Sergio Cortes Knows How To Entertain

Impersonating anyone can be a very difficult job if you have never done it before. There was a time when Sergio Cortes was coming on to the stage to impersonate Michael Jackson for the very first time. One could only imagine that he was very nervous and very unsure of himself as an entertainer. Fast forward to several decades later, and Sergio is one of the better MJ impersonators that has ever walked this earth. He has become a solid performer that keeps getting better with every show.

When Michael Jackson died it was obvious that his fans with mourn, but no people knew just how much they would miss the former king of pop. His record sales during that year and every other year following his death showed that he still has a lot of fans that miss him and his music. What fans wanted, however, was to see someone that to could bring that same spark doing a performance. What they received is a performer like Sergio Cortes. He is someone that has put smiles on the faces up a lot of Michael Jackson fans.

There never be another Michael Jackson, but Sergio definitely comes close with his tributes. He has the moves and the style and grace of someone that has watched Jackson perform relentlessly. He has become the entertainer that fans need to see if they’ve never seen Michael Jackson in concert before he died.

Cortes is a powerhouse in his own right because he has been doing it for so long. Gone are there early awkward stages of performing as an impersonator. With all of the tribute shows that Sergio has given he is now a veteran among many MJ impersonators around the world. He brings something unique to the table because he is the only MJ impersonator good enough to go on the road. There are a lot of others that are watching his work and seeing the way a true professional takes command of the stage. That is what makes many people tweet and post likes on Facebook for Sergio Cortes.

Sergio has definitely transitioned from someone that was barely recognizable as a Michael Jackson impersonator to someone that is known all of the world as the greatest among the MJ impersonators. Many younger people are actually using his concert as a gateway to learn more about his music. There is a lot of footage out there with Jackson over the years, but there’s nothing someone like Sergio performing his songs live with an audience present. He definitely has to ability to do more work and take the show around the world because there are so many people that are demanding his presence.

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Why Do Impersonators Do What They Do?

To some people, the idea of being an impersonator is quite weird and absurd. They look at these people dressing up as other celebrities and they wonder why they would subject themselves to being another person’s identity to earn money. It seems odd at first sight, but oftentimes, there is more to the impersonator than meets the eye. While the money is also something they like and enjoy, there is something deeper within them that catapults them to do what they do.

Why Do Impersonators Do What They Do?

– Bringing Joy

Usually it’s their sense of love for performing that may draw them to this type of job. However, what you’ll discover from most impersonators is the fact that they genuinely love making people happy. They just love bringing joy to people around the world with their performances and meet and greets. If you’re lucky enough to look just like a celebrity, it’s oftentimes a fun little way to make some money while also bringing joy to people.

– Sheer Luck

Oftentimes, it’s just sheer luck on some people’s part that they ended up looking like a celebrity. Some people just develop the facial structure and the same body as some celebrities or famous legends while others develop the dance moves or the singing. In the end, it’s usually just coincidences that lead people down this career path.

For Sergio Cortes, it was almost like he was born to do this. As an MJ impersonator, he grew up watching Michael because of his Mother who was a very big fan of the musician. He eventually fell in love with the performer and what it is he could do, and he began to realize he could sing and dance just like MJ. As he matured and developed, his face began to look just like MJ as well.

It was at this point in time he realized he could be an amazing performer who could easily bring MJ to life with his shows and performances. He eventually took his love for this performer and became an impersonator, and he enjoys every single second of it. He finds joy in bringing this character to life in his own little way. He has received amazing success both online and in person with this shows, and Sergio will continue to bring MJ to life in his shows as he finds great joy in going what he does.

Maybe Billie Jean Is Sergio Cortes’ Girl!

For years, Sergio Cortes has been working as a Michael Jackson impersonator. The reason he’s been able to do this so long is because he does such a bang up job of it. Not only does Sergio look exactly like the world-famous pop star–and that without any kind of plastic surgery!–but Sergio Cortes can actually sing in the high registers Michael was fond of frequenting. He can also dance like the legend, and there are those who have been confused seeing the show because they thought he actually was Michael Jackson. Of course, Michael Jackson has passed away, so there is no longer any way that his artistic fortitude can be enjoyed–except through Sergio Cortes!

There are those who have seen Sergio Cortes shows that were so enamored of his performance they came to believe that Michael Jackson never died, but staged the entire incident in order to get the freedom he needed. Now they believe he goes around the world doing “impersonator” shows in order to itch the old performance bug. Those who believe as much are entirely wrong of course; it’s just Sergio Cortes. But he does such an excellent job, it’s easy to see why a fan who might go by the hypothetical name of, say, Billie Jean, may get confused. Perhaps Billie Jean actually dated Sergio Cortes, and that’s why Michael Jackson had to write the song: “Billie Jean is not my girl…” Perhaps that’s just a satirical fiction geared at hyping up Sergio. Whatever the case, it can’t be argued that Sergio Cortes shirks the heavy responsibility of impersonation.

