Unhealthy Workplaces

If you’re like millions of workers nationwide, you’re overworked, overstressed, and undervalued. The American Dream sure can seem invisible on most days with everything being 24/7 and little rest in between. You already hate going to work, and you don’t want to get yelled at again for something that is out of your personal control. So what can be done to make a work environment tolerable again? Ricardo Tosto isn’t sure really, but others are doing studies.

A recent study in England is speaking out against harsh work environments. Health costs due to workplace illnesses cost England, Scotland, and Wales nearly 13 billion euros from 2012 to 2013 as well as 27 million days of work lost. Surely, if you’re on the lower rung of the employee ladder, you recognize the problems in your organization, but it may be more difficult for the head honchos to really take this issue seriously.

Unnecessary workplace stress is quite normal, but if amplified it can lower productivity and even damage your physical or mental health. In contrast, a healthy welcoming atmosphere ensures heightened employee involvement, a better work-life balance, better health and safety, and employee recognition. You will in turn have a lot more respect for those who treat you fairly.

If what your workplace needs is change, talk to your manager or better yet, Human Resources. That’s why they are there after all. You may be surprised how big a change can come from a simple and honest conversation.