QNet Makes Moves In India On Regulation And Manufacturing

QNet is an intriguing company. The e-commerce entity based out of Hong Kong is expanding its presence in India. More than just boosting its direct selling wares in the nation, QNet’s management has made overtures towards the Indian government about increasing regulation over direct selling and multi-level network marketing businesses. To many, such overtures may seem shocking. Why would a business entity want the added pressure of having to work under a government regulator? The simple explanation is the business wants to see the playing field smoothed out and free of bad press and problems.

To repeat, QNet is a direct selling company. In the Indian media and elsewhere, management of the company has taken many steps to note that direct sales does not involve any down lines or pyramid structure. With direct selling, you sell. The goal is not to pull in new members to the network. Because the MLM industry is plagued with a host of pyramid schemes, a lot of negative sentiment has surrounded the industry. The trouble that direct sales companies such as QNet run into is the public does not know the difference between direct selling and MLM. Even with a strong public relations campaign to spell out the differences, QNet knows there are limits to how many people can be reached and educated. Check out QNet’s page on Facebook.

Also, QNet cannot control the affairs or management of a company in the MLM world. To help curtail the problems associated with MLM businesses, QNet would like to see expanded regulation of the industry performed. This way, if the problematic MLM businesses were brought under control, the direct selling industry would not have to worry as much about its reputation being besmirched. Sadly, direct selling companies do suffer when MLM business commit wrongful acts.

Some may be wondering why QNet is choosing to launch this campaign in India as opposed to Hong Kong. There are a few reasons. For one, QNet is hoping to greatly expand its presence in India. The company is currently developing a line of products and services intended to target the Indian niche. QNet is also taking a very bold step and moving all its manufacturing and production to India. The company hopes to shave around 10% of its costs by relocating all manufacturing to India. One all of this is taken into consideration, QNet’s moves in India all begin to make perfect sense. Here, QNet’s home page discusses their business further.

My Energetic Dogs Can’t Get Enough Beneful

Whenever my dogs go to eat their food, it’s like it’s a contest to see who can get the most food eaten in a short period of time. My dogs don’t seem to mind the kind of food I give them, but I wanted to test them to see if they would like something different. I went over to a friend’s house for the weekend, and I noticed that his dog seemed to behave differently than my dogs did, especially when it was meal time. His dog would run to eat his meal, but he seemed to be even more energetic after he ate.

I never thought about the energy my dogs got from their food, I was only glad that they were eating what I gave them. I also noticed that my friend’s dog was more playful, seemed healthier, and he just seems like a happy dog. I asked my friend what he fed to his dog, and he said he’s only fed his dog Beneful since he was given to him as a puppy. I was curious about what brand of food he was talking about. I have heard of Beneful before, but it’s not something I felt the need to feed to my dogs.

After seeing how happy my friend’s dog was, I thought that it was time to switch up the food I was feeding my dogs, just to see if it would make a difference. My dogs would eat pretty much anything that I gave them, but I felt it was time that I tried Beneful for my dogs. I went ahead and I bought a very big bag of Beneful brand food, and I gave it to my dogs for dinner one night. It seems as if they were fighting over their bowls, and one finished before the other one.  One dog even started eating out of the other dog’s bowl too!

That’s never happened before, and I know it’s because of the food that I’m now giving them. I have come to see that they really like Beneful, so now I’ve bought them bigger bowls, and I feed them in separate parts of the kitchen when it’s meal time. After feeding them Beneful, I have no problem with their lack of energy. The dogs seem to have a lot more energy than they ever did before, and I take them more places with me, so we can walk around together.