Literally Paving a Path toward the Future

Jason Halpern, current principal of JMH development, specialized in real estate development throughout most of his life. What was once his family’s business now turned into his own project.


Halpern is currently workng with JMH development towards developing innovative buildings available for renting and business purposes. They currently invested approximately $500 million towards New York state projects such as a complex of 300-400 luxury apartments on 184 Kent.


There are notable traces of JMH development throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Miami Beach and other areas of high demand. The real estate development company has a high reputation of maintaining major residential areas across the nation. They combine extensive knowledge in the marketplace, developmental skills and expertise on site.


Renovation in the South Beach Area

JMH Development announced the opening of the Aloft South Beach hotel to occur during the beginning of 2015. This hotel will feature


A 24-hour fitness center and 2,349 square feet of area suitable for business meetings and social gatherings

Access to local artists and programming at the hotel’s XYZ bars. The programs will showcase live music performance.


Convenient location close near the Miami Beach Convention Center, art galleries, clubs, restaurants, and boutiques

Eight-story tower with rooms over 360 square feet

Most importantly, it will be one block shy from the shores of Miami Beach, allowing tourists or individuals to have good access to the beach.


Halpern and JMH development are partnered with Madden Real Estate Ventures towards the development of the project.

Kenneth Goodgame A Man With Tremendous Success

Kenneth Goodgame has an impressive career. During 1995 to 1999 Kenneth Goodgame was a merchandise dealer for Hardlines. He managed the purchases associated with indoor gardening and achieved $3 billion revenue. He helped contribute with the expansion of Puerto Rico. From 1999 to 2001 he worked at Proprietary Brands as a Director. Some of his success included obtaining John Deere deals on a coast-to-coast basis, creating a successful launch for the brand RIDGID, and sustaining a prevailing market share with Sears. Kenneth Goodgame worked at The Home Depot from 1994 to 2002 as Senior Global Product Merchant. Some of his achievements included increasing an additional $55 million when making a deal with Toro and marketing products on a global scale. Between 2002 and 2007 Kenneth Goodgame worked in association with Rubbermaid. From 2002 to 2004 he was General Manager and President for Rubbermaid Cleaning. He accomplished closing the largest licensing agreement. From 2004 to 2006 he was the General Manager and President of Bernzomatic. He promoted several products on the market which resulted in $40 million in revenue just in the first year. From 2002 to 2007 Kenneth Goodgame was Senior Vice President for Irwin PTA & Shur-Line Painting Products. During his position as Vice President he had great success. He was able to take this business to $490 million within 18 months. Between 2013 to 2015 Kenneth Goodgame was the Chief Merchandising Officer and Senior Vice President for True Value Hardware Corporation. Some of his achievements included implanting strategic plans for long-term growth, increased savings annually, more than $20 million in revenue, and creating successful program launches.

Kenneth Goodgame received his Bachelor’s Degree at University of Tennessee in Marketing. He is a highly skilled expert in generating amazing and phenomenal revenue growth. His main focus is to convey equilibrium within the business, positive worker engagement, great performance pointers, and establishing superiority guarantee systems. He wants to promote development and excellence every day. His keen sense of awareness and extensive expertise enables him to be amazing in the market industry.

In conclusion, Kenneth Goodgame has led an impressive career.

John Goullet Steers DIVERSANT LLC to Greater Heights

Career Journey of John Goullet

John Goullet is a renowned IT staffing professional and entrepreneur behind the success of a series of IT staffing firms such as Info Technologies and DIVERSANT LLC. He holds a degree in Computer Science from Ursinus College. His career journey started at Computer Science Corporation in 1986 as a Computer Consultant before his way up as an IT staffing expert at Cap Gemini America between 1990 and 1994. Having gained an extensive experience in navigating market shifts, Goullet founded his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies to develop custom-tailored IT staffing services and solutions to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.

