Get Rid of Sulfates, Gain Shine!

WEN Hair by Chaz is a hair care system. Why should someone go off shampoo? Sulfates. They are chemically engineered to give hair that feel good clean bubbly lather when washing, but ultimately are causing long term hair and scalp damage. Sulfates run a spectrum of being irritating to causing cancer. Using them, will make hair feel cleaner, it is at the expense of exposing the head, scalp and hair to toxins. Is it worth it? Chaz Dean does not think so. And he created a better alternative. A cleansing conditioner with a built in styling treatment, that is good for the hair and scalp, and leaves hair ready to style without additional chemicals needed.

Emily McClure a blogger for tried the Wen hair system for a week and documented it for the world to see. Her article tells what it felt like for her using Wen, and has plenty of pictures published to show her results. Interestingly, day one with WEN Hair Emily notices her hair feels thicker, shinier and bouncier. Important to note, she did find that a very thorough rinse was required to help prevent any weight on her fine hair.

By day five, McClure reports super soft locks and total confidence about hair. On his infomercials Chaz Dean does note that there is a transition period as hair withdraws from the toxic sulfates. The bodies PH must acclimate to a healthier alternative. Day six, McClure’s friends notice an increase in shine. By the last day of her week, she felt comfortable with her hair. Wen hair on amazon, calmed her curls and brought shine to her locks. With fine hair, daily washing was recommended.