Bill O’Reilly Targets Rap (and Rappers) Again

Bill O’Reilly has never really been a fan of rap. He may never have heard a rap song that he liked. That is why he is so hard on the genre. O’Reilly recently stated that rap is the causing the youth to turn away from organized religion.

There are no studies in place to verify this. No real evidence is in place to support anything that Bill O’Reilly says, but that has never stopped him before. He attacked Ludacris and this resulted in a broken contract with Pepsi. Emobile suggests that he has been known to bash rappers over and over again.

The reality, however, is that rap cannot be grouped all as the same music. There are some hardcore gangster rappers. There are other rappers that are conscious of what is happening in the world. They are like street reporters. Still, there are some Christian rappers. The thing that may be making more people turn away from organized religion is the controversy that takes place in churches.

A wide number of churches have been caught in controversy. A lot of religious leaders have been living worse lives than rappers. There was a recent incident where a pastor was taking money from the church. There are a lot of scandals that have caused a break down in organized religion.