At Info Technologies, John Goullet would strive to understand the corporate IT staffing industry while developing personalized IT staffing services and solutions. He would match his passion, working strategy, and commitment to meet diverse customer needs. He steered Info Technologies to greater heights, having ranked eight on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing enterprises in the United States.

John Goullet at DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC was formed in 2010 by the merger of John Goullet’s Info Technologies and Gene Waddy’s Diversant Inc. DIVERSANT LLC is the United States’ leading Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) owned by an African-American. DIVERSANT leverages the combined strengths of its predecessor to develop advanced mechanisms of addressing complex challenges in the IT marketplace.

In many ways, DIVERSANT reflects Goullet’s professionalism and commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations. Under his helm, DIVERSANT tolerated economic hardship amid increased competition in the IT staffing industry. Since its inception in 2010, DIVERSANT has built an excellent reputation as a reliable IT staffing firm among mid-market and Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. As the head of DIVERSANT LLC, John Goullet advances his passion for developing solutions to challenges in the ever-evolving IT sector.

DIVERSANT’s Advisory Board

Apparently, DIVERSANT has constituted its Advisory Board to provide strategic direction regarding commercial development and planning. The Advisory Board comprises of industry leaders and senior executives not involved in the routine activities of the company. Board members meet DIVERSANT’s leadership regularly to review financial performance and market trends.

Online Reputation Management Is Essential For Business

Reputation management campaigns are often carried out to boost the visibility of positive reviews or to decrease the rankings of adverse content.

Reputation management has now become a popular topic for most people, particularly business people and organization leaders. While some people are careful to protect their their private information or their family life on the Internet and only share certain information that will benefit them in some way, other internet users do not take precautions and choose an open approach to sharing details about themselves, their career or their education. Also, some business people and entrepreneurs do not take proactive steps to control what people say or post about them.

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It’s tempting to want to attack the source of negative press or hide and not let anybody ask you about it. That’s not an intelligent way to address credibility or reputation matter. Never let the anger ruin your chance to address or handle such situations the proper way. It is important to contact knowledgeable reputation management consultants who have experience in handling these issues and you can feel confident that everything will be under control and back to normal.

A poor review, or defamatory comment, can hurt your chances of getting clients and customers, while a good review can lead to increased sales and more revenue in your firm. It is advisable to take proactive measures to ensure that only positive content about your organization is shown online and that any damaging reviews are pushed down to where potential customers can not view them.

These days, anyone can simply go online and start saying or posting anything about anybody or any company, whether it’s accurate or not. Malicious competitors can take advantage of the ease of use of the Internet and post defamatory remarks about your business or your professional profile. It is advisable to have a reliable way of monitoring and managing your online reputation.

The Search Fixers is a reliable company that provides reputation management to clients. Their digital publishing platform will enable you to promote positive content about your company or your personal profile and suppress adverse reviews. Their innovative online marketing and search engine optimization formats are absolutely fabulous and allows you to have control over what people see when they search for you online or inquire about your product, service or company. You will be pleasantly surprised when you find out about the many benefits of hiring the team at The Search Fixers.

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Information About Jim Hunt And VTA Publications

To plan for retirement, it is crucial to use the right investment strategies. One great way to learn how to invest successfully is to learn the information presented by VTA Publications. This company is based out of England, but their advice can be of assistance to investors that are located in other countries, as well. This company was started by a man named Jim Hunt with many years of investment experience. The company provides reading materials, in addition to software. Some of their products are available for as little as 27 euros. In addition, there are articles posted on the website of the company that are available for free.


He works for a financial research company, and this organization does research on investments in the United States and England. He also offers boot camps for investors that are looking to discover effective strategies, and many people have had great experiences with these seminars.


Hunt believes that it is possible for anyone to invest successfully without using services from major investment organizations. He feels that there are certain essential principles that all investors must know to be successful, and he has created VTA Publications to teach them. In particular, he feels that investing tends to work in a cyclical manner.


There are many great reviews of VTA Publications available for you to read. Some of them are published on the company’s website. One investor was able to double his investments in a mere few months! Some have had excellent experiences with investing only small amounts of money. In fact, one investor was able to successfully invest with only 1,100 euros. There other great reviews that are available elsewhere on the internet, independent of the company.


