Keith Mann Collaborates With The Uncommon Schools To Implement A Scholarship Program

Dynamic Search Partners founder Keith Man Just announced this Year’s Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The award is intended to identify a new generation of modern business leaders. The partnership will be implemented jointly with the New York City’s Uncommon Schools. One luck graduating senior from one of the Uncommon Schools will benefit from the scholarship.

Joe Frick said that they were appreciative to Keith and Keely Mann for choosing the Uncommon Charter High School to implement the scholarship. Frick is a college counselor at the school. He also noted that the scholarship will facilitate a student from their school to go to college. The scholarship application process requires the students to write a 1,000 word essay. In the essay, they have to explain how a college degree will facilitate them in accomplishing their career goals.

Keith Mann is a philanthropist as well as a supporter of education. He makes it his duty as the creator of Dynamic Search Partners to recognize competent leaders. He pairs these leaders with firms to nurture their prosperity. Mann elucidated that they want to support the mission of Uncommon Schools of facilitating low income students to attend college and graduate. The School also aims to ensure that they succeed professionally.

The Scholarship for Professional Achievement is open to graduating seniors that are attending Brooklyn’s Uncommon Charter High School. The application process often closes in Late February. The winner of the scholarship is usually announced towards the end of March. This year’s scholarship application was closed on Feb 29 and the winner of the $5,000 announced at the end of March. This information was initially reported on Business Wire as found in this link

Keith Mann is the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners. He co-founded the firm in 2000. Keith Mann’s company focuses on alternative investments along with hedge funds where it offers executive search services. It also provides alternative staffing for the leading equity firms. Presently, Dynamic Search Partners is considered as the leading database for executives in the investment sector in the U.S. Keith Mann was previously the head of the alternative investment division at Dynamic Associates. After serving at various levels, he became the firm’s vice president.

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Keith Mann on His Scholarship Program

Dynamic Search Partners is a firm whose main goal and objectives include searching for the best talent for the hedge fund and the private equity industries. This firm is headed by Keith Mann, who has driven the company to be one of the biggest staffers in the hedge fund industry.

The company was founded by Keith Mann. Having unveiled so much potential, Keith and Keely have unveiled a scholarship for professional achievement. This achievement is specifically designed to recognize and motivate the young lads who are coming up the ranks thereby ensuring that the future will be safe.
Keith and Keely have partnered with uncommon schools for the purpose of awarding this scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to one graduating senior student each year at the uncommon schools in Brooklyn.
Uncommon schools is an organization that starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools in a bid to boost the chances of closing the achievement gap. This is meant to help students coming from poor backgrounds to graduate from college, thereby boosting their livelihood.
The scholarship program is determined through a 1000wrd essay that the applicant writes seeking to explain the effect that a college degree would have in their lives as well as in achieving their professional goals.
The applications are then submitted to the relevant offices and the best essay guarantees the student a scholarship to go and pursue their dreams. This scholarship is limited to graduating seniors attending Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, Newyork.
Keith Mann is of the opinion that education can change a generation, it out of this knowledge that Mann formed Dynamic Search Partners that seeks to finding the best suited employees depending on a client’s needs by finding the very best students with strong leadership capacity.
In the past Brooklyn has been known to be one of the hotspot areas for gangs and other associated criminal activity. Offering quality education guarantees a gradual reduction in the crime rate as well as reduces drug abuse. This is one of the reasons why Mann seeks to change the life of the best students. Change begins with you and Keith Mann has been the change he wants to see through the scholarship program.

Keith Mann Offers Support to the NYPD amid Protests and Violence Aimed at the Police

The New York Police Department received support during the wake of protests and violence from Keith Mann, the founder of New York based firm, Dynamic Search Partners. Keith Mann together with his wife, Keely Mann, did this by sending lunch to boost the morale of the 54th Street precinct. His personal connection with the NYPD stems from Keely Mann’s uncle, a detective at Staten Island.

According to Keith Mann, the actions against the police were uncalled for and did not serve the purpose of peaceful protests because they had turned to attacks. Therefore, as a sign of support to the police officers, he sent lunch in early January to the 54th Street precinct. Keith Mann also repeated the act on 9th February knowing that sometimes single actions go unnoticed.

Keith Mann noted that the officers deserve to be appreciated for their work instead of being attacked in their line of duty to ensure that people are safe. According to him, police officers have families and there are just like the rest of the people behind the uniforms. Keith Mann also added that the officers respond according to their training in scenarios that civilian often do not encounter. He pointed out that he would not want his or any family to be hurt because of the reckless action against the police. For Keith Mann, the increasing violence had been a course of concern. Rather than hindering the efforts of the police, the citizens should offer help.

In light of the happenings, Keith Mann alongside other citizens have made efforts to support the officers. Over 150 people attended a support rally for the NYPD in January with similar rallies being held across the United States. The rallies went on despite the rising violence towards the people that defend the police. Keith Mann notes that showing support through simple actions can go a long way in making a difference to the police officers.

Keith Mann
Keith Mann has more than 15 years experience in the executive search industry. He started his career as the manager in charge of the alternative investment division at Dynamic Associates. He went on to become the vice president after rising through the ranks. In 2001, Keith co-founded Dynamic Search Partners, a firm that offers executive search services as well alternative staffing for hedge funds.

Over the years, Dynamic Search Partners has aided in filling over 2,000 client mandates thus expanding its operations in the process. In 2009, Keith Mann established Dynamic Search Partners as a top firm committed specifically to alternative investment firm’s executive search. Presently, Dynamic Search Partners fill more than 200 client mandates per year working with firms in the United States, Asia, and Europe in the alternative investment industry. This information was originally reported on PR Newswire.

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