Michael Jackson Impersonator – Who is the best out there?

One of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world today definitely is Sergio Cortes because of his approach to music and handling the stage. Michael is known for his stage presence, charisma, ability to perform under pressure, and also deliver really amazing performances with ease every time that he steps on stage. He is quite a unique performer who knows all about the world of music. It’s definitely sad thinking about the year that he passed and all of his fans who struggled to let go of such an icon in the music industry. As a legendary performer known for being the King Of Pop, he left a strong mark on this generation and proved to everybody his worth of being an amazing performer.

He stood for many reasons, but one of the things that really helped him out was his music and just how he made songs. Whether it was his healing songs or his stunning ballads, he always knew how to pull at your heart strings and sing along with him.

Today, any of his still hurts every once in awhile knowing he is no longer her with us. However, it’s through people like Sergio Cortes who helps bring to life this performer in his own away and actually impersonates this legendary performer so bell. Fr many fans of MJ, Sergio is like their second chance at witnessing the brilliance that is MJ. They get the chance to Lauren to his music, watch his dance moves, and almost relive the good times that Michael brought onto the world. It’s truly wonderful to witness all the wonderful people who are happy getting the chains to see Sergio because of how well he performs on stage and truly brings to life MJ.

Whether it’s the dancing, singing, or just the stage performing, Sergio has copied down all of just dances almost like he is the real MJ. Known for his amazing floors that resemble MJ completely, most people are shocked that this guy isn’t actually MJ because of how much he normally and very naturally looks like Michael even without all the makeup and the clothing. Many impersonators may look like their celebrity counterpart, but very few people can say they can sing, dance, and perform like them. Sergio developed the same singing voice and dancing as MJ over the years, so he is one of the rare impersonators who takes his job very seriously and works hard at improving this craft.

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Sergio Cortes Knows How To Entertain

Impersonating anyone can be a very difficult job if you have never done it before. There was a time when Sergio Cortes was coming on to the stage to impersonate Michael Jackson for the very first time. One could only imagine that he was very nervous and very unsure of himself as an entertainer. Fast forward to several decades later, and Sergio is one of the better MJ impersonators that has ever walked this earth. He has become a solid performer that keeps getting better with every show.

When Michael Jackson died it was obvious that his fans with mourn, but no people knew just how much they would miss the former king of pop. His record sales during that year and every other year following his death showed that he still has a lot of fans that miss him and his music. What fans wanted, however, was to see someone that to could bring that same spark doing a performance. What they received is a performer like Sergio Cortes. He is someone that has put smiles on the faces up a lot of Michael Jackson fans.

There never be another Michael Jackson, but Sergio definitely comes close with his tributes. He has the moves and the style and grace of someone that has watched Jackson perform relentlessly. He has become the entertainer that fans need to see if they’ve never seen Michael Jackson in concert before he died.

Cortes is a powerhouse in his own right because he has been doing it for so long. Gone are there early awkward stages of performing as an impersonator. With all of the tribute shows that Sergio has given he is now a veteran among many MJ impersonators around the world. He brings something unique to the table because he is the only MJ impersonator good enough to go on the road. There are a lot of others that are watching his work and seeing the way a true professional takes command of the stage. That is what makes many people tweet and post likes on Facebook for Sergio Cortes.

Sergio has definitely transitioned from someone that was barely recognizable as a Michael Jackson impersonator to someone that is known all of the world as the greatest among the MJ impersonators. Many younger people are actually using his concert as a gateway to learn more about his music. There is a lot of footage out there with Jackson over the years, but there’s nothing someone like Sergio performing his songs live with an audience present. He definitely has to ability to do more work and take the show around the world because there are so many people that are demanding his presence.

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