While they sell their products online, it is also possible to contact the company. In fact, a phone number is given on the website. You can also contact Jim Hunt or the company at large via email. In addition, if you do not like a product, you have access to a 30 day money back guarantee.

Securus Technologies and Louisiana State Prison Partnership Allows Free Calls to Inmates due to Floods

Securus Technologies is an entirely integrated inmate communication company. It primarily deals with the innovation in communication solutions to help with public safety, corrections, and monitoring.


Securus Technologies released a press release announcing it was making collaborative efforts with LA DOC (Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections). In this understanding, the company will allow all inmates a free call per day to family and friends around to or from Louisiana. The free call would help them stay in touch with loved ones affected by the floods in the region.


Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard Smith, feels that the providing all inmates with free calls per day will help prisoners connect with their loved ones outside the prison walls during the tragic floods. Offering humanitarian concern is one of the fundamental values of the company. He further revealed that the effects of the floods were “significant and severe” and “extraordinary” measures had to be taken to ensure communication is readily available. This is expected to reduce stress and anxiety to all parties involved. Richard added that Securus Technologies had contributed $50,000 to the Inmate Welfare Fund at LA DOC to help the affected inmates.


Secures technologies together with Louisiana Department of Corrections will grant free phone calls through September 7th to each inmate. The estimated cost of facilitating the 25, 000 free calls will be about $300,000.




Securus Technologies offers prison communication technology. Its main office in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1986. It has regional offices all over North America with over 1,000 employees. Securus Technologies is rumored to have 2,600 contracts with correctional facilities all over the United States of America. Securus announced in January 2016 that Securus Technologies had invested over $600 million in new technologies, patents and acquisitions over a period of three years.


Brad Reifler Discusses The Hollywood Movie Money Monster

One of the many wonderful things about film is that it allows audiences to be entertained and educated on topics they might not otherwise have paid attention to in the first place. It also creates debates and discussions between people. It also gives financial experts like Brad Reifler the chance to chime in with their thoughts on the film and other topics relating to what the film discusses as well. The film stars two of the biggest stars in Hollywood today in George Clooney and Julia Roberts. It was also directed by another big movie star in Jodie Foster. This is clearly a project that everyone involved in was very passionate about as it is a movie that stands for something.

Clooney plays Lee Gates, and he hosts a TV show where he gives out advice on stocks. When one of his stock tips turns out to be false and someone loses a great deal of money, they hold him hostage on his show as he demands answer. The film, of course, is fiction, but it is very relevant to our times today without question.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital and is considered an expert in the field. While they used to focus on the wealthy, they have turned their attention to middle America and looking out for them. Needles to say, Brad Reifler is just the right person to discuss the film and explain what is right and some of the things the film touches on.

Brad Reifler took the time to focus on three huge problems for the small investors. Fees are something that can really catch up with people. No one likes fees and sometimes they aren’t even aware they are paying the fee. With certain language and the way things are phrased, it can be hard to understand if someone doesn’t understand things. As far as their actual investments, access to them has changed in a big way. Lastly, Brad Reifler brought up stock market risk. This is where it gets especially tricky as someone really needs to think through the risk and reward.

Eric Pulier: Health and Technology

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself both in the tech and business communities as an innovator and an independent business man.

He has led an interesting life and took his first steps into the world of computer programming and software development at a relatively early age. In the fourth grade Eric Pulier he began programming computers at home. By the time he entered a high school he was already operating his own business, a database computer company.

Despite his history and aptitude in the area of technology and programming, during college Pulier chose to follow a different course. In 1984 he enrolled in Harvard university. While there he chose to major in English and American literature. He wrote for the Harvard crimson, serving double duty as both an editor and a columnist. Pulier also took advantage of the relative proximity of the prestigious MIT school to occasionally attend classes there. In 1988, after four years of college he graduated from Harvard university magna cum laude.

