The Return Of Magic Mike

A lot of female fans were waiting anxiously for the return of Magic Mike. The original film hit the movie theaters back in 2012. The plot revolved around a few male strippers. The highly anticipated sequel did not disappoint the female fans. The new plot was about the experienced strippers teaching the new ones to live life to the fullest. Magic Mike XXL hit the theaters in 2015 and includes a few old and new members in the lineup. They included Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer, Carrie Anne Hunt, and Crystal Hunt.

Role of A Lifetime
Leading actress, Crystal Hunt was lucky enough to snag a role in Magic Mike XXL. Many women wonder how she was lucky enough to get such a highly coveted role in the film. Well, it is probably due to the Emmy nominated actresses long career in the industry. Crystal Hunt is still young, but has worked in the entertainment field for decades. She started at 17, playing Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light. A Soap Opera on CBS daytime television. Her role on the soap opera lasted several years. During that time she received an Emmy nomination for her role on Guiding Light.

Crystal Hunt is not a stranger to movie roles. She appeared with Zack Efron in The Derby Stallion. Later, she appeared in Sydney White. Acting took her back to daytime television a few years later. She appeared in One Life to Live for 3 years. Later, she returned to film roles, appearing in several movies, which included Magic Mike XXL.