Raising Capital With Investment Banker Kenneth C. Griffin

Starting a new business is a dream that many people have in life. People find that doing so can be a great way to help them get the job of their dreams. They also find that having a business of their own can provide them with the opportunity to earn a good income and have the chance to be able have something they can pass on to their children. A business of one’s own can also mean the chance to spend time being intensely involved in something that they find passionate and exciting. A person may have a passion for caring for small animals or being involved in the field of jewelry selling and creating. Starting a business of their own allows the person the chance to be able to do what they love and earn money at the same time.

In order to start a business, any people find that they need ot have capital on hand. Capital allows a potential business owner to be able to spent time as much time on their business as they wish without the need to worry about paying their bills if the business is not initially profitable. In this way, the business owner can spend as much time as possible starting the business. Those who have a capital fund on hand are those who can also use such a fund to be able to do important things that any business will need to have done such as hiring skilled employees with a fund of knowledge on specific subjects and the ability to keep the products they sell in stock at all times.

Raising capital is not always easy. Many people find that it is best to have help accomplishing this task when they are planning out their business. Someone may have some savings but find that it is not quite enough for their needs. In that case, they will often find that it makes sense for them to seek out help from a skilled investment banker such as Kenneth C. Griffin. Mr. Kenneth Griffin has an extensive background in the field of capital management. Under his leadership, many business owners have found help for their desire to start a busines of their own. Mr. Griffin is a highly successful capital manager with a net worth of over six billion dollars. His work in this field has helped him provide people with capital they have been able to use to create new businesses in many varied fields.

His assistance has been important for those in search of capital to use in order to provide them with a flow of capital that allows them to be assured that their business will have all they need to capture the highest possible market share and have an impressive start. Many business owners are happy to realize that they have the kind of capital they need in order to be able accomplish all of their planned goals for the business they are going to work hard to start.

Citadel LLC, Private Company Information

It is a global financial institution that is a limited liability company based in Chicago, Illinois. It also has additional offices in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Houston, Toronto, Greenwich and Dallas. It was founded by Kenneth Griffin on wallstreetjournal in 1990 and was formerly known as Citadel Investment Group, LLC. The company operates two primary businesses, that is, Citadel and Citadel Securities with the third one being Citadel Technology. This company oversees the separate focused portfolios of its clients and also their hedge funds. It invests across the globe in different markets such as the public equity market and alternative investment market.
The 3 business segments of Citadel LLC, are each operational in extremely efficient systems. These include:

1. Citadel- It is known for being a leading industry alternative asset manager. Worldwide, it ranks as the 11th largest hedge fund manager and the 2nd largest multi-strategy hedge fund.
2. Citadel Securities- It was created in 2002 and focuses on providing liquidity in America’s capital markets. Barron’s ranked it as the number 1 provider of price improvements for investors. It is also the largest market maker and is headed by Jamil Nazarali.
3. Citadel Technology- This segment was established in 2009 and offers solutions for investment management technology.

Citadel is also recognized for its remarkable investments over the years. This can be seen through the 2006 acquisition of Amaranth Advisors’ energy portfolio. In 2007, it also procured the Sowood Asset Management’s entire portfolio. Also in the same year November, it gave to e*Trade Financial, a $2.5 billion cash combination resulting in Citadel obtaining a 20 percent stake. Citadel has also been identified with playing a role in financial legislation and market structure issues; Griffin became an active defender of today’s markets. Through such recognition, Citadel has received a number of awards and accolades. Citadel contributes to the community through providing educational scholarships and giving out medical help to families and children.

The reason for the success of Citadel is its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kenneth Griffin. He was born in October 15 1968, graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree and serves as part of the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. H e started the company one year after graduating and has since elevated Citadel to great levels. Kenneth was identified by Forbes in 2012 highest earning hedge fund manager. Citadel received a top 10 Great Workplaces in financial services ranking by Great Places to Work Institute, and this was due to Griffin’s effort in promoting a collaborative work culture and giving his employees perks.

Griffin is part of a lot of board memberships due to his experience and knowledge in various fields. He is part of the committee in Capital Markets Regulation. He is also one of the G100 members, a network of 100 CEOs and a number of other committees and boards. He is indeed a force to reckon with in the financial business world.

Bruce Levenson sells Hawks for a huge profit

The $850 million sale of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise and the rights to use the Philips Arena in Atlanta have finally been completed to bring the ownership of the franchise for the Atlanta Spirit group to an end. The group, headed by UCG founder Bruce Levenson has been in control of the Hawks franchise since 2004 and have presided over one of the biggest turnarounds in recent memory within the NBA. Under the leadership of Levenson and his partners the Hawks have gone from the worst record in the NBA in 2005 to the number one seed for the 2014-15 playoffs.

Bruce Levenson is no stranger to success and starting out at the bottom of the ladder after seeing the United Communications Group he founded with Ed Peskowitz reach global success. The UCG story is made all the more amazing by the fact the company was formed in a store room by the two men working as journalists who saw a gap in the market for a newsletter based around the oil and gas industry. The success of the Oil Express newsletter led to the fast growth of UCG with the purchase of a number of other newsletters and information suppliers.

Much like he has done with the Hawks, whose growth has been gradual and consistent, the success of UCG can be traced to the ability to adapt to a changing environment embraced by Bruce Levenson. The UCG founder has always been willing to invest in the latest technology and has seen the TechTarget company founded within UCG spin out into its own business with Levenson an important member of the board. Technology and business opportunities go hand in hand for Bruce Levenson who has seen the real time analytics created for the oil and gas industry turned into a consumer app in the form of GasBuddy.

Bruce Levenson has seen the ownership of the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise purchased at the same time pass to another owner. However, the work Levenson completed to make the Hawks an integral part of the community within the Atlanta area and across the US will stand the test of time. The funds raised from the sale of both the Hawks and Thrashers will mean a large profit is made by each member of the Atlanta Spirit consortium, but the decision to help local communities will live on in the memory of fans of the franchise.

Alexei Beltyukov: Using the Fruits of His Ideas to Build Tomorrow

One of the most important goals in the early life of Alexei Beltyukov was studying medicine, and becoming a doctor. This goal was crushed under the weight of a crumbling Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Many people would have been destroyed after a loss of this magnitude, but not Alexei. He developed a new plan that involved going to one of the world’s most important business schools (INSEAD), earning his M.B.A., and creating an impressive list of business successes.

This list includes; Endemic Capital, New Gas Technologies, A-Ventures, Mechanics and others created, and founded in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In each new venture Alexei was involved with helping others succeed became the common thread.

One example is his creation of Endemic Capital. The purpose of Endemic is to provide Russian start ups with their initial funding needs, and to continue offering resources, as needed, throughout the growth process . Alexei has also created other organizations that offer financial help to raw start-ups, struggling Russian companies, and people interested in going to business school. Mr. Beltyukov seems obsessed with focusing his philanthropic style of getting things done with everything he does. As a partner of the Russian government, he finds ways, through a foundation, to provide financial resources for those who wish to grow technology within the country. As one reads of Alexei’s activities one central theme begins to bubble to the top: education.

This man’s true passion is helping people become better at what they do, who they are, and what they can offer those who come after. Alexei dreams of an economically strong Russia, full of opportunities for all who want, and are willing to learn, and work, for their future. That dream turns the conversation to SOLVY.com. SOLVY.com is a site about math, homework, and high school. Teachers can use SOLVY to create homework rooted in the real world. Students then learn how to use math to solve real problems, not just conceptually. The hope for this site is that students will make mistakes, learn from the mistakes, and develop a different way of thinking about math, thus giving Russia a competitive edge for the future.

Boraie Development Revitalizes New Jersey


According to Housing Wire, New Jersey has been slow to rejoin the Great Recovery. While struggling with slow job growth, high taxes, and the collapse of the real estate market, New Jersey was hit by two devastating storms: Irene (2011) and Sandy (2012) costing residence $1 billion and $30 billion respectively. Revitalizing the economy and the state’s real estate market has certainly been a challenge, but Housing Wire also notes that the state is set for a new real estate boom.

One key player in this revitalization is Boraie Development. Boraie Development LLC is undertaking projects in Atlantic City, New Brunswick, and Newark, among other New Jersy cities. Much like the New Brunswick office Boraie Development now occupies, the company specializes in turning overlooked properties into luxury accommodations.

In Atlantic City, Boraie Development is taking part in the transformation of the South Inlet into the Lighthouse District. The plan includes complimentary business and residential development. For its part, Boraie Development is committed to build a 250-unit apartment complex. With the expansion of Richard Stockton College by fall of 2015, the area is positioned for growth.

Boraie Development is also working with Shaquille O’Neal to bring life back to Newark’s fading downtown area. Together they transformed the old theater on Springfield Avenue into the CityPlex12 Newark. The development team has also begun construction on downtown Newark’s first residential tower in over 50 years. With a price tag of $60 million it is quite an investment in the future of the city. 

These are not new ventures for Boraie Development. The developers have built more than 100 million square feet of commercial and residential property in New Jersey over the past decade. The combination of business and residential space appeals to the pre-married millennials who are starting to invest in their first homes. The development team recognizes that a community is comprised of more than just work and living spaces. A community thrives on culture, and Boraie Development is willing to do its part there as well. 

After the financial pinch New Jersey felt in the economic downturn, the brown development in struggling communities throughout the state leaves New Jersey poised for a healthy surge in the real estate market. Boraie Development is proud to be part of that process.