Handy Boasts Success While Major Competitor Shuts Down

Homejoy Inc., the home repairs and home cleaning startup company, has recently filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and announced on their blog that the company would be closing their doors. Despite raising $38 million in start up funding from major names like First Round Capita, Google Ventures, and Redpoint Ventures, as well as having David Hasselhoff as their commercial spokesperson, the company has been unable to remain in business.

Homejoy offered $25 per hour home cleaning in five different countries as well as carpet cleaning services and home repairs. Sadly, due to unresolved challenges in the home services space the company could not remain in business. One of the founders openly blamed the companies troubles on the numerous worker classification lawsuits filed against them. The lawsuits threatened to reclassify their contractors as employees which would have raised their labor costs by 20%-40%.
While Homejoy was unable to make their startup company a full fledged success, another home repair company is celebrating many wins in the industry. Handy Technologies Inc., a similar startup company that provides furniture assembly, home repairs, and cleaning services was able to raise $50 million in funding at the end of the fiscal year from major companies like Fidelity Management and Highland Capital Partners. This brings their overall total in funding to over $110 million.
Handy has grown to offer all their services in over 20 cities located in North America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Their simple app gives customers the ability to easily and quickly book the services they need from vetted professionals and an electronic payment option. Handy does all the background work for the customer, and is able to provide trusted professionals around the customers schedule. The services is also a win for their contractors who have the ability to work jobs that fit their time frame and can work as little or as much as they like.
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Handy Provides Help That You Know You Need

When you think about some different places that can help you within your home, the fact of the matter is you have more options than you can imagine. With agencies that provide specific services, to general handyman operations, you can have as many people lining up at your door as you choose. What you need to think about, however, is the overall business that you are contracting your services out to. When it comes to the right type of help, do you really want a random individual off of the street? You don’t know his or her credentials, background, or even the financial stability that their organization brings to the table? Why spend all of that time trying to find someone when you are just going to turn around and have to look for someone again in a few weeks or months? When it all boils down to it, you truly need to find something that has credibility, stability, and that is big enough to provide all of the services you need without question. In short, you need Handy. Handy is one of the top new applications out there that is starting to grow like crazy. More and more people are starting to jump onto the Handy app, which means more and more individuals are hearing nothing but good things about handy as well. When it comes to top customer service, you can’t keep growing if you aren’t doing something right and taking care of your customers as well. Handy isn’t just a company that is growing for the sake of getting big, but if they are growing it means their message is clear and they are truly meeting a demand that everyone can relate to. You don’t need to be a top business analyst to see that more and more people are getting more and more bogged down. They don’t quite have the time to take care of everything that they want to in their own home, or they just don’t have the experience and know how when it comes time to fixing things or upgrading them. Technical know how truly is hard to come by, and experience is even more difficult to find. But, as long as you are able to find the people who can help you out, all of those problems that have been adding up on the to do list start to chip away little by little. With a product like Handy people are able to come together like never before. Not only do people get to find the experts who truly do have the relevant experience right in their own backyard, but they also are able to connect with them by just the click of a few buttons. Handy truly is one of those top apps that more and more people will be using as time goes by, and when you think about the possibilities then you can see it continuing to grow. Handy truly is the next wave of letting people pass off the upkeep and maintenance of their homes to the professionals with just a few clicks of a button.