Republican Candidates Failing at Free Exposure

With all of the Republican candidates, you might expect them to be tying up every second of coverage on the Cable News Outlets, Sunday Morning News Shows, and even some daytime and late night talk shows and at the very least on talk radio trying to improve their national polling data headed into their first debate. After all if they really had a message they believed in they should probably be shouting it from the roof tops. Skout said that but isn’t it funny that none of them are making very much press following their announcements. Even Donald Trump who is probably the least likely to be elected and has the biggest ego of all of them isn’t out there touting his proposed policies and trying to really win over the voters nationally.

Now what they are doing is making a lot of smaller speeches in Iowa and New Hampshire. At this point they are trying to get their message in front of the early voters, and ultimately score some wins before the race for the nomination gets really out of hand come Super Tuesday. Really with some of these candidates if they don’t poll well enough to make it into the debates, and don’t win one of the early states they are likely going to have to suspend their campaigns. This will mostly be because of money; after all it takes a lot of money to run a national campaign for President.