Pope Francis Challenges The World To Hear The Cry Of The Earth And The Cry Of The Poor

The Pope Believes Waste, Compulsive Consumerism And The And Pursuit Of Profit Has Damaged The Earth And Created A Prison For The Poor

Pope Francis in his Papal Letter, “Laudato Si,” has rattled a few self-serving naysayers, and rallied climate activists and government and science leaders. Climate change is real, and humans have done more than their fair share to create and enhance some of these changes, according to the Pope. The Pope believes global warming is a direct result of waste, the pursuit of profit and compulsive consumerism. The pontiff wants the people of the world to wake-up, and stop the damage that these habits are causing. The POpe wants care for the environment to be the main focus of Catholic social teaching going forward.

The Pope is right. Oil and gas fracking is releasing large amounts of gas in the atmosphere, and the escaped gas is changing the atmosphere. Wildfires caused by humans are releasing more toxic chemicals into the air and those chemicals are changing the atmosphere. Plus the deforestation of millions of acres around the globe is changing the dynamics of weather patterns.

The waste products humans throw into the oceans is creating a massive dump site reports Marcio Alaor BMG. That debris is causing major damage to what some scientists call the “blood of the earth.” And the quest for profits is cutting our social structure in two. The poor get poorer because money-hungry narcissists value profit more than human life.