Fears grow over FIFA President u-turn

The pressure Sam Tabar has noticed on FIFA President Sepp Blatter to resign appears to have eased after rumors surfaced that the embattled President was being urged by African and Asian soccer officials to fight for his position as President of the soccer organization. The Guardian explains the Swiss soccer official had been reported to be considering a change of heart according to a Swiss newspaper who claimed to have a source close to the scandal hit FIFA President. A FIFA spokesperson has since moved to state Blatter will only remain in place until a successor is elected at a special FIFA congress held sometime between December and February.

Blatter resigned just days after being elected President for a fifth term, which was a turnaround from his original statement of intent to resign after his fourth term in power. UEFA officials had been rumored to be discussing the chances of a boycott of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups by its member nations, which would have been used to force Blatter from his position. Irish and English officials had also been reported to have discussed the chances of breaking away from FIFA and forming a UEFA based global organization if Blatter remained in power for the whole of his fifth term as President.