How BRL Trust Investments Works

There are many investment companies but BRL Trust Investments is different. The company prides itself on its transparent practices and professional approach to investing. Based in Brazil, BRL Trust Investments offers asset plans and fund services. The company was established in 2005 and started off by providing a standard service of private loans. Slowly but surely, it moved on to acquisitions and mergers, fund management, and capital market investments. The professionals working in the company and offering financial services are experienced in the industry and have years of training behind them.
Built on Discipline and Transparency – It is impossible to survive in the financial service industry of today without having stringent policies that are widely accepted all over the world. Just check Twitter to find that out. This is the building block of BRL Trust Investments. The standards and ethics of the industry are extremely important to BRL Trust Investments and the company has always taken a strict stand against any fraudulent practices with the help of its disciplined and transparent structure.

Approach to Clients – Before an investor is chosen by BRL Trust Investments, the company vets their profile thoroughly and researches about their needs and requirements. Only then does the company proceed to build a unique and customized investment plan for the investor. BRL Trust Investments understands that no two investors are alike and they all want to enter the market with different purposes in mind. It is the investment company’s job to understand those purposes and then move forward. New financial accounts are analyzed by the fund or asset administration service of the company. The portfolio owner is made aware of the risks associated with different assets to zero in on the appropriate option.

Customizable Portfolio and Investment Plans – BRL Trust Investments fully honors the wishes of those investors who don’t want their level of risk to exceed beyond a certain safe point. For low risk investments, the company offers real estate investing, stocks and commodities with low risk, government sponsored assets, et al. These options might not yield a lot in the short term because of their low risk quotient but are profitable from a long term perspective. For investors who want to invest in risky ventures to gain a lot in the short term, the professionals of the company explain the process in full detail and inform about the high risks.

Underwriting services are also offered by BRL Trust Investments to its investors.

Igor Cornelsen celebrates the end of the economic matrix

For many years financial expert Igor Cornelsen has been explaining to his investors that they should be spending more time looking outside the traditional markets to find good investment opportunities. One of the main areas the expert in Brazilian banking and investing has seen as one of growth is the major link up the government of Brazil has recently announced with China. This trade partnership with China is just one part of the return to more stable ground that should be assured with the arrival of finance minister Joaquim Levy, who Cornelsen believes will return Brazil to a more traditional and stable financial footing.

Many investors were simply scared off investing in Brazil by the emergence of the new economic matrix and its series of experimental and untried financial policies.


Igor Cornelsen was one of the financial experts who warned against the implementation of these untried techniques as he waited for the return of a more stable approach to economic policy before calling for a return to investing in Brazil. He talked about it on Tumblr and others personal websites. Cornelsen believes the main core of the return to stability in Brazil will be based upon the trade deals signed with China, which should guarantee a constant flow of products in and out of the country. These trade deals should guarantee a certain level of exports that will keep the Brazilian economy on an even keel for many years to come. 

Cornelsen is also at pains to point out that the economy of Brazil does not differ significantly from that of North America, Europe or Asia in the fact that the main banks and financial companies of the country are linked into the top banks in the world.


When looking into the financial industry in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen explains that the names an investor sees are largely the same as those in the rest of the world. Amongst the top ten banks in the country are HSBC and Citibank, which Igor Cornelsen believes should reassure investors that their funds are safe with these multinational banking giants.