IAP Worldwide New Acquisitions

IAP Worldwide is a renowned international services company that is based in the United States. The company has been operating for six decades now, and it offers the international community a broad spectrum of solutions and services. As a global company it’s recognized for the services it provides to the United States, international government agencies, and different organizations. IAP Worldwide is currently considered as a world-class leader in offering seasoned program management services.

To meet the demands of the global community, IAP leverages and also integrates its capabilities to give customers innovative, safe and reliable solutions, regardless of the challenges it faces or the complexity of the problems. The institution’s headquarters are found in Cape Canaveral, and it currently operates in over one hundred locations. The company has opened its offices in twenty countries worldwide. Some of its offices are located in Washington area, the United Kingdom, Panama City and in the Middle East.

This year, IAP Worldwide announced to its clients in the world that it has decided to acquire two companies. According to a recent press release from the global enterprise, Aviation and Logistics Business from DRS Technologies will be under the leadership of IAP Worldwide Services. DRS Technologies is headquartered in the Oklahoma City. The organization has also announced that the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business that is found at the Aberdeen Proving Group will be part of it too.

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Tactical Communications and Network Solutions is known for offering consumers with high-quality engineering services, information technology and communication systems to the United States defense department and many other organizations in the world. Aviation and Logistics offer logistics and mission support solutions, aircraft management and many other services to the consumers. The management team in IAP Worldwide has announced that it is planning to integrate the business and their talents to become part of its long term growth solutions.

Doug Kitani, the chief executive officer of the successful organization, says that the acquisition of the two institutions will be a great way of increasing his company capabilities. According to him, the international customers will be able to access better services. IAP Worldwide is also hoping to double its presence in the market. The new acquisitions will be merged to form one powerful unit known as the Aviation and Engineering Solutions.

Kitani also believes that the addition of the communication, aviation, and networking technologies services will be a natural fit for the organization. Kitani is also optimistic that his company will be able to expand its portfolio to the United States and other international government agencies.

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IAP Worldwide Services announces acquisition of new companies

The Florida-based defense contractor IAP Worldwide Services recently announced that it has added a new aviation and logistic services to their business network. The company made this possible through the acquisition of a network solutions and tactical communication network known as DRS Technologies and TCNS. The two companies have set the company to a forward growth and are to improve the company’s addressable market.

IAP stated that the newly acquired business are meant to be integrated in the its national security program department and a newly established aviation and engineering department. IAP Worldwide Services disclosed this information after the purchase which was made fat an undisclosed sum. The aviation based firm is located in Oklahoma City whereas the Tactical Communications Business is located in Maryland at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

The Logistics and Aircraft business unit on careerbuilder.com mainly deals with mission support services, aircraft repair management and logistics. TCNS on the other hand provides communication support and technology support to various federal government agencies such as the US Defense. These units have been doing quite well regarding profitability and productivity. IAP WOrldwide Services posted on the Facebook wall that they will be able to integrate abilities and talents of the two units to create a long term growth strategy.

Instead of operating the two units as completely separate entities, IAP Worldwide Services wants to merge both companies and integrate it to their services. Doug Kitani, Chief Executive Officer of IAP Worldwide services knows that while the integration may not be easy, it is going to be smooth for each entity. The company has lots of experience in the field and will ensure that no client is affected during its transition.

IAP Worldwide acquisition of the two companies shows that it is customer focused towards lean operations and innovations. The two particular areas it acquired take some time to develop, the company thus decided to get up to speed with the process through acquisition of firms that will offer products and services. The acquisition also means that IAP is going to remain relevant in the market by offering comprehensive logistics and aviation services.

IAP has always strived to put innovation in their work, they have responded to intricate challenges of commercial customers and to the government. IAP has managed to build and maintain camps that protect and house troops and employees at different parts of the world. The company has managed to keep customer operations running efficiently through provision of trucking, transportation, purchasing and warehousing services.

The Business Of IAP Worldwide Service Inc.

Ingenuity and Purpose(IAP)Worldwide Service Inc, has two thousand employees, in over twenty five countries. They are there when the unthinkable happens, such as natural disasters or overseas battles. They are ready to go, from that minute they are called. IAP Worldwide has been in business for over sixty years. Operating military installations,civilian facilities,and remote experimental stations. Their goal is not only to accomplish what they set out to do but, to go above and beyond their call of duty.

The problems that worry their customers, are the same ones that keep them going. They handle issues as if it were their own. Each member of the IAP Worldwide team pride themselves as being passionate and experience, they would never feel comfortable until the issues are resolved. They know there are other organization which provide similar services but, they also know they don’t have the capabilities to do it better, more rapidly or even have the imagination.

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They are a tight knit group which depend on each others experiences and contributions and support. Knowing too, each individual brings their own unique experience. IAP has partnered up with business that add value and they greatly admired the knowledge they bring with them. Many of the women and men who make up this team, have served the country. So, they already have the experience and knowledge that is needed to perform their duties. They know what it takes to be loyal to their mission and community, as they deliver safe, unprecedented, well founded results to their customers.

IAP member has three most important values, they are, respect, responsibility and honor. They all stake their reputation on those three words. The company works closely with the United States Military. They have Government Service contracts, worth over $370 ML. In 2015, IAP Worldwide Services Inc, brought DRS Technologies; a defense contractor company and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions; a military communications company, they were united as one company. IAP Chief Executive Officer, Doug Kitani said, this move only made them stronger which expands their portfolio when serving the U.S and International Governments.

IAP Worldwide Services Inc, has it’s headquarters in Cape Canaveral, Florida with other offices in Washington, D.C, Panama City, Florida, The United Kingdom and the Middle East.

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