FullCycle Energy and Sam Tabar on a Mision to Change How Industry is Fueled


In nearly every industry these days there is a push going on to get away from using expensive, pollution-causing fuels, while moving toward more environmentally friendly, lower cost alternatives. Sam Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer at FullCycle Energy Fund. Mr. Tabar, along with the rest of the executive team is dedicated to financing projects that help to drastically change the way that the world fuels its businesses.


About Sam Tabar


Sam Tabar seems to be a natural fit for a leadership role at FullCycle Energy. He has spent many years in charge of budgetary strategies for large financial firms. One high profile role that he filled was that of the Head of Capital Strategy at Merrill Lynch. While in this role, Mr. Tabar provided fund management personnel with introductions to investors. He was also a consultant for front and back office operation team operations. Before working at Merrill Lynch, Sam Tabar was the Co-Head of Marketing with Sparx Group. He managed this company’s worldwide marketing efforts.


Mr. Tabar is a multifaceted business person. In addition to his financial experience, Tabar worked as an attorney with some high profile law firms. His educational background is impressive; with a Masters of Law from Columbia Law School and Bachelor of Arts from Oxford. He has past experience with venture capital projects. Sam Tabar was one of the first investors to jump on board with SheThinx. This company has revolutionized the feminine hygiene industry in recent years.  They also inspired Sam to do his own proactive charitable work for Africa, much of which on his GoFundMe page.


Today’s business leaders often have to wear more than a few hats to stay on top. Mr. Tabar, with his years of experience in multiple industries, and impressive educational background, is a prime example of the versatility, experience and determination it takes to be a truly visionary leader in today’s competitive marketplace. With Tabar overseeing operations for FullCycle Energy, this company looks poised for even greater levels of success in the very near future.   Find him for yourself on Twitter.

James Dondero Is Eager To Invest In Argentina Through The Highland Capital Management

Since President Mauricio Macri took power as the president of Argentina, he has been working tirelessly to put Argentina back in the global markets. The country was locked out of the global market because it defaulted on a $95 billion obligation. The country is planning to return to the international bond market in order to raise $12 billion and settle its creditors. One of the companies expected to purchase these bonds is Highland Capital Management.

According to the co-founder of Highland Capital management, James Dondero, the company is planning to purchase a considerable amount of the country’s securities. The amount raised will be used to offset creditors such as Paul Singer. The ministry of Finance officials posited that the country would issue $ 11.68 billion of the bonds in order to yield between 7.5% and 8% by mid-April. Luis Caputo, finance secretary, posited that the country would issue three bonds having maturities of 5, 10 and 30 years.

President Macri has been reversing policies initiated by the Cristina Kirchner. When the U.S. district judge, Thomas Griesa, lifts the ban that has been an impediment to the country in terms of paying its restructured debt, Highland Capital is touted to be among the highest winners. Dondero asserts that they made correct predictions, which focused on settling of holdout creditors so that the bonds trade higher. Dondero added that he was pursuing additional investment opportunities within the country and he would consider starting with an Argentina fund. This information was originally published on Bloomberg.

James has been serving as the president of Highland Capital Management. In his tenure at the helm of the company, Highland Capital Management has played a pivotal role in enhancing institutional and retail products. Owing to his credit market experience that spans 30 years, James has managed to create innovative products for the clients including pioneering the Collateralized Loan obligation (CLO). Over the years, funds associated with him have received different awards and accolades. These awards includes the 2014 Healthcare long/short equity fund, 2014 Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocations and the prestigious Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities.

James graduated with an undergraduate degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. The certified management accountant served at the Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer. In addition, the chartered financial analyst has been serving on the boards of different companies, which include MGM studios and American Banknote. He has also served in the boards of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank and CCS Medical Corporation.

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Highland Capital Powerhouse President, James Dondero

Case of Hardwork, Passion and Determination from the modern business woman

There’s virtually every piece of information out there that’s needed to succeed but a few people will ever notice that. In fact, some will label the advice too generic, pandering or just advice. However, when a person chooses to follow them without doubting, success with inevitably follow. This business zeal can be seen from the modern businesswoman. She is hardworking and resilient. They have now improved their game and can compete with men in the same fields. This can be seen from various notable business women around the world.
Such is the case of one of the top American business ladies and executive consultants, Susan Mcgalla of PHX.With a wealth of experience in the world of sales and marketing, Susan Mcgalla is the founder and proud owner of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. P3 Executive Consulting primarily deals in professional consultation services. This firm is located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and is barely five years old but with a great management, its growth rate is significantly high.
Throughout her life, you could easily tell that Susan Mcgalla was simply destined for her present career. Having grown up among two older boys and a football coach father, she had to constantly develop like a man. In fact, her traits of being confident and hardworking were nurtured from her tender age. She also learnt among other virtues, how to cope with the opposite gender, values that have greatly helped her throughout her life.
Her first job was at the Joseph Horne Company where she first had her stints in Marketing, and managerial positions. It was immediately after receiving her BA from Mount Union College and she spent ten years with them. She left in 1994 for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., where she started as women’s clothing divisional merchandise buyer.
Her hardwork and confidence once again paid off as she rose through the ranks to become the firm’s president despite the many men. It’s not the competition for top posts, rather cultural change created from a successful corporate excellence that aided her to the topmost seat. Susan Mcgalla’s reign as the president of American Eagle oversaw massive successes. She was at the helm when they launched aerie and 77kids brands albeit she later left the company in 2009.
Following her exit in January 2009, her proven track record and experience amassed throughout the years were just enough to earn her another post. She was soon working for retail and financial investment industries, where she was a private consultant. She joined HFF Inc. as a board member and was subsequently appointed as Wet Seal’s Executive Officer. She later left in 2011 for her present firm, P3 Executive Consulting.
Besides heading P3 Executive Consulting firm, she’s the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at the Pittsburg Steelers. She’s married to Stephen Mcgalla and often offers advice and consultation services, what she typically delights doing. She’s just that perfect example that hardwork, sheer determination, and passion eventually pay off.