Achievements of Jonathan Veitch

The Occidental president is an achiever whose record of achievement speaks for itself. Jonathan Veitch was born in Los Angeles, California and attended Loyola High School. He holds a bachelor’s Degree in English and American Literature from Stanford University and a Doctoral degree in History of American Civilization from Harvard. He served in University of Wisconsin as an associate professor in the English department. He was dean of The New School Eugene Lang College, where he taught American film pertaining 19th and 20th centuries and American history.

Jonathan Veitch‘s Achievements.
While in Lang, the father of three was involved in expansion of the faculty and student body and partnered undergraduates with organizations. As the president of the only liberal arts college in Los Angeles popularly known as Oxy, Veitch has the following list of achievements. He has mounted a 1-Megawatt solar array the largest in Los Angeles and which will reduce annual electrical usage. The Occidental football stadium has been renamed after alumnus Jack Kemp, a football player and a Republican in the House of Representatives. Under his administration, the institution has been able to raise $90 Million and created 1.9 million funds for strategic goals. He has overseen the renovation of Swan Hall, Johnson Hall and completed Samuelson Alumni Centre. Through marketing and communication strategies of redesigning of the websites and holding Oxy Talk series, the number of International students has doubled.

He is the author of award winning book, American Super Realism: Nathaniel West and Politics of Representation in the 1930’s. He is a man who loves peace and has created a safe learning and living environment. He held a forum in Los Angeles where activists shared their visions pertaining environment. This English and American Literature scholar has improved relations between the Occidental and the Eagle Rock Community and integrated leading liberal arts Colleges within Eagle Rock. Jonathan Veitch has increased Career Development Centre staffing and established partnerships with cultural institutions such as Autry, A Noise Within Theaters and Boston Court.

Born in 1959, the 15th Occidental College president latest research is focused on the history of United States’ higher education. His achievements are many and still counting he is setting the bar a notch higher for educational scholars.