenta, which specializes in developing GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds is under litigation by class action suits. Currently Monsanto is trying to buy Syganta at a price of $45 billion.Sygenta has been focused on pesticides and Monsanto on seeds. Sygenta’s insect- resistant corn and the failure of the deal is the focus of the class action suit.

Farmers who had sold corn to China were informed that the 130 billion bushel order was canceled because some of the corn had been contaminated by GMO corn which is prohibited for import into China. The resulting cancellation caused a serious drop in crop prices and losses for farmers. They claim that Sygenta claimed the corn could be planted side by side with non-GMO corn.The non-GMO corn was infacted with the GMO and was rejected by the buyer in China.

The GMO process and its integration into farming has been controversial from the beginning. Several States have begun requiring labels to be attached to foods which use GMO ingredients and despite claims to the contrary, no in-depth research into any long range effects of GMO products on humans has been conducted.

Estimates are that over 400,000 farmers were affected by the GMO corn and drop in sales and at last count the Firm of Watts-Guerra had over 21,000 clients for the suit. Watts-Guerra is led by Mikal C. Watts, an experienced attorney with a record of progressive advancement in the Law. A Corpus Christi native, Watts has specialized in this type or class action suit and in succeeding in case presentation.He has successfully litigated against corporations and is a leader in mass tort and class action suits.

To date spokespersons for Sygenta have denied all claims. However, it is all too obvious that evidence for the infection of the corn and its rejection by the buyers was due to omissions by Sygenta in informing the farmers of the dangers of side by side planting. Farmers who suffered economic loss from poor market prices for their corn are encouraged to seek relief through the class action suit.