Premium Dog Food Sales Are Doing Well

Those who truly love their dogs want to be 100% sure the pets are well taken care of. Feeding a pet a healthy diet is one very important way to care for it. People are not overlooking the benefits of a good diet. As an article in the Daily Herald reveals, premium dog food sales are skyrocketing. Out of the $23.7 billion per year pet food industry, well over $10 billion per year is being spent on premium brands. Premium dog food selections are those made with very special ingredients. Beneful, a brand produced by the famous Purina company, puts roasted turkey, fresh fish, green vegetables, and even certain fruits into various dry and wet foods. The ingredients are not just slopped together. Beneful puts serious thought into the recipes for the foods sold under its brands. Owners want something more for their pets than run-of-the-mill foods. Premium dog food reflects something special, and owners are willing to pay extra for such food. The work that goes into manufacturing premium dog food positively reflects serious work at making sure the brands meet the expectations of their customers. Only the very best quality of ingredients are chosen to be part of the mix. A gourmet approach to cooking the dog food is then employed. Once completed, portions of the cooked food are tried out by taste testers. The approved ingredient are then sent to be mixed and packaged in traditional dog food form. Dog owners are not going to have any trouble finding food selections such as Beneful. Finding special Beneful brands filled with salmon, lamb, or mixed vegetables does not require visiting a specialty pet food shop. Retail stores are carrying premium dog food selections in abundance. Some of the biggest names in the retail store business are now carrying premium dog food brands. The expanded access has absolutely contributed to the increase in sales. Pet owner (and pet) satisfaction plays a role in the boosted sales as well.