Bayern to Remain Stable

Bayern Munich sporting director Matthias Sammer has insisted that this summer will not be one of sweeping reform, arguing that the current squad, though aging, was not past its peak. Sammer stated that he and the club are aware of the age of notable members of the squad. Bastien Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm, Xabi Alonso, Arjen Robben, and Franck Ribery are all over the age of 30, and have suffered substantial injuries throughout the past two seasons save Alonso. Sammer acknowledged that new signings will likely be brought in, but with extreme care, and will not drastically alter the composition of the current squad. Who the Bavarians exactly have in the cross-hairs remains to be seen.

Another reason for potentially holding off on a summer of reform, is that current manager Pep Guardiola will be leaving the club after this upcoming season. Should Guardiola have a say in the signing of new players who will continue to serve Bayern long after his departure? The answer is unclear, though Bayern’s proposed course of action as illustrated by Sammer suggests that he, Guardiola, will not. InsiderMonkey says this is not to downplay the quality of player that Guardiola would look to bring in, rather that Bayern, and its future manager(s) will likely have a different style and thus player selection parameters than their current Catalan coach. However Bayern choose to develop, the footballing world will watch quite eagerly.

Barcelona Still Concerned Over Bayern Tie

Although Barcelona have all but secured their place in the Champions League final, following a 3-0 victory at the Camp Nou last week, manager Luis Enrique is still focused on controlling a dangerous Bayern Munich team. As he stated, “We don’t want a crazy game and if it is a crazy game we will have to calm it down”. Luis Enrique is well aware of the fight that will ensue for command of the ball, seeing as both of these clubs are intent on dominating possession. With such an intense desire to have possession, it very well could make for an exciting, and potentially crazy, game. Luis Enrique is surely downplaying his team’s prime position for advancing to the final, so as to not inflate his players’ confidence, in order to ensure that they go out and do the necessary job at hand.

On the other side of the field, Bayern are still hopeful and believe that they can advance by beating Barca. Bayern striker Thomas Mueller said they would not need a miracle, simply a strong Bayern performance. He admitted it would be a surprise for the footballing world, but that they are by no means out of the tie. Bayern have come back once in the competition already, beating Porto 6-1 at home to overcome a 3-1 away deficit. In Igor Cornelsen’s opinion Barcelona on the other hand are a different, more capable, animal than Porto.