Chris Christie Launches Has Bon Jovi “Bump” Bruce Springsteen

Many people familiar with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would have expected him to use bumper music from fellow New Jerseyan Bruce Springsteen. It would be the logical choice given Christie’s fondness for The Boss’ music. Still, he chose to go with another fellow New Jerseyan for his campaign kickoff: Jon Bon Jovi.

Ironically, Jon Bon Jovi is squarely in the Hillary camp; he has been a longtime supporter of the Clintons. That said, Bon Jovi was clear that his friendship with Christie involves no politics. As such, when the governor asked him for permission to use his music at his campaign rallies, Bon Jovi heartily granted the request. In all fairness, he gave Hillary Clinton the same permission. The governor regularly plays the Bon Jovi song “Have a Nice Day” at his political events. He previously stated it is his favorite song.

That doesn’t mean the governor will eschew music from Bruce Springsteen. In all likelihood, The Boss will also get squarely behind the Hillary Clinton campaign. He too has been a big Democrat supporter for decades. As such, Facebook suggests that the cordial and jovial friendships that Christie maintains with Democrats is indicative of his ability to reach across the political aisle. Despite his two impressive victories as governor, he had to work with a Democrat-controlled legislature to enact his reform measures. Should Christie go on to win the White House, he would stand a good chance at working with Democrats to push through much needed reforms to health care and the nation’s entitlement programs.