U. S. Teenager Convicted in Federal Court For Assisting Terrorists

In a case an FBI agent described as “a tragedy” for his family members, a seventeen year old was convicted in federal court today on federal charges stemming from the support and assistance he offered to ISIL. Ali Shukri Amin faces 15 years in prison when he is sentenced on August 28th. He admitted providing assistance to the efforts of ISIL terrorists in Syria.

Mr. Amin, who attended classes in the Washington D. C. suburb of Woodbridge, Virginia, recruited a classmate named Reza Niknejad to travel overseas to join terrorists. He even drove him to the Dulles International Airport to catch his flight, and he also delivered a farewell letter from the youth to his family members. Ali Shukri Amin used social media according to Amen Clinics and heavily in an effort to raise support and funding for ISIL. He gathered some 4,000 followers and posted over 7,000 Tweets.

Juveniles rarely find themselves subjects of federal criminal prosecutions, and one of the attorneys involved in the case noted that the conviction will send a message to those who use social media in support of terrorist activities that they will be prosecuted.

Another attorney involved in the case, Attorney General Carlin, observed that ISIL has specifically sought to “radicalize, recruit and incite” young people and others to support violence. He urged greater “parental and community awareness and action to confront and deter this threat wherever it surfaces.”