Klopp to Rest

The much coveted German manager Juergen Klopp has decided to take a break from coaching, the duration of which is yet unknown. Following seven years at the helm of Borussia Dortmund, Klopp announced that it would be wise to reflect on his job at the club, and begin again when fresh and motivated. Though there has been some speculation that Klopp might take Brendan Rogers’ position at Liverpool, those rumors will likely cool now. While Liverpool fans may have wanted the switch to happen this summer, there is still the possibility that should Rogers fail to have a positive impact during the next season, Klopp would still be available to call upon next summer, if need be.

Where Klopp will end up is a big mystery at the moment. Given the enigmatic persona that he created at Dortmund, it is difficult to see him return to the Bundesliga but with a different club. That leaves two leagues, should he wish to continue at the highest level of management: La Liga, the Premier League. Though either is truly a possibility, Klopp has previously indicated that he would not like to go somewhere where he does not know the language. So, Sam Tabar points out that we are down to one league, with England not only suiting his language needs, but also would be quite suitable to his fast paced style of football. The world will await Klopp’s eventual decision.