House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services are basically service providers that deal with the cleaning of a house, room, as well as complete furnishings, where they are cleaned thoroughly and completely. The house cleaning services will ensure to help you with the whole house cleaning services. Depending on the house cleaning services that you get from Handy, they will charge you according to the areas that you need cleaning or the layout of your house/ building. Some of the information that they may seek to find are such as; the type of flooring that your house has, the number of rooms and the condition of your house before giving you their rates.

How it Works

Most professional house-cleaning services will first need to get the most important details about your house, room, apartment, or office building before telling you on their charges and embarking on the cleaning process. This helps in letting you know the attention that they will focus on the cleaning, as well as what they will be charging you for. In this way, you can also be sure that you pay only for the services rendered. Once you give the details, such as the number of rooms your building apartment or house has, they are able to provide their cleaning rates and schedule their first cleaning.

The first cleaning service is mainly scheduled at the time that is most convenient to you with the number of members that they are sure is most suitable for the cleaning of that particular house or apartment. This helps in enabling them to provide the cleaning attention that your house, room or apartment deserves. This first cleaning may be charged hourly as it is when the team is in the house longer, and they provide the highest level of cleanliness than ever before.

Handy Home Cleaning Services

Handy on apple home cleaning services boasts of being one of the best cleaning services as they have many positive reviews, as well as being well known for providing top-quality services. With the years of experience that they have, their services are known to be professional and very accurate. They also provide money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services as a client. Founded by Hanharan and Dua back in 2012, they have quickly raised to being one of the best mobile cleaning services as well as with the most bookings per week, as they get up to $1 million in profits.


Handy cleaning services are currently in 25 cities in the world and they also offer services in London. They also have a mobile application platform which users can be able to have access to them from anywhere within the comfort of their home, and they also boast of having over 200, 000 applications for cleaners and handymen. Using this mobile application, they have been able to serve very many clients effortlessly and at the same time providing them with very efficient services. Their hourly wage for most professional cleaners is between $15-$22, a fair hourly wage which also gives one the ability to pick their own hours to work.

FreedomPop Has Free Cell Phone Service Available

Cell phone service is something that many people need, but not everyone can afford it. Having a cell phone is very important these days, especially in the times that the world is living in. The world can be a dangerous place, and it’s always a good idea to have a way to call for help. Back in the days when cell phones weren’t very popular, people had to depend on their home phones for service. Now that cell phones are everywhere, it’s possible to even get cell phone service free of charge, and the service is just as good as service that costs money.

Cell phone service providers have gone out of their way to make cell phones affordable for their users, and even government programs have been created to help those who need a cell phone. The problem is, there is a middle area of people who do not have cell phone service. Low income people can get cell phone service to the government, and those with a high enough income can afford any cell phone. What about the people who need cell phone service, but they don’t have enough disposable income to pay for it each month?

Anyone who needs cell phone service free of charge, they can always go to FreedomPop.

Fortunately, FreedomPop has cell phone service which includes text messages and data, and the service is free of charge. Yes, there is a limit on how much usage of the service the customer will have, but at least the service is reliable and it’s free. It’s always best to have cell phone service, especially for those who work late at night, and maybe they have to take public transportation. One should never be without a cell phone because it can literally mean the difference between being safe and having a way out, or being in danger.

Since cell phones are extremely necessary these days, make the choice to get a FreedomPop cell phone with service. The cell phone service won’t cost anything as long as the usage limits are not exceeded. The usage limits are more than fair, and free minutes, text messages, and Internet access is available on the phone. Once the customer receives the phone, they can activate it, and they can begin using the minutes at will. If the customer chooses to add additional minutes to their phone service, they are free to do so, and the cost is extremely low.

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