Wikipedia Writing Tips

If you have spent many days writing or changing Wikipedia pages, you might have learned that the website follows certain policies for editors. On the webpages, writers can get engaged in writing immediately with the knowledge they already have or get things done by referring to books from the library. Either way, these pages ask for information to relay to the rest of the world.

What is interesting is to know how well these webpages are written and by following these standards, you will be able to contribute just like the frequent editors out there. So first, use a matching tone for the topic you want to write. Different topics like education and entertainment require different approaches. The difference may not seem strong at first look but after careful perusal, you will agree with this notion. For example, any topic that deals with the history of a nation should be narrative and requires linear content. For topics such as real estate, the content can be spiced up with opinions and anecdotes from financial analysts. Discussing the details of a highly popular resort seems interesting on other websites but Wikipedia requires facts that can only be obtained from the resort’s website or brochure. Any false information will lead to further correction or re-evaluation.

Wikipedia content must be complete and relevant to the topic discussed as well. In many cases, these information have been pulled up from official websites of the concerned topic or reference materials from libraries. Web users also expect that this website be the reference for their personal or professional use. They don’t want to fritter away their resources on something that is untrue or fiction.

Wikipedia demands that the editors give attention to what and how they write. This means there is no room for editor’s personal story or the possibility of combining the vast information into something that meets the users’ immediate needs. Furthermore, the narrative part calls for complete sentences and perfect grammar. Because web users want more about the topic they are learning from Wikipedia, they are also reading all the added details irrespective of the length of the page.

The absolute length of the webpage may vary from one page to another and from one topic to another. For example, a description of a plant might have a shorter page while the details of a company might have longer page. Similarly, a biography of a person may be shorter than the details of a well-known event.

If you’re looking for help on how to make a Wikipedia page, there are resources out there that give advice. I’ll be giving it a shot and report back on my findings.

Jimmy Fallon Hospitalized Following Hand Injury

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon is recovering, following emergency surgery on his hand.

According to Fallon’s Twitter account, he fell and caught his finger on the side of a table. Unfortunately, he was wearing a ring. The ring snagged and caused a great deal of damage.

“The ring nearly ripped my finger off,” Fallon posted on his Twitter page.

He received an outpour of support from fans like Dr. Jennifer Walden, as well as fellow celebrities. On YouTube, people can see some of those reactions.

The incident led to the cancellation of the Friday, June 26 taping. A public apology was issued and tickets were kindly refunded. A repeat episode was aired instead.

Fallon became quite popular following the introduction of lip sync battle segments as part of his series. The segments were later developed into a television series, “Lip Sync Battle,” hosted by L.L. Cool J and Chrissy Teigen.

The series, which airs on Spike TV, pits two celebrities against one another in a lip sync competition that is judged by audience feedback. Former contestants of the series include Jimmy Fallon, Derek Hough, and Duane “The Rock” Johnson.

Fallon has also picked up minor acting roles, which included a small guest role in the summer’s highest grossing film to date, Jurassic World. He has also appeared in Almost Famous and is married to filmmaker Nancy Juvonen, co-owner of the Flower Films production company with Drew Barrymore.

Jimmy Fallon is expected to make a full recovery and return to late night television as previously scheduled.

Advances in Image Recognition

Recent advances in Image Recognition Technology have enabled researchers in this field to create algorithms which actually outperform humans at some tasks. This has helped to garner attention for Image Recognition Technology as a useful tool in the field of business instead of a niche topic with few practical applications.

Image Recognition has caught the attention of many companies for it’s potential in a wide variety of fields. One such field is E-Commerce, where Image Recognition Tech has the potential to vastly increase consumer engagement with websites and apps. One way this can be done is by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

One company emerging as a leader in this complex landscape is Slyce, which offers visual search services for companies wishing to increase existing customers engagement with their digital platforms. Slyce offers a unique image recognition service which allows a consumer to match a picture of a physical product in a store for instance with the digital equivalent online. They do this by integrating directly with a companies existing app, so the process is seamless for the consumer and actually increases their engagement with the brand.

While the ability to match products in the real world and online is impressive, researchers are trying to take this technology one step further. Instead of just matching objects, image recognition in the future may be able to actually learn about new objects and their surrounding context and purpose simply by observing those objects in sets of pictures. This is similar to the way a human mind works and has a lot of overlap with research into artificial intelligence.

New advances are being made in this exciting field daily, but it’s difficult to predict when exactly we might see this sort of intelligent recognition emerge as a useable technology. One thing is certain though, image recognition as a tool for business is here to stay and companies that delay adoption of this technology risk being left behind by their competitors.