Fabletics Have Comfort All The Way

Fabletics is an online subscription shop that sells women’s sportswear and accessories. Fabletics offers their members personalized clothes depending on their lifestyle, preference, taste and fashion. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2013.

Fabletics was created to offer stylish and high-quality activewear at an affordable price. Their clothes are intended to inspire their customers to keep fit and be active.

Kate Hudson who is an actress and is also interested in fashion with the help of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started Fabletics to help women lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Adam Goldenberg has had a lot of experience with internet marketing and has put Fabletics out there as an online subscription. He has ensured that Fabletics is well known and that people can easily identify with the brand.

Fabletics has new styles every month. Subscription to Fabletics is usually free, but VIP members receive mails at the beginning of every month that show them the new outfits and have a given timeline on whether they would shop or skip on that given month. Outfits for new members cost roughly about 15 dollars.

Fabletics have nine retail stores in the United States. These stores are found at Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey, Christiana Mall in Newark Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati, St. Louis Galleria in St. Louis, The Mall in Columbia, and The Village at Topanga in Woodland Hills. Although they mainly are an online subscription they have physical shops to serve clients who prefer to shop physically. They are planning on expanding their brand by opening several other shops across the United States to cater to their growing customer base.

Fabletics has grown in popularity, and this is attributed to their quality and affordable prices. They cater to women of all sizes as well, unlike most active wear companies. Fabletics are intent on passing the message that when women are comfortable and have affordable active wear, they will be motivated to be active.

There have been many positive reviews on Fabletics by their loyal clients. Some of these reviews included on;

  1. I) Quality.

The price paid for the acquired items on Fabletics exceeded the clients’ expectations. Their quality is unmatched.

  1. II) Style.

Fabletics has a very wide range of active wear to choose from. Their products are also very comfortable to wear and run errands in.

III) Value.

Fabletics activewear offer value money. Their clothes are worth some money customers pay.

I Love The Low Prices I Find At fabletics.com

I’m a lady who has a terrible shoe fetish, and has gotten to be a problem between my husband and I. After I started searching the Internet to find a company that had good-looking shoes that were low-priced, I came across JustFab. I had heard part of a commercial from JustFab on fabletics.ca, but I never caught the entire thing, so I wasn’t able to go to the website right away. After discovering that they sold amazing shoes at a low price, I went to the website, but I also introduced my husband to the site as well. I showed my cousin the site because I wanted to let him know that I could buy a pair of shoes that didn’t cost hundreds of dollars and still be fashionable while saving money.

My husband was all for it, so I started shopping around the website. I went crazy on the site and bought ten pairs of shoes in my first sitting, but I was still amazed at how low the cost was. What I spent on those ten shoes on the website is less than what I’ve spent on one pair shoes in the past. I love the fact that I can get heels, sneakers, tennis shoes and more from JustFab at https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/, and I also love the help that I get when I want to pick out a certain type of shoes. What’s even better is the fact that shipping is free, which is not something many companies do anymore.

With my VIP membership at JustFab.com, I’m able to shop around and get wholesale items all the time. I also love the fact that I can complete my look by buying clothing and bags, which is amazing. I am such a fan of JustFab that I also decided to look into their new company, Fabletics, which I hear is endorsed by Kate Hudson. The biggest reason why I’m a fan of Fabletics is because after losing 20 pounds recently, I decided to continue being as active as possible, and the clothing that I get from Fabletics is great and can help me in my active day-to-day life.

The company’s rapid expansion is also great in the fact that their clothing is also low-priced, similar to JustFab.com, and I can look forward to free shipping as well. I told everyone I know about JustFab and Fabletics, and it looks like the secret is out because I heard they have tens of millions of members on their websites from around the world. I’ve never seen shoes, clothes, and bags as fashionable and low-priced as I see on the JustFab and Fabletics websites, and I will forever be a loyal customer because of this.

Athleisure: A Recent Trend

In the past couple of years, a new trend has seem to have taken over the fashion market in a wonderful way. Athleisure, or stylish athletic wear, is all the rage. Celebrities, singers, and everyday people like ourselves love our yoga pants, vibrant leggings and other athletic wear-it’s inevitable.

Athleisure is seen literally everywhere. Almost every big name brand has its own line of gym and workout apparel. Athleisure has become a “lifestyle,” was one thing written in a recent article. It is for certain here to stay, as it promotes healthier lifestyles and and motivates people to work out. To read more from this article, visit Business Insider.

Meet one of athliesures newer brands, Fabletics – read full story at The Coupon Lady. With it’s spokeswoman, a popular celebrity, Kate Hudson shows off her toned body in beautiful vibrant colored yoga and athletic wear.

Quite frankly, she is an inspiration and makes you want to purchase everything on their website. With introduction costs for twenty five dollars for an outfit plus free shipping, it is a super tempting offer.

Since athliesure has become a trend, it has allowed for retailers to increase the prices on these fun articles of clothing by quite a bit. Retailers like Nike, Under Armour and the likes are selling these athletic pieces for incredibly high prices.

According to Instagram, Fabletics is a great inspiration to try out this trend at an affordable cost. Once you go athleisure, there’s no coming back from it. The styles are cute, comfy, vibrant, and promote a healthy lifestyle. You might want to climb aboard the Athleisure train.