Athleisure: A Recent Trend

In the past couple of years, a new trend has seem to have taken over the fashion market in a wonderful way. Athleisure, or stylish athletic wear, is all the rage. Celebrities, singers, and everyday people like ourselves love our yoga pants, vibrant leggings and other athletic wear-it’s inevitable.

Athleisure is seen literally everywhere. Almost every big name brand has its own line of gym and workout apparel. Athleisure has become a “lifestyle,” was one thing written in a recent article. It is for certain here to stay, as it promotes healthier lifestyles and and motivates people to work out. To read more from this article, visit Business Insider.

Meet one of athliesures newer brands, Fabletics – read full story at The Coupon Lady. With it’s spokeswoman, a popular celebrity, Kate Hudson shows off her toned body in beautiful vibrant colored yoga and athletic wear.

Quite frankly, she is an inspiration and makes you want to purchase everything on their website. With introduction costs for twenty five dollars for an outfit plus free shipping, it is a super tempting offer.

Since athliesure has become a trend, it has allowed for retailers to increase the prices on these fun articles of clothing by quite a bit. Retailers like Nike, Under Armour and the likes are selling these athletic pieces for incredibly high prices.

According to Instagram, Fabletics is a great inspiration to try out this trend at an affordable cost. Once you go athleisure, there’s no coming back from it. The styles are cute, comfy, vibrant, and promote a healthy lifestyle. You might want to climb aboard the Athleisure train.