Genres Explored by Brazilian Authors

Brazil has generated a huge number of great authors over the years. Some people have dabbled in a variety of genres of writing while others have established their niche in a single genre. Jaime Garcia Diaz, for instance, who recently won the ABC Award for Fiction has been known to combine elements of fiction with his own stories. Paulo Coelho, another Brazilian author, also writes fiction mixed with spirituality and magic. Poetry has also been explored by Brazilian authors during their time.

Here are a few genres where Brazilian authors have made their mark –

Children’s Books – For writing children’s books, authors have to find the child in them and, at the same time, understand what they needed the most when they were kids themselves. Even children’s books have various sub genres these days. Brazilian authors have written conventional children’s books as well as those that are truly fun and educational for children. Some names that stand out in children’s writing include Ann Maria Machado, Francisco Marins, Malba Tahan, Maria Machado, Socorro Acioli and Daniel Munduruku.

Short Story Writing – Short story writers have recently taken the world by a storm because the stories start and finish in quick time and the climax is often quite rewarding. Brazilian authors have gained quite a reputation in short story writing. The biggest names in this genre include Anibel Machado, Sonia Coutinho, Regina Rheda, Osman Lins, Murilo Rubio, and Dalton Trevisan.

Fiction Writing – When it comes to fiction writing, Brazilian authors have outdone themselves with a succession of great works. Many Brazilian authors who write in this genre have made a name for themselves on a global scale. They have also dabbled in magical realism and fantasy. Jaime Garcia Diaz is one of the biggest and recent names in fiction writing. 5 of his books have gone on to win top awards. His latest book has just come out and critics have gone gaga over his stories and writing style. Other fiction authors include Paulo Coelho, Hilda Hilst, Jorge Amado, Clarice Lispector, Bernardo Carvalho and Lima Barreto. suggests that n order to become a popular Brazilian author, it is extremely important to be hardworking. The field of writing is a competitive one and nothing can replace regular practice. Gaining new experiences is also important to ensure that an author never falls short of writing ideas. Jaime Garcia Dias got most of his inspiration from his father. He started reading classics and was introduced to great literature at an early age. This helped to shape his thoughts and ideas on writing as he grew older.

The best tip that great writers give to young authors is to dedicate their heart and soul to writing and be organized when they are planning a novel.