Acquisitions Made by the OSI Group

OSI Group is the world’s most successful meat supplier in the world.

With an employee base of over 20,000 people, the OSI Group is one of the largest food retailers in the world. OSI Group has managed to grow through the acquisition of other established companies in the US and across the globe. The latest catch, in this case, is the Flagship Europe several months ago. The acquisition of Flagship Europe is a sign that the OSI Group is keen on dominating the food industry in Europe and the whole world. The newly acquired franchise offers the same product as the OSI Group and is not limited to Fish, Pizza, Bacon, Vegetable products and Dough Products. The Flagship Group also offers other products such as meat patties and poultry.

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This comes months after the OSI Group had acquired the Baho Foods in Europe. The Baho food is a food manufacturer just like the OSI Group and the new acquisition saw the company expand its operations in Germany and Netherlands. The OSI Group has a habit of not disclosing the financial details of its deals. According to the chief operating officer of the OSI Group, the acquisition of the Baho Food will then be followed by the acquisition of the firm five subsidiaries that include Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren as well as Q Smart and Vital Convenience.

Among the things that the OSI Group is known for is offering innovative solutions and always acting with integrity. The firm is also keen on observing the environmental rules, and for this reason, the firm has received several awards. The OSI Group is governed from Aurora, Illinois and has an annual revenue of $6.1 billion. Some of their earliest customers is the McDonalds, and the two still conduct business. The current chairman and chief executive officer of the OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin while the chief financial officer is Sherry Demeulenaere.


Rona Borre, Enterprising Woman of the Year
Rona Borre, Enterprising Woman of the Year

Rona Borre, the CEO and the founder of instant Alliance currently she standout as the foremost entrepreneurs in Chicago. Rona has become an icon, her business is now recognized nationally as a woman- owned business enterprise which has been thriving well over the years.


A woman with self- motivation and self driven heart she focus across the board and possessing the skills of great personalities she been given leadership roles at the Chicago community organizations like the Yong Presidents organization , Economic Club of Chicago and Chicago Network. Her great to work gained public attraction and thus she has attracted the Press which includes USA Today ,CNBC, CBS 2 Chicago ,Craine Chicago and CNN. In addition to that she has been honored by the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Business ledger as the most influential woman in business. Hit this related link.


In line with her success she has been an awarded as the Enterprising woman of the year by the Enterprising Women Magazine adding to his number of accolades awarded to her agency. Rona received her BS in Business from University of Arizona. Rona Borre is passionate about helping companies achieving their goals by pairing them with the absolute best talent.


Rona is learned person who received her BS from the university of Arizona in business ,she walking through the paths of her success and still she’s still walking and therefore ‘’ success is not a destination but a journey ‘’.

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