How Andy Wirth is Changing the Destiny of Lake Tahoe Communities

For most of the visitors who travel to the famed Squaw Valley Resort in Tahoe, Andy Wirth is a friendly individual who likes to share his life stories and welcome guests to the area. However, those who have developed a friendship with the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, they know that Andy is not your typical CEO. In fact, he is a household name in the Valley because he has devoted his life to improve the local community.

Recently, Andy Wirth made headlines as he was able to halt efforts from a private group that wanted to incorporate the iconic Squaw Valley Resort. By spending a lot of his own capital, he was able to convince the legislatures that any such effort to incorporate the town will be a death-sentence for local businesses. Similarly, Andy Wirth is actively involved in spreading his influence in the neighboring Lake Tahoe communities because he believes that his efforts to develop Squaw Valley should not be restricted only to the town. In fact, every one around Lake Tahoe and Reno area should benefit form the benefits that resource sharing can bring.

In an effort to develop the area, he has also recently undertaken a massive construction project, which will connect the two world class resorts, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow through a Gondola ride. In the near future, Andy has further plans to develop an extensive roadwork that will reduce the traffic congestion in the area. Perhaps, his dedication to the community is one of the primary reasons, Andy Wirth is selected as the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. The air service serves as the most important link for the Tahoe Lake communities and Reno area to connect with the outside world.

As thousands of visitors continue to enjoy one of the world’s most pristine ski environments, Andy Wirth seems a perfect choice for the post as he has been instrumental in developing various airports and air services from Ski resorts of Colorado to Quebec. In fact, he recently played a central role in bringing Jet Blue services to the area from JFK. Hopefully, his appointment will provide extremely beneficial for future developments in the area.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Stopped

According to an article in the Reno Gazette Online, California’s Local Agency Formation Commission has stopped a plan for the Olympic Valley to incorporate. The agency says that the tax burden would make this plan unrealistic. Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley is thrilled by this decision, saying it paves the way for future development. He hopes that it will also help solve transportation issues.
While Andy Wirth has been instrumental in fighting incorporation, he has moved forward in making Squaw Valley into a first-class ski resort. From 2011 to 2016, the resort has spent over $70 million to remodel the resort in a plan called the Renaissance.
During the first year, the program increased dining options at The Village at Squaw Valley. The program also made the facility more child-friendly with the addition of a family lodge, along with new children’s activities including mini-snowmobiles. The facility also added a new snowtubing lift.
The program’s second year saw the purchase of new snowmaking equipment and the construction of a new six-passenger chairlift. Andy Wirth loves technology so he insisted that the resort build a new ski shop featuring demos of the latest technology. When a skier rents this technology and then decides to purchase it, the cost of the rental is deducted from the purchase price. Furthermore, in the program’s second year, the Olympic Plaza Bar was remodeled to pay tribute to the mountain’s rich history.
Under Andy Wirth’s capable leadership, the third year saw the construction of the resort’s award-winning yoga studio. The resort also changed many of its food selections and renovated the beer garden. Continuing the emphasis on children, the resort added a kid’s program, along with a program helping parents introduce skiing to toddlers.
The fourth year saw even more exciting changes to the children’s and toddler’s programming. Additionally, the resort took advantage of the off-season to improve the forest’s health by removing dead trees reducing the likelihood of wildfires. This step allowed the resort to offer guided tours of this pristine environment.
The fifth year promises even more exciting changes. Cameras have been added to the top of the mountain so skiers can see conditions there before embarking. Since the top of the mountain sits on the Pacific Crest, conditions can vary greatly. The resort is also replacing another chairlift.
Andy Wirth is thrilled by the progress. The decision to not incorporate the area paves the way for even more exciting changes.

Ads in Brazil and Marketing Strategies

Brazil has some of the most innovative and creative advertisement worldwide. Many of their ads gets worldwide attention of their usage of prints ads and commercial. Some Brazilian ads have won prizes at the Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival and have also won prizes at other international competitions. Many Brazilians ads are entertaining, and they are not afraid to push the button. The people of Brazil have great love for advertisement.Many of the advertisement would be shown at popular events such as sporting events, especially soccer. They also use a great deal of advertisements during soap operas show, which are extremely popular in Brazil.

Advertisement in Brazil is such a big deal that the models and the producer of the advertisement would received a celebrity status. Many of the gossip magazines would report daily things about the top producer of an advertiser’s life. One of those top advertisers is Claudio Loureiro.

Loureiro always has his eye on what would be the new thing in the world of advertisement. He is always looking for ways of how he can make the next project even more creative. His ideas many seem outrageous, but they always seem to become a success. He is known to go after his objectives. In life, they always say that you take a risk, and that is the motto that Loureiro live by every day of his life. The bigger the risk he takes, the higher the payout. He is extremely passionate about his work and take every step seriously. When he is not coming up with genius idea, he is spending time with his family. He is also the leader of the company Heads Propaganda.

Head Advertising is recognized as one the largest advertisement company in Brazil. To be exact, it is the fourth largest advertising company in all of Brazil. The advertisment agency has been around for 25 years. Loureiro always aims high. He was able to once bring the director Woody Allen to Brazil.The company has a reputation for taking significant advantages, for that that was chosen by the Insitute as one of the best advertising agency to work at in Brazil the year 2011. They have many high players customers. Some of their clients include Petrobras, Volvo, Shop South Federal Savings, LIGHT and SEBRAE and the Apothecary to name a few.In 2014, the company celebrated 25 years as being in the business.

Advertising in Brazil is big business. You get the much deserving recognition when you excel in the advertising world. When trying to create ads in Brazil, the more innovated and creative the ad is, the more respect the ad will receive. Just like how Loureiro had pushed his mind to create new and exciting ideas. The advertising world in Brazil is truly a creative space.