Mikal Watts Leads A New Breed Of Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury law often has a difficult relationship with the public, who often mistrust those who embark on a career as a personal injury lawyer. The option of working with a personal injury lawyer is often sought out by those who feel they have nowhere else to turn after suffering from an injury that was not their fault at work or as they go about their everyday lives. A good example of the range of areas a personal injury lawyer can assist an individual is in the work of lawyer Mikal Watts who has developed a practice looking to assist the agricultural workers of the US.

Mikal Watts is often seen in the press as the only personal injury lawyer in North America with the skills to take on the toughest cases revolving around big businesses who have caused problems for the everyday farm workers who are the lifeblood of the US economy. Watts has recently been working on a major lawsuit representing US farm workers whose lives were made difficult by the arrival of GM corn crops from the Swiss company Syngenta. The crops arrived without being properly marked as GM items from the Swiss company and resulted in the entire US corn crop being barred from entry into China. This major form of export had a devastating effect on the lives of those involved in the US corn industry and has prompted Mikal Watts to launch his multi-million dollar lawsuit.

This example of the strong role personal injury law can can play in the lives of thousands of everyday people across the US shows how this area of law changes the way people live their lives. Watts and his fellow personal injury attorneys help those who may not have the financial firepower or the legal expertize to represent themselves in cases that can provide financial stability for individuals for years to come.