The Brilliant Michael Jackson Impersonation by Sergio Cortes

Brilliant impersonators are an amazing thing to behold. The good ones can make you think that you are not watching the real person. While there are many good impersonators out there, very few have the talent and ability necessary to seamlessly become the person they are impersonating. Sergio Cortes is one of the people who has this ability. Over the course of only three years, Cortes has made himself into the hottest Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet. The demand for his services is enormous and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Spain is where Cortes was born in 1971. Although he grew up an admirer of Michael Jackson’s music, he could have never imagined when he was a boy how much a part of his life Jackson would eventually become. Cortes had a normal childhood. However, when he was 16 years old, Michael Jackson released a new album after several years of not being in the spotlight. It was a surprise to Cortes to discover that he now looked almost exactly like Jackson. During the previous four years, Jackson had undergone skin bleaching treatment that made his skin appear much more pale than it had been before. Because of this, Cortes was now a dead ringer for the King of Pop.

Because he now has such a strong resemblance to Jackson, Cortes began to have some fun with it, showing up at birthday parties and various public gatherings. Needless to say, the guests could not believe their eyes. In many cases, they thought the real Michael Jackson was paying them a visit. Impersonating Jackson was something that Cortes did for fun in his spare time. At that point, he had no aspirations of making a career out of being an impersonator. However, all of that was soon to change.

After Jackson died at the age of 50, the market for Michael Jackson impersonators exploded. However,  Sergio Cortes still did not jump on the bandwagon. It was not until Jackson had been dead for three years that Cortes made the move to become a full-time impersonator. He got a lot of publicity after an appearance he made at a tribute performance in 2012. From that point, news of his uncanny resemblance to the King of Pop started to go viral around the world. Cortes has stated that he was surprised how quickly his new career took off. He is now booked for over one year in advance.