After college he moved to Los Angeles in the year 1991. While he was living there he founded a company called PDT. PDT is shorthand for the surprisingly simple name of People Doing Things. The organization had a diverse range and specialized in developing and using technology to assist with issues in the fields of Health Care and education.

Since then Pulier has gone on to found many businesses and initiatives, primarily focusing his efforts on the intersection between Health Care and technology.

He helped develop the concept of Starbright World, a social media a site designed to help chronically ill children interact with one another from across great distances. He was even involved in a number of presidential initiatives during the late 1990s. He has since authored books and founded a variety of programs and business models, as well as investing in charitable organizations. For information on Pulier’s more recent activities consider performing a web search and learning more about this interesting individual’s career developments.

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Diversant: Leading By Example

When John Goullet started in the field of IT staffing in 1994, he built a reputation for being an innovator, understanding market trends, and focusing on IT staffing for Fortune 500 companies. Goullet’s company Info Technologies grew at a fast pace, becoming one of the quickest growing privately owned companies in the United States. In 2010 John Goullet merged Info Technologies with Gene Waddy’s company Diversant Inc, to form Diversant LLC. Together Mr. Goullet and Mr. Waddy have taken Diversant to the next level in IT staffing.

Diversant has become an industry leader in IT staffing and is a Minority- owned Business Enterprise (MBE). As an MBE, Diversant understands the needs to pair large corporations with a multicultural staff. That is why Diversant has created the Unity program pairing Fortune 500 companies with small MBE IT firms, thereby creating a diverse working environment with a multicultural approach.

Another program that Diversant offers is the Star program. Diversant realizes the struggles many Veterans of the Armed Forces face when leaving active military service in finding long term, stable employment opportunities. That is why Diversant invented the Star program. US Veterans interested in working in the IT field are offered classroom education and on the job training all leading to a secure IT position with Diversant.

Firmly grounded in giving back to the community, Diversant staff members are encouraged to become involved in community service and charities that help reflect the core values of the company. Diversant believes in community service, helping other small business MBEs grow, and offering Veterans a chance for a new life. This strong sense of helping the community grow has made Diversant into the IT staffing powerhouse it is today.

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The ten holdings at James Dondero’s Highland Capital

Highland capital management led by James Dondero filled its quarterly 13F which filled a portfolio hedge fund of up to $3.42 billion in value. However, this was a decrease from the previous quarter with $1.49 billion. The filling represented about 22.73% of Highland Capital Management Lp’s assets that are in the United States listing. This is based on $15.04 billion in assets that is under management.

In this quarter, the five biggest new positions held in James Dondero’s Highland capital management Lp include, Amazon Com Inc (AMZN) for $23.35 million, Danaher Corp Del (DHR) for $17.24 million, Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr for $67.07 million, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc (EGRX) for $17.73 million and Intra Cellular Therapies Inc (ITCL) for $15.90 million.
The filing also raised the hedge funds in American Airls Group Inc, Corning Inc (GLW), Patterson Companies Inc (PDCO), Kinder Morgan Inc Del and Salesforce Com Inc.
James Dondero stands out as the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He currently lives in Dallas, TX and has been working with the credit and equity markets for the past thirty years. The markets has been largely directed to distressed and high-yield investing. He is also the current chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. Dondero also serves in American Banknote and MGM studio’s Board as a member. Watch Jim and his team ring the NYSE Closing Bell below.
Jim graduated from the University of Virginia in McIntire School of Commerce where he majored in Accounting and finance. Dondero also stands as a Certified Management Accountant and this has earned him the right to use the chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Jim began his career in 1984 working as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty training program. He later worked at GIC subsidiary where he was a Chief Investment Officer and later on at American Express where he served as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later on a Portfolio manager.
Being a very active philanthropist, Dondero formed the Highland Capital. So far since it was formed in 1993, it has pioneered development of the collateralized Loan Obligation market. This has helped create solutions for retail and institutional investors worldwide.