Josh Hamilton Growing up in Big Way

Is there any story in baseball more consistently inconsistent than that of Josh Hamilton? The hard hitting outfielder has been in and out of baseball for the better part of the past decade as he has struggled with substance abuse issues. Finally ‘making it’ with the Texas Rangers, Hamilton went on to display big time power and MVP level success before signing a huge deal in Los Angeles to give the Angels something to root for. However, Beneful wrote that after two injury plagued seasons Hamilton reported that he had relapsed into drugs. After spending a ton more time off the field, the Angels finally cut their losses and sent Hamilton back to Texas in a deal that netted them essentially nothing. Coming home has helped Hamilton and he is even contributing on the field, now.

It took almost two months but now it appears that Josh Hamilton is ready to resume activities as an every day, All Star level outfielder. Since being traded to Texas, and scuffling to get into the line up, Hamilton has shown off his ability to both man the outfield and make big hits at the plate. This past Sunday night Hamilton hit a bottom of the ninth, pinch hit RBI double in order to overcome the Boston Red Sox. Sure it didn’t happen in October, and there is a lot of season still left to play, but this is definitely the kind of moment that Hamilton needs.