As a matter of fact it’s much more difficult to be an impersonator than a straightforward artist. A straightforward performer has the freedom to improvise, improve, and create in the moment. An impersonator does not; they must match the motif of the original as perfectly as possible or risk reduction in bankable bookings. Sergio understands this, and has honed his craft so minutely that fans literally scream when they see him. He’s so much like Michael Jackson it is literally scary, and that’s just one of many reasons this talented impersonator deserves respect and attention.

Contact Sergio Cortes for the best Michael Jackson impersonation that can be found anywhere. The King of Pop may be dead in body, but his spirit lives on in the faithfully recreated work of Sergio Cortes.

The Brilliant Michael Jackson Impersonation by Sergio Cortes

Brilliant impersonators are an amazing thing to behold. The good ones can make you think that you are not watching the real person. While there are many good impersonators out there, very few have the talent and ability necessary to seamlessly become the person they are impersonating. Sergio Cortes is one of the people who has this ability. Over the course of only three years, Cortes has made himself into the hottest Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet. The demand for his services is enormous and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Spain is where Cortes was born in 1971. Although he grew up an admirer of Michael Jackson’s music, he could have never imagined when he was a boy how much a part of his life Jackson would eventually become. Cortes had a normal childhood. However, when he was 16 years old, Michael Jackson released a new album after several years of not being in the spotlight. It was a surprise to Cortes to discover that he now looked almost exactly like Jackson. During the previous four years, Jackson had undergone skin bleaching treatment that made his skin appear much more pale than it had been before. Because of this, Cortes was now a dead ringer for the King of Pop.

Because he now has such a strong resemblance to Jackson, Cortes began to have some fun with it, showing up at birthday parties and various public gatherings. Needless to say, the guests could not believe their eyes. In many cases, they thought the real Michael Jackson was paying them a visit. Impersonating Jackson was something that Cortes did for fun in his spare time. At that point, he had no aspirations of making a career out of being an impersonator. However, all of that was soon to change.

After Jackson died at the age of 50, the market for Michael Jackson impersonators exploded. However,  Sergio Cortes still did not jump on the bandwagon. It was not until Jackson had been dead for three years that Cortes made the move to become a full-time impersonator. He got a lot of publicity after an appearance he made at a tribute performance in 2012. From that point, news of his uncanny resemblance to the King of Pop started to go viral around the world. Cortes has stated that he was surprised how quickly his new career took off. He is now booked for over one year in advance.

Impersonators – What Makes Them Entertaining?

When watching an impersonator in person, there are specific things they do that make them so entertaining. There are also specific things that set them apart and really cause a specific set of performers do extremely well whenever they are on stage. In this article, you’ll find out what makes these people so entertaining. Nobody knows the power of being an impersonator than Sergio Cortes. Being considered the best Michael Jackson impersonator, he has discovered how to reel audiences in and bring to life this legendary musician. As the King Of Pop, Sergio works hard at creating memorable performances that incorporate special effects and strong music that brings so much excitement to the stage.

Impersonators – What Makes Them Entertaining?

– Amazing Mimicry

The best part is seeing somebody who is a complete nobody act, sing, dance, and look like a famous celebrity. It takes a real natural gift to look like a certain celebrity. Their ability to mimic a certain celebrity is beyond exciting to get to see them all in person and bringing these characters to life. There are countless people who watch these impersonators just to witness their amazing performances where they act just like their chosen celebrity.

– Affordable Tickets

The best part is also getting to save so much money when you watch these impersonators. The costs to watch these shows are super cheap compared to watching somebody else. You’ll find that it can be a bit expensive to watch a real life celebrity or musician, so this option is much better and more affordable.

Sergio Cortes is an exceptionally experienced performer. As a Michael Jackson imitator, he has worked hard on crafting the best clothes, wearing the right makeup, and also really providing people with a real life MJ experience. He is one of the best in the business because of how he has performed over the years. He has found that his approach to music and his overall excitement on stage is extremely fun to witness on stage.

What sets him apart from the world of impersonators is that he takes on the role in his real life. He practically lives as Michael Jackson. He inhabits the movements and attributes of Michael o be able to give people a real life experience of being with MJ. Just seeing him and watching him on stage will show his love for Michael. He performs just like Michael Jackson.