Alexandre Gama: Artist and Entrepreneur

Brazilian entrepreneur Alexandre Gama is one of the most celebrated and influential men working in advertising today. Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1958, Gama graduated from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation with a degree in Advertising and Communication. After graduation, he began work in the advertising industry, and was employed by numerous agencies including Ogilvy and Mather, DM9, BBDO, and Young & Rubicom. In 1999 Gama founded his own advertising agency, Neogama. Under his leadership Neogama was an immediate financial and critical success, and was named Agency of the Year in 2002. In July 2012, the Publics group chose Gama as the first Brazilian creator to lead the BBH advertising agency. But Gama does not restrict his creativity to just advertising. In 2014 Gama founded VIOLAB. With a focus on acoustic guitar, VIOLAB promotes Brazilian musicians on its own recording using diverse media including radio and YouTube. Also in 2014, Gama had an exhibition of his work titled Ideia e Forma at the Brazilian Art Museum for two months.

Gama’s work has won numerous awards and honors including APP’S 2006 Agency Director of the Year, 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry, and a remarkable 23 Cannes Lions.