Yeonmi Park Writes her Survival Story in Her New Book

Yeonmi Park has been through so much trauma and trials and she goes into them in detail in her new Amazon released book entitled In Order to Live. Her story deals with her escape from North Korea and the time she spent under the captivity of human trafficking. This story demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit. She goes into detail about her family and all of the things that she had to endure being trafficked while in China. Her story is told in a matter of fact tone as she details each incident that she has gone through in a non-compromising manner.

Yeonmi Park‘s memoir stands out because she tells the complete truth about what happened to her and how she responded to her situation. She has spent years separated from her mother and sister while being trafficked. She eventually was able to reunite with her mother. Her time being trafficked resulted in her working up the courage and resolve to fight for her freedom. Her book is heartbreaking, and yet at the same time, it is inspiring. It shows that people can overcome anything.

Park has made her appearance at the One Young World Summit where she told her story about what she went through in North Korea and being trafficked. Her Youtube videos has gone viral and she has gained the attention of millions of people. They are now aware of the horrors of North Korea at the hands of the Kim Dynasty. She has also gone on numerous interviews and shed more insight on the situation at North Korea. Of course there is more at stake with her because North Korea is firing back at Yeonmi Park with propaganda videos. As of right now, Yeonmi Park is studying to become a human rights activist in South Korea. Her original plan was to just put the nightmare behind her. However, she couldn’t let people suffer without knowing that there is the possibility of a lifestyle beyond the oppression.