Executive VP Kevin Seawright Recognized by Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Community Economic Development Corporation in Newark, Kevin Seawright was recognized by the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame for completing the Executive Leadership program, the second course of which examines the structure of a board as well as how to effectively run a board. Seawright completed the second stage of the program with a Certificate of Achievement that’s awarded to those who excel in the course. As he looks ahead to the last stage of the program, he still maintains his positions in the company while keeping up his various social and community contributions.

Seawright commented that he’d always known how important it is to serve his community and be an active participator in the public education system and local government. He’s now working to involve himself more with groups that are working build up communities.

Kevin Seawright is an accounting and project management professional. He’s previously worked in the fields of local government, education, and real estate development in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. Seawright has been involved in various civic activities in his community and has been a member of two associations for public administrators as well as the National Association of Black Accountants. You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Tumblr.