A Great Wikipedia Page Will Get A Business Noticed

Perception is everything. A business perceived positively by customers is going to be better primed to do well. Creating an appealing public image factors into the creation of a positive perception. Wikipedia is a perfect forum for those hoping to greatly expand an online presence beyond blogs, websites, and social media profiles.

Myths about Wikipedia are, sadly, prevalent. The Register in the U.K. published a list of top myths people believe. Business owners should not fall into the trap of believing these myths. Untruths are just not helpful to a business’ cause. One myth notes that Wikipedia content is not created solely out of a motivation to provide free knowledge. Another myths points out people do make money, sometimes indirectly, from publishing content on Wikipedia. The dispelling of these myths should lead business owners to realize producing content for the site is smart business strategy.

The internet is vast, and anyone hoping to capture the attention of the millions upon millions of people who surf the internet do need to create the largest presence as possible. Producing a number of promotional pages on a free site builder platform is better than nothing, but not by much. The online presence has to include credible platforms such a Wikipedia. 

To make a Wikipedia page, one must follow certain rules and standards, both of which contribute to the all-important credibility a business-related page requires. When readers come across an entry in Wikipedia, they feel they are reading something that has passed editorial muster. As a result, the page delivers that vaunted positive impression on the reader.

Third-party editors are going to have a chance at fixing Wikipedia business page creation results that fail to adhere to rules or live up to community standards. Businesses should not look appreciatively on this type of help. If the site’s community of contributors have to make changes to a page, there is something wrong with the content. This situation should be avoided. The way to avoid it is to create the best content from the start.

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