Bruce Levenson’s Life Examination

Bruce Levenson’s life began on October 1, 1949 in Washington, D.C. Born to a Jewish family, Levenson grew up in a Chevy Chase, Maryland neighborhood throughout his younger years. After graduating high school he pursued higher education at Washington University in St. Louis.

After graduating from college, Levenson began to work for the Washington Star, where he started his journalism career. Though Levenson had a job in journalism, he still pursued his law dream by enrolling in the American University law school. He attended classes at American University at night while working during the day.

His hard work and dedication not only caused him to pursue further education opportunities but also business opportunities. In 1977 Levenson co-founded a Gaithersburg, Maryland company called United Communications Group. He began this company in his apartment with his partner Ed Peskowitz. United Communications Group grew to become a company that specializes in various areas such as analysis for healthcare, data, mortgage banking, telecommunications, and other areas.

Levenson extended his business ventures further in 2004 when he acquired a portion of the Atlanta Hawks. He obtained portion of the Atlanta Hawks along with Ed Peskowitz and other businessmen.

As a majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson made some changes. In 2012 he hired a new general manager and president of basketball operations. He saw Danny Ferry to be a perfect fit for the team because Ferry recently played professional basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers and has operations experience with the San Antonio Spurs.

In addition to being a great businessman, Levenson also is philanthropist. He has donated time and money to various organizations such as Community Foundation of Washington D.C., U.S. Holocaust Museum, Hope Dreams Foundations, and also the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland.

Though he has had a full schedule of being a business man and philanthropist he also makes time for his wife, Karen and their three sons.