Maybe Billie Jean Is Sergio Cortes’ Girl!

For years, Sergio Cortes has been working as a Michael Jackson impersonator. The reason he’s been able to do this so long is because he does such a bang up job of it. Not only does Sergio look exactly like the world-famous pop star–and that without any kind of plastic surgery!–but Sergio Cortes can actually sing in the high registers Michael was fond of frequenting. He can also dance like the legend, and there are those who have been confused seeing the show because they thought he actually was Michael Jackson. Of course, Michael Jackson has passed away, so there is no longer any way that his artistic fortitude can be enjoyed–except through Sergio Cortes!

There are those who have seen Sergio Cortes shows that were so enamored of his performance they came to believe that Michael Jackson never died, but staged the entire incident in order to get the freedom he needed. Now they believe he goes around the world doing “impersonator” shows in order to itch the old performance bug. Those who believe as much are entirely wrong of course; it’s just Sergio Cortes. But he does such an excellent job, it’s easy to see why a fan who might go by the hypothetical name of, say, Billie Jean, may get confused. Perhaps Billie Jean actually dated Sergio Cortes, and that’s why Michael Jackson had to write the song: “Billie Jean is not my girl…” Perhaps that’s just a satirical fiction geared at hyping up Sergio. Whatever the case, it can’t be argued that Sergio Cortes shirks the heavy responsibility of impersonation.

As a matter of fact it’s much more difficult to be an impersonator than a straightforward artist. A straightforward performer has the freedom to improvise, improve, and create in the moment. An impersonator does not; they must match the motif of the original as perfectly as possible or risk reduction in bankable bookings. Sergio understands this, and has honed his craft so minutely that fans literally scream when they see him. He’s so much like Michael Jackson it is literally scary, and that’s just one of many reasons this talented impersonator deserves respect and attention.

Contact Sergio Cortes for the best Michael Jackson impersonation that can be found anywhere. The King of Pop may be dead in body, but his spirit lives on in the faithfully recreated work of Sergio Cortes.