Cowboys Drop Option on Claiborne

After selecting Byron Jones as their number one draft pick the Dallas Cowboys have decided not to exercise their contract option on the teams former number one draft pick and corner back from 2012 in Morris Claiborne. In his short career he has failed to live up to his high draft status the team and their fans hoped for him. Instead he was plagued with injuries that both limited his coverage abilities and growth as a player. Then shortly before his season ending injury last year the team put him on an unofficial suspension from the team after poor performance and personal behavior issues became a distraction. Truly his injury was probably the only reason he maintained his roster spot at all.

Now with Jones and with the other Cornerback Brandon Carr realizing that he will have to take a pay cut if he expects to continue playing it would appear the team is settled with their best choices for improving a secondary that could not cover the worst of receiver corps last year. What will help is their being able to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks via Greg Hardy after Thanksgiving and Randy Gregory their second overall pick. Bruce Karatz seems to think that really all the team can hope for is that they did not make a mistake by not drafting another running back…choosing instead to stick with Darren McFadden, Lance Dunbar, and Joseph